Caroline Monroe

Caroline Monroe


Americana country/ singer/songwriter; Emmylou Harris meets natalie merchant meets stevie nicks. I Can sing your pants off if playing solo and can woo an audience with a full band. I'm here to help bring good, fun stories back into modern country music.


Caroline Monroe was born in Cobb County, an Atlanta suburb, in 1981. Her father is a writer, her mother teaches nuclear medicine and she's rumored to be a distant relative of Bill Monroe, the father of bluegrass music. This fusion of creativity, science, and the high lonesome sound may be the reason she became a country singer who works for a pharmaceutical company.

Caroline was a shy girl who opened up when she moved to Atlanta in middle school to live with her father and brother. She would lock herself in her room singing show tunes at the top of her lungs. Annoyed, her brother Matt, bassist for the '90s Atlanta punk group Level Head, made Caroline listen to some of his rock CDs, fearful that she wouldn't like anything but the songs from "Cats."

She opened up even more in high school when she joined several choirs and started singing solos. While studying biology at the University of Georgia, Caroline branched away from sheet music, polished her guitar playing and fronted the rock band Umpteen. However, listening to country acts with her peers in Athens, she realized that country suited her voice better than rock. She also loved the stories told in country music, which led her to collaborate with producer Fester Hagood and her father, Doug Monroe, on story-telling songs like "See Rock City."

Now that "Ghost Town" is finished, she's in the process of booking gigs with her new band and writing new songs