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Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Folk Indie




"Caroline Ferrante – Beyond"

Last November we reviewed the Washington DC-based (by way of Chicago) singer-songwriter and powerhouse vocalist, Caroline Ferrante, for her single, Feels Like A Holiday. A song which we felt earned her a comparison to Shania Twain, as well as the #8 spot on The Ark of Music’s TOP 10 SINGLES of 2017.

Since we heard her last, a few things have changed a bit. Like so many other indie artists of late, Caroline too has found herself deeply affected by our species’ turbulent socio-political culture. Turning to the cosmos above, Ferrante has begun to transform confusion into clarity, and fear into hope in her latest EP, Beyond. Says Caroline about the inspiration for the EP, “I started to experience the stars as energy singing across time and space—an interconnectedness of things. In the climate of political turmoil, cultural chaos, and unimagined divisiveness, the songs of the universe provided me new perspective.”


The drum, clap and melody of the opening track, River Flow, (OUR FAVORITE TRACK) immediately reminded me of Michael Bernard Fitzgerald’s Brand New Spaces. Soulful, southern-style church choir harmonies fill every space behind Ferrante’s inspired vocals. In its rejoicing of life and real freedom, Caroline keeps the truth very simple…

“There is a river flow, deep down in my soul
It goes where it will go as it washes over me
It’s deep and it’s wide, big love from side to side
Swallow up all my pride as you wash all over me…”

“Look beyond appearances. Truth, however raw or uncomfortable, is beautiful. Face darkness—that is where hope takes root. Choose questions over answers. Leave room for wonder. There is music all around; close your eyes and see.”
—Caroline Ferrante

Peace Be Still opens like a classic 70’s-style folk tune, reminiscent of the likes of Joan Baez. Like a prayer to the human race, Caroline asks the creative intelligence to calm her people, far and wide, and to truly experience peace.

“When our hearts begin to tremble
When our minds begin to spin
Won’t you whisper to us, Peace Be Still
And calm the storm within…”

A Little More Faith poses a simple question: What might happen if we had…just a little more faith?—and does so through the medium of unadulterated Rock & Roll.

Concluding the four-track collection is, Hear Your Love, a beautiful and dynamic piece of prose which sees the creator’s presence in everything, everywhere. More soaring melodic harmonies abound in this unabashed celebration of her lord above.

An album truly devoted to the peaceful manifestation of her deity, weather or not you share Ferrante’s spiritual beliefs, her devotion and celebration of life’s possibilities shines brightly as a common denominator for anyone of any faith. Inspired vocal timbre, rich and vibrant harmonies, and soulful, substantive writing unite to create a 4-song collection which vibrates high. If you’re looking for a great deal more than commiseration from your music, perhaps you ought go for full-on inspiration, and check out Caroline Ferrante’s latest EP, Beyond.

Shania Twain meets Joan Baez… - The Ark of Music

"Caroline Ferrante Beyond"

Caroline Ferrante’s latest EP Beyond feels for the most part like a totally different project to her last release. Still the sound is hers, of course – her voice, the power, the melodies, the ideas. However, in this case, the instrumentation feels incredibly full – the warmth of the music is greatly strengthened by this big-band sound, and subsequently the leading artist’s own performances seem soaked in a new level of passion.

River Flow kicks off the project and makes for an immensely colourful and all-inclusive piece of music and performance. You’re quickly swept away by the energy and vibrancy of it all, feeling suddenly involved in and welcomed to this all-inclusive gospel choir – complete with the folk-rock layers of an alternative orchestra.

Peace Be Still follows the opener and feels a little more closely connected to the last EP Sky, there’s delicacy here that stands tall in contrast with what came before. The song feels like a classic from a heartfelt film, even sounding a little Eva Cassidy-like in the vocal intricacies, the lyrics, and the waves of melody. After this, contrast works its magic again, in a heavy way. A Little More Faith reawakens the gospel choir and brings with it a far more unquestionable level of Christianty and love. The passion here is mighty, Caroline guides the song along with certainty and strength, and the rock and roll instrumental aspects sharpen the edges superbly. In addition, the choir accompanies in a beautiful way, reigniting that sense of togetherness and marking yet another bold and memorable moment within the project.

The EP is brought to a finish with the gentle optimism and gratitude of Hear Your Love. Again, this feels emotionally epic, the build-up and the way it’s all been crafted and arranged – the various sections of the song hit with relevant impact. Simple repetitions reiterate the key ideas, and the changing melody underlines those that matter the most. It’s a beautiful song, mildly specific but warming in the way that any hopeful or uplifting piece of music should be, for anyone who hears it. This final song is a highlight in many ways, it’s less energetic than some of the others, but it feels like it means something in perhaps a more sincere manner. It feels intentionally loyal and bright, making it a powerful and fitting way to end the EP.

