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A Father's Love

Written By: Bob Garrett

A Father's Love
words and music by Bob Garrett

As a girl I would wake up afraid in the night
of the first day of school or the witch in Snow White
My daddy would come in and pull back the sheet
and he'd rub my back 'til I fell asleep

His working mans' hands were callused and rough
but all I could feel was his gentle love
I knew nothing could hurt me, everything would be all right
safe in his arms, daddy kissed me good night


A father's love lives on and on
like a river running through you so gentle and strong
and the world gets much brighter each time it's passed on
a father's love lives on and on

I grew up and took on the world on my own
when the world would start winning, I'd come back home
to someone who thought I mattered when no one else cared
to someone I could count on to always be there


Now the man that I married, he's strong and he's true
in many ways, daddy, he's so much like you
and whenever my baby cries out in the night
he's always the first to turn on the light

I watch from the doorway, my eyes fill with tears
as he sits and listens to all of her fears
and he rubs her back gently and he hums her a song
a father's love...lives on and on