Caroline’s voice and her sound as an artist have taken strong steps with this release and it definitely pays off. Everything works well and a live show is the only thing missing from the experience. - Stereo Stickman

"Caroline Ferrante - Sky"

The four song EP Sky, Caroline Ferrante’s second studio release and third overall, solidifies her growing stature as one of the indie folk scene’s brightest songwriting talents. The first single from the release “ Feel Like a Holiday” has already enjoyed considerable success, including garnering a coveted award for one of 2017’s best singles from Ark of Music, and Ferrante continues to push this richly rewarding release. It deserves a wide hearing. Ferrante’s songs are uniformly exceptional and further enhanced by her forceful singing that explores a wide range of emotions with a clear ear turned towards balanced interpretation. Unlike many purveyors of this style who merely look to hit specific marks, Ferrante is a writer and performer who imbue her vision of traditional music with clear charisma and individuality that makes these recordings her own, beholden to no obvious influences. Sky will generate a lot of momentum for this artist and we can only wonder what direction she’ll turn next.

Co-written with Austin Bello, “Feels Like a Holiday” sells hopefulness in such a compelling way it gives lie to anyone who’s ever said happy emotions don’t make for good art. The line by line writing for this song is much more than your customary grab-bag of clichés and there’s some powerful imagery laced into these verses paying off quite nicely with the chorus. The lyrical mood is well matched by jaunty instrumentation that never grates on listener’s nerves. The second cut “Better Angels” is a deeply felt, immensely soulful number with an especially nuanced vocal from Ferrante and biting lyrics orchestrating its emotional tenor into a lean, pointed response to a tortured relationship. The bluesy flourishes are strewn throughout this tune mark it as distinctly different from the opener and, clearly for novices to Ferrante, she is far from content working out her songs in a purist folk/roots style. Thankfully.

Ferrante and Bello scores as songwriters once again with a song that, based on the title alone, has a lot to live up to. The redemptive spirit driving the airy bounce of “Great Big Beautiful World” never feels phony, however, and the music has an engaging snap from the first. Songs like this and the opener are crafted, as all Ferrante/Bello songs are, with the economy in mind and it’s an attribute that serves a song like this particularly well. The closer “Symphony” is a cinematic finale that, perhaps, you might not expect from Ferrante, but it’s well worth the surprise. She dispenses with the usual suspects instrumentally in favor of a song dominated by piano and the balladic aspects of the tune obviously play into her strengths. Her songwriting collaboration with Austin Bello never means that there isn’t a personal stamp on each of these four songs – Caroline Ferrante comes across as a fully realized songwriter and recording artist with a long and promising future ahead of her. Sky is well worth the time of both devoted and casual music fans. - Cashbox Canada Magazine

"The Ark of Music’s TOP 10 SINGLES of 2017!"

2017 proved to be everything we could ask for from a musical perspective. We were bombarded with wave after wave of indie music which was fearlessly written, masterfully composed, and performed with inspiring appeal.

Before officially launching The Ark of Music in May of 2016, I was a bit of a cynic as it concerned the general state of Planet Earth’s musical culture. Thanks to 2017, I no longer am.

The list below represents what we feel are the top 10 SINGLES of all those we had the pleasure of reviewing in 2017. We had to make some wildly difficult choices in order to narrow it down. In fact, as you will notice, we included a 4-point Honorable Mention list because we simply could not narrow things down any closer. That said, please visit and/or revisit the singles below; we think you’ll be glad you did. - The Ark Of Music

"SKY by Caroline Ferrante"

Feels Like a Holiday is the first track on Caroline Ferrante’s new EP, SKY. The track is confident, fun, and showcases a blend of straight-forward pop, island rock, and even the styling of performers like The Carpenters and Sheryl Crow. The production on Feels Like A Holiday is amazing, allowing each element ample opportunity to shine on its own or to contribute to this very cohesive and coherent opening. The driving beat and insistent tempo will have listeners sitting on the edges of their seat, while the dynamic between the guitar and the whistling is a great way to change things up before Ferrante moves to the rest of the songs on the SKY EP.

Ferrante immediately draws listeners to Better Angels. A tremendous story is told here, while the instrumentation refreshes the classic country & western style of the 1950s into a vibrant, current, and contemporary backdrop for Caroline. It is during this effort where listeners are shown the considerable range of Ferrante’s vocals, which will tattoo themselves deep into the minds and hearts of listeners.
Great Big Beautiful World is a bouncy pop track that is bolstered through a complex instrumentation that continually shifts and changes. The guitar line gives up ground to an emphatic set of drums at points, while the unifying element (Ferrante’s vocals) has a completely different dynamic based on where it is on the track. Symphony concludes the EP, taking on a slower and more intimate sound. During this final statement, little more is needed than Caroline’s vocals and the lightest of instrumental accompaniment. The gradual increase in the speed here makes for something absolutely epic, a track that listeners will sing along with long after the release ceases to play.
Top Tracks: Feels Like a Holiday, Great Big Beautiful World
Rating: 8.3/10 - NeuFutur Magazine

"Caroline Ferrante – “SKY” EP"

Caroline Ferrante sings with a sunny optimism on the fantastic thoughtful pop of “SKY”. With such an incredible fervor, Caroline Ferrante shows off her considerable chops. Over the course of the collection Caroline Ferrante draws upon twee, country, classical, jazz, all brought together through carefully woven stories. Attention to detail works wonders as she incorporates guitar, ukulele, piano, giving her work such warmth. Downright comforting Caroline Ferrante opts for a poetic quality to her pieces, helping to imbue them with a strong sense of life.

Stripping things down to the essentials “Feels Like a Holiday” has a joyous choir. At first quite small the way that Caroline Ferrante incorporates additional sounds into the mix feels outright masterful. When the percussion enters the equation things really start up. Easily the highlight of the collection “Better Angels” chooses a bluesy temperament while everything works itself up into a frenzied, fiery passion. Featuring a perfectly executed melody the track has an expansive, all-consuming presence to it. Tremendous energy pours out of the rush of “Great Big Beautiful World”. Choosing an almost rainbow like energy layer upon layer of sound comes into focus as the song evolves with grace. Caroline Ferrante really shows off her voice on the angelic “Symphony”. Letting things start soft, Caroline Ferrante allows for a little bit of shoegaze to give the song an atmospheric vibe.

By choosing such an eclectic blend of styles Caroline Ferrante delivers an incredible kaleidoscope of color with the powerful “SKY”.

By Vince Rodman - Skope Magazine

"Americana Caroline Ferrante – ‘Better Angels’"

Caroline Ferrante is an alt Americana artist out of Chicago. At Northwestern University she studied theatre and voice which fueled her passion for music. In 2011, she opened for the Birds of Chicago and played the leading role in “Rain Follows the Plow: A Dust opera.” By June 2014, Caroline produced her first original CD through Cabbage Run Records. Now she is working on collaborating on film projects with producer Austin Bello. Her song “Better Angels” from her ‘SKY’ project showcases her talent as a musician.

The song kicks off with substantial energy with an engaging instrumental arrangement paired by backing vocals that give the simple arrangement a big sound. The mix is crystal clear allowing each element of the arrangement its own spotlight. As the intro transitions into the first verse, the instrumentals back off leaving just guitar as Caroline’s vocals enter. Singing, “You say I’m the Devil/You’re a Savior to me/The demons you wrestled /Stayed offa me,” Caroline’s voice sends shivers up your spine with an immaculate tone and emotive phrases.

“Better Angels” reflects on Caroline’s past home struggles and her survivors guilt after losing her sister to cancer. To Caroline, this song is an offering to let go. In the chorus she sings, “No guardian wings were there for our release/I know that what he did to you is what he did to me/I pray Better angels set you free,” making an emotionally intense moment in the song and creating an unforgettable music experience.

Caroline Ferrante is an undeniably talented vocalist with heart-wrenching songs that will establish a deep connection with her and her fans. “Better Angels” is just one song to rave about from Caroline. Her music is available for purchase via bandcamp. For more information on Caroline, visit her website.
Caroline Ferrante
Better Angels
Indie Music Reviews - Indie Spoonful

"Caroline Ferrante Delivers Infectious, Uplifting Americana Roots Rock on Sky"

Washington DC based songwriter Caroline Ferrante delivers a well polished, highly infectious, undeniably uplifting blend of roots rock on her new EP, Sky.

Growing up on the south side of Chicago and studying at Northwestern University, Caroline has opened for Birds of Chicago and played the lead role in Rain Follows the Plow: A Dust Opera at DC’s Atlas Performing Arts Center. As someone who as explored and traveled through various regions of the U.S., Ferrante’s sound is an amalgamation of influences from regional roots music.

Kicking off Sky is an acoustic rockin’, spirit lifting jam, Feels Like A Holiday, with a hook that is going to stick in your head long after the song ends. The energy and engaging nature of Caroline’s voice immediately lock us in guaranteeing our continued listening.

Better Angels kicks off with an anthemic, layered chorus before seamlessly transitioning into a desert rock influenced soundscape which features driving rhythms, tasty distorted guitar licks and a soulful performance with just the right amount of grit.

Great Big Beautiful World is a great big beautiful pop-heavy song with body moving rhythms, contagious melodies, catchy lyrical deliveries and enough appeal to be welcomed warmly onto any radio station or playlist featuring joyous, inspirational, uplifting roots rock.

Closing out this EP, Symphony begins with a slower but equally passionate and powerful vocal performance backed by surf-esque guitars, a lingering piano melody and a slightly haunting dissonance which blossoms into beautifully crafted instrumentation that puts Caroline’s strong, seasoned voice front and center.

Sky is top class roots rock. Caroline Ferrante is a master of her craft. - Middle Tennessee Music


There are far too many songs out there buried under cliches and the same old symbolism. An artist willing to take the challenge to avoid this somewhat easy way out will always inspire. Our recent find Caroline Ferrante does just that with her music that approaches the world in a much more real way.
The Americana singer-songwriter is truly the heart of the American experience. Caroline Ferrante grew up on the busy south side of Chicago and spent summers on the farms in Kansas. To complement this diverse upbringing, she went on to Northwestern University to study theater and voice. Now Caroline is based in Washington, D.C. to experience another side of America, and gain more inspiration.
Caroline Ferrante has now found her own style. It is based on Americana but sprinkled with R&B, Roots, Folk, and genuine happiness. She says “I write songs that take an unexpected angle: the untold story, the unsung hero. I challenge clichés, symbols, and assumptions by turning them on their head.” This is making her a fan favorite as listeners can truly relate to what she is singing about.

Caroline Ferrante Will Make Your Ears Smile

This past summer, Caroline Ferrante released her EP Sky. The 4 song record puts all her talent out there for us to enjoy.

If the opener “Feels Like A Holiday” doesn’t put a smile on your face immediately you better check your pulse. The rootsy acoustic guitar (possibly ukulele) and whimsical whistling track give it an air of positivity immediately. Once the beautiful voice of Ferrante hits the package is complete. The fun continues on “Great Big Beautiful World” with a bouncy vocal style leading the charge.
We get a little darker on the blues influenced “Better Angels”. The beat creeps along with splashes of anthemic instrumentation lifting the track to higher levels. The vocals bring to mind the classic female voices of Janis Joplin and Mama Cass.
The closer “Symphony” is an epic song. The pretty piano meshes with the big voice to create something truly inspiring. There is a positivity that just oozes out of this whole EP. Enjoy it on her BANDCAMP and find more news on Caroline Ferrante’s WEBSITE. - Indie Band Guru

"Caroline Ferrante – SKY (Music Review)"

The folk-pop fundamental texture of Caroline Ferrante’s newly released EP ‘Sky’ is turning heads within the indy music scene as a rhythmically- revolutionary sensation of intricate compositions.

The vocals maintain a sustainability throughout the tracks that surface a constant state of distinctiveness with hearty guitar portions embedded on each track. The songs are orchestrated in a progressive manner that support a talented songwriting structure of artistry that has a focal point resonating within the abstract reality of folk. The authenticity of Ferrante’s music holds an original position within the alternative realm with an image of positivity entrenched in the lyricism that is congruent with the instrumentation layered amongst the complicated provisions.

The enmeshed quality of the music utilizes deliberate guitar play with relatable string execution that adds significant harmonies to the overall image of the EP itself. There is most certainly a country element on this EP that contains a diverse preference in the compositions to adhere to the needs of music enthusiasts desperately searching for something vivid and original.

Caroline Ferrante is a top-notch songwriter and her newest EP ‘Sky’ is an A-la-carte sample of a captivating future LP release that will satisfy the comprehensive vision of this talented band. - ArtistRack

"Caroline Ferrante SKY EP Review: On the Cusp"

Better Angels fleshes out a morose and sprawling Folk landscape, comprised of American-frontier inspired acoustic guitars, and complete with a tambourine, and a rattling noise in the chorus that conjures up imagery of snakes and cowgirl boots.

At times, the acoustic guitar texturizing the background behind Ferrante’s hazy vocals even veer a bit into Latin sounding territories. This dynamic soundscape lends itself quite well to Ferrante’s strong vocal performance, which is smokey and filled with intent as she delivers lines such as “I know that what he did to you is what he did to me/ I pray Better angels set you free”.

The next track brings back some of the cheerfulness of the first track, but with a pulse provided by the swinging groove, and some well-placed key-changes. On this track, Ferrante’s voice adopts almost a Country-Western quality during the verses, before shifting to a more pop-friendly intonation on the choruses.

The last track Symphony contains some of the most powerful and clever songwriting on SKY. The instrumentation is stripped down to subdued sounding drums, an array of piano chords, and Ferrante’s most visceral vocal riffs on the EP. As the piano chords change keys from downtrodden, to hopeful and back, Ferrante conveys a wide spectrum of emotions that feel appropriate to end the EP on.

SKY feels like a solid effort by an artist on the cusp of finding her voice. And while the upbeat pop-efforts feel at times cloying and synthetic, the authenticity of the neigh cinematic sonic imagery found on the more Americana based tracks show enough promise to warrant an appraisal into a full-length effort by Caroline Ferrante in the near future. - Review

"Reviews- Caroline Ferrante "Sky""

Caroline Ferrante’s EP Sky is a beautiful release, loaded with uplifting vibes and positive energy – the perfect kind of soundtrack to see us into these upcoming winter months with a touch of comforting warmth and inspiring hopefulness.

Beginning with Feels Like A Holiday, you may form a certain opinion about the kind of music that’s to come. The song is fantastic in itself – the ukulele, the rhythm, the melody, the concept – it all feels relevantly like a holiday, as music should; a wonderful escape from hard work and difficulty. To expect more of the same is a little off the mark though. What Caroline Ferrante showcases throughout this four-track release is immense versatility and a uniquely inspired sense of creativity that strikes all at once as incredibly professional, deeply soulful, and forever unpredictable.

Better Angels is an entirely different kind of song to the opener. It’s a huge song, dramatic and intense, mighty and memorable for its passion and its poetry. The singer’s vocal performance is stunning here, the surrounding music has been arranged in a way that allows the story-line and the intricate details to shine just when they need to, and then later to support and enhance the height of those soulful moments of expression.

Great Big Beautiful World switches things up once again. This song has a vintage sound that fuses joy and nostalgia in a surprisingly refreshing and uplifting manner. The music and the voices build and build to create and keep that passion and that energy alive and well. The song’s concept is invaluable, the message is important, the overall vibe of the music and the melody reiterate the sentiment superbly, and those good vibes pass on well as you listen. Caroline Ferrante’s voice seems able to cater to whatever the situation requires. The great thing about this EP is that you can hear how much the songs mean to her before you even start forming your own connection to them. Then later, as you familiarise yourself with the hooks, the melodies, the instrumentation – the songs become yours, and they’re likely to mean something different yet equally inspiring to everyone who listens.

Symphony is the closing song of the project. The spacious introduction to this one reinforces that element of classic or vintage music and performance. Caroline’s voice is laid almost completely bare, highlighting its power and effortlessly smooth sound, before building once again to create yet another uplifting and energising soundscape to embrace and to lean upon when times are tough. Considering the short length of this collection, a lot happens within the walls of this EP. The songwriter has a lot to offer, and the performances never fall short of sublime. Hopefully there’s a lot more to come. - Stereo Stickman

"New Music From Robbing Johnny, The US Americans, Caroline Ferrante, Ryan Zimmerman And Surreal Nation"

From Washington, D.C. comes the latest release from Americana/country artist Caroline Ferrante. Her new 4-song EP titled "Sky" showcases Caroline's exceptional vocals, beginning with the up-beat swing of "Feels Like A Holiday." Her sound becomes bigger on the stomp-rhythm, country rock of "Better Angels," before returning to pop aspects of "Great Big Beautiful World." She finishes up her new short release with the empowering sound of "Symphony" as her vocals soar. To find out more about Caroline Ferrante and her latest release "Sky," please visit - JP's Music Blog

"Caroline Ferrante – Feels Like a Holiday (single)"

Irony can be such a crazy—and—lovely thing. Despite studying theatre and opera at Northwestern University, it took Caroline Ferrante some time away from that influence to find her own, true voice—untethered by that same system that once helped her develop it.

Growing up on the south side of Chicago, listening to the gritty blues of the area, provided an authentic and meaningful influence that she’s never forgotten. Other influences include Janis Ian, Earth Wind & Fire, Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell, Nora Jones, and others.

Now, years later, her evolving sound has been described as, “R&B-inspired folk anthems that celebrate Americana rhythm, powerhouse vocals, & a better world.” It is that sound that has earned her the right to share the stage with the likes of Grammy and Academy Award winners Mark Bryan (Hootie the Blowfish), Tom Constanten (The Grateful Dead), Jack Tempchin (Eagles songwriter), and others.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to step beyond the dark places… When I listen to the music on SKY, I hear so many strands of me coming together. On a bright horizon.”
—Caroline Ferrante

Her previous works include 2016’s Brighter Day (single) and Strand(-Ed).

Now, her new five track SKY EP, boasts the latest single is, Feels Like a Holiday, a care-free, whistle-as-you-skip-along, ukulele-inspired composition which might just immediately take you back to those zero-responsibility days, where getting underneath the shining-sun was your sole priority. Holiday is the sonic equivalent of, well, smiling…

“The birds gonna sing their lullaby, and the sun’s gonna shine by the riverside
This is not just an ordinary day…”

Whose lovechild…?
Shania Twain meets Jason Mraz…

BELOW: Listen to Caroline Ferrante’s single, Feels Like a Holiday, and connect with her website and social media platforms. Please support Caroline Ferrante by visiting her online, and playing, downloading, and/or purchasing her music. And, as always, thank you for supporting real music! - The Ark of Music

"CD Review: Caroline Ferrante “Sky”"

Washington DC-based singer-songwriter Caroline Ferrante spent part of her youth learning how to sing opera. But after a few Open Mic Nights, that musical direction was changed for the singer as she started to drift over to more commercial styles of music. Soon, she was developing her own style and she started writing her own music. And today, Christine Ferrante has amassed a musical library of her own songs that have been collected on three CDs of original music. The latest release from Ferrante was released earlier this year. The 2017 five-song EP from Christine Ferrante is entitled Sky.

Sky from Caroline Ferrante begins with the track “Feels Like a Holiday”. The track begins with a whistle and a ukulele. Soon, the voice of Ferrante fills up the track, soon to be joined with a full chorus of background singers. The track’s music soon becomes full and complete as the track takes on a Pop-Rock direction. The track takes on an eighties feel to the music. In fact, the music and the call-and-response chorus on the track combine to create a track that would easily be right at home being played right after Tears for Fears.

The new EP from Ferrante continues with the track “Better Angels”. The pace slows down on this track as Ferrante adds a generous amount of Blues influence to the music of this track. While the track contains that Blues direction, the track also seems to contain a strong Rock and Roll feel. The two musical genres blend together on the track in order to form a song that emphasize the pain in the words as Caroline Ferrante sings about several things in her life that have left behind some pain and emotional scarring. The music for “Better Angels” is a blend of both the acoustic guitar that makes up the majority of the musical direction and the electric guitar that adds a strong backbone to the song. Together, the two instruments create a track that is rather light and bouncy but still contains a powerful delivery.

Caroline Ferrante’s new release continues with the track “Great Big Beautiful World”. A song about seeing the world with her family, the track has a strong, upbeat and bouncy feel to the Rock and Roll that shapes the music. The music is kept light and simple to add to the Pop direction of the track. The lyrics are rather easy to sing along to. Altogether, “Great Big Beautiful World” is one of the tracks on Sky that will be running through your head long after the five-song release has come to an end.

While several of the tracks on the Sky release from Caroline Ferrante have a rather personal connection in the lyrics, perhaps the most personal of these tracks is “Symphony”. With this track, Ferrante sings of the emotions to she feels when she thinks about her. The track begins with a moderately-paced tempo created with the help of a piano that acts as the focal point of the music. Along with the piano, the track also contains an electric guitar, bass and drums that help to enhance the music while still allowing the piano to shine. The gentle pace of the track as well as the easy playing of the instrumentation help to add to the emotional feeling within the lyrics.

Along with being a singer-songwriter, Caroline Ferrante is also an outspoken advocate for Women’s rights. Having formed the Songwriters Against Sexual Assault group, Ferrante sings and performs to help raise awareness. Ferrante’s Sky release comes to an end with the track “Brighter Day,” a song she wrote as part of that group. Along with lyrics about standing up for yourself and making your voice heard, the track contains a musical direction that allows for the words to be heard while still being strong enough to entertain.

The five-song release of Sky from Caroline Ferrante is a short, yet strong EP that contains many different musical directions. With the changing of the styles from one track to the next, the listener gets to experience many sides to Ferrante’s personality in a short amount of time. Plus, the relatively short playtime guarantees you’ll want even more once the release is over. - Matheson's Entertainment Blog

"BWW Review: History is Musicalized at Capital Fringe With RAIN FOLLOWS THE PLOW and ROMANOV"

"(Caroline's) crystal clear voice and no kidding lyric interpretation skills made "Impossible Sky" and "Can It Be?" two of the highlights for me." - Broadway World

"Caroline Ferrante at Silvana, Harlem"

Native Chicagoan Caroline Ferrante grew up in the city, but spent summers driving tractors in Kansas on the family farm. She studied theater and voice at Northwestern University, explored Utah and the American West, and made Maryland and the waters of the Chesapeake her home. As she kayaked the US's beautiful waterways & diverse landscapes, she developed her unique Americana blend of regional roots music. - Village Voice, NYC

"Caroline Ferrante"

"Caroline’s stunning vocals, three-octave range, signature 12-string guitar, and crossover songwriting pack a powerhouse punch on the DC live music scene!" - District Concerts

"2016 Capital Fringe Review: ‘Rain Follows the Plow’"

"The cast is all so good that it’s hard to single out all for praise. Of special note is the lovely voice of Caroline Ferrante as Ruth, a farm wife whose sings of good times to her sister by mail note the “Impossible Sky”." - DC Metro Arts

"Rain Follows the Plow (review)"

“The centerpiece of the narrative arc is three beautifully rendered songs sung by matriarch Ruth (Caroline Ferrante), as letters to her sister that chronicle her journey from optimism (“Impossible Sky”) to desperate hope (“If It Rains”) to disbelieving grief (“Can It Be?”).” - DC Theatre Scene

"Sandy Relief Benefit"

"Caroline Ferrante... fills venues, always determined to entertain with songs ranging from originals to a Sam Cooke R&B classic to the tenderness of a Nanci Griffith song... (She) recently showcased at the Arts Barn, opening for the Birds of Chicago....Caroline broke into the acoustic music scene in September 2011. She was quickly featured in Songwriter Showcases at the Frederick Coffeehouse, Brewers Alley, The Athenaeum, & The Music Cafe. Caroline studied voice and dance at Northwestern University, was featured at the Goodman Theater in Chicago, Sundance Theater in Park City Utah, and most recently at the SAW Showcase at NERFA in New York." - Blackrock Center for the Arts

"Caroline Ferrante & The Whole Magilla Valentines at Bean in the Belfry"

Get touched by Caroline Ferrante’s passionate vocals, three octave range and her signature 12-string sound, joined by the Whole Magilla on bass, percussion and vocals on Valentine’s Day evening.
She’ll bring roots blues originals interspersed with hootenanny Americana, gritty Chicago blues, lyrical contemporary folk, ‘80s covers, and light jazz. - Frederick News Post

"Caroline Ferrante Performs on the Green"

Native Chicagoan, Caroline Ferrante broke into the Metro DC music scene in September 2011. She was featured in Songwriter Showcases at the Frederick Coffeehouse, Brewers Alley, The Athaneaum, and beyond. Her unique blend of originals are interspersed with hootenanny Americana, gritty Chicago blues, lyrical contemporary folk, eighties covers, and light jazz. She loves to interact with the crowd, and always entertains! - Kensington Patch


"Tonight at the house concert, Caroline Ferrante sang a song she wrote called Annabelle which contains a wonderful line. “Annabelle sings her song and sets the wild things free.” I think lots of things inside us are set free when music touches us. Today’s gift is music." - Bonnie Schupp

"Caroline Ferrante - Sky"

Based out of the Washington D.C. area, Caroline Ferrante’s second studio release Sky is a four song EP highlighting her unique recasting of folk and Americana into a personal idiom informed, but never controlled, by those influences. The 2017 has already produced an impressive single with the song “Feels like a Holiday”, awarded the Top Ten Singles of 2017 laurel from Ark of Music. Much of her performances are fueled by muscular, yet sensitive vocals and songwriting rife with personal meaning but, likewise, intensely engaged with the world and with a potent humanist perspective. Her hope for a brighter dawn for all of us comes through on this EP, but never in a heavy handed or cheesy way. Instead, the writing on Sky proves every bit as intelligent as what we heard from her debut studio release Brighter Day. The EP’s brief running time never prevents it from standing as a substantive statement from an important recording artist.

It’s impressive how unabashed Ferrante is about embracing hopeful, well written songs. The folk/roots genre often obsesses itself with dark, weighty songwriting frequently verging on despair, but Ferrante rejects those stereotypes and writes material, with creative partner Austin Bello, accurately reflecting her inner world rather than posing for listeners. Guitar isn’t omnipresent on Sky, but the EP’s songwriting often uses the instrument in a distinctly commercial, pop oriented fashion. The most intense number, both lyrically and musically, on the EP is the second song “Better Angels”, but it’s likewise a song retaining hope for a subject in dire straits. There’s strong blues influences making this tune crackle and Ferrante’s bloodstained bellow makes the emotional stakes for this song really come to life. The song, by far, shows off the strongest presence of muscular guitar on the EP.

“Great Big Beautiful World” is, in some ways, a further elaboration on the opener, but this is a wider hope than she takes on with the first tune and it has a brisker musical attack than the earlier cut. The vocals for this song are stronger as well and she highlights that aforementioned talent for making happy memorable in an artistic sense. The final song on her EP, Sky, is entitled “Symphony” and benefits a lot from her talent for writing suggestive, poetically inspired lyrical content that never risks sounding self-indulgent or overwrought. Caroline Ferrante’s new EP stands out from a crowded field of releases for a number of reasons, but chief among them are her voice and the songwriting’s talent for escaping any arbitrary restrictions other acts and artists readily embrace. This is quite an individual effort and promises that future releases will show her pursuing her own Muse as resolutely as ever. Sky has four songs packed with more entertainment value than you’ll find on many new full length releases and crackles with palpable inspiration.

Mindy McCall - No Depression


Live at the Belfry
 Caroline Ferrante & the Whole 
Caroline's stunning vocals and solid songwriting skills make this a standout debut album. The collection features 13 original Americana songs. The Whole Magilla also features David Gorozdos, Neal Herron, Olivia Ferrante and Ken Romelli. Genre: Country: Americana Release Date: 2014

Genre: Folk/Blues Release Date: March 21, 2014

Brighter Day
Written by Caroline Ferrante, produced by Marco Delmar
Single release November 9, 2016
As part of "The Goddess Diaries" by Carol Campbell

Written with Austin Bello, Produced by Austin Bello
Release June 9, 2017
Genre: Folk-Pop, Blues, Americana



Originally from the south side of Chicago, Ferrante studied Theater and Voice at Northwestern University and later worked in production at the Sundance Theater Institute, and  Goodman Theater (at the Art Institute of Chicago).  Ferrante emerged on the D.C. music scene in 2011, when she opened opened for Birds of Chicago.

Cabbage Run Records signed Ferrante for her debut release, “Live from the Belfry”, June 2014, and 2015 was a breakout year. She began her artist-in-residency at D.C.’s O Street Mansion. Her monthly performances evolved in to a live radio show on UK’s West Norfolk Radio. Today her Americana Radio Show podcast, currently tallying 150 downloads per day, features national and regional artists. She has shared the mic with Grammy and Academy Award-winners like Paul Williams, Mark Bryan (Hootie & the Blowfish), Tom Constanten (Grateful Dead), and songwriter Jack Tempchin of The Eagles.

Summer 2016 Ferrante returned to theater, as the lead in "Rain Follows the Plow: A Dust Opera" at the Atlas Performing Arts Center, to national acclaim.

“Caroline Ferrante (Ruth) makes the strongest vocal impression, and ….(relays) stories and emotions in a natural, organic way. Her crystal clear voice and no kidding lyric interpretation skills made "Impossible Sky" and "Can It Be?" two of the highlights for me.” - Jennifer Perry, Broadway World (7/10/16)

November 2016, Ferrante’s single “Brighter Day” debuted in the play “Goddess Diaries” at George Mason University. A month later she was selected to represent the Washington DC area with the international Acoustic Guitar Project with her original, “Savage Beauty.”

In 2017 Ferrante joined forces with Jim Ellis on lead guitar and John Dahlman on bass in a new iteration- "The Whole Magilla". The band quickly moved up the ranks: showcased at Washington Folk Festival, Fairfax Festival, One Love Manassas, Singer-Songwriter Cape May, Northeastern Folk Alliance, Dewey Beach Music Festival, Clarendon Day Festivals, Takoma Porch Festivals, Silvana (Harlem), Bushwick Publick House (Brooklyn), Lovecraft NYC (LES),  Montgomery College Cultural Arts Center, and NOVA CC. 

Caroline's 2017 EP "Sky" achieved national acclaim:

“A substantive statement from an important recording artist.”                                            - No Depression (4/4/18) 

“One of the indie folk scene’s brightest songwriting talents”                                              - Cashbox Magazine, Canada (4/8/18)

“Caroline Ferrante is a master of her craft.” 
- Middle Tennessee Music (11/26/17)

“Caroline Ferrante delivers an incredible kaleidoscope of color with the powerful “SKY”.” - Skope Magazine (11/20/17)

“Caroline Ferrante Will Make Your Ears Smile” 
- Indie Band Guru (12/14/17)

“Caroline’s voice sends shivers up your spine with an immaculate tone and emotive phrases.”  - Indie Spoonful (11/29/17)

Her single “Feels Like a Holiday” ranked #8 in the national “Top Ten Singles of 2017” award by Ark of Music. Her original, “Symphony” was chosen by NAMI in  Spring 2018 to feature in the production of “This is My Brave”. 

Spring 2018 Ferrante’s music was selected by the Brooklyn boutique label, Leesta Vall, for their direct-to-vinyl Office Session series. Acoustic recordings from her previous CD releases were made available on custom, lathe-cut vinyl. 

Ferrante released a new gospel four-song EP, "Beyond", on  May 12th, 2018, that has already garnered glowing reviews:

“Inspired vocal timbre, rich and vibrant harmonies, and soulful, substantive writing unite to create a 4-song collection which vibrates high.”- The Ark of Music (6/19/18)

“…the warmth of the music is greatly strengthened by this big-band sound, and subsequently the leading artist’s own performances seem soaked in a new level of passion.” - Rebecca Cullen (6/20/18)

Currently Ferrante is collaborating on a 2019 EP with producer Austin Bello of Forever the Sickest Kids. 

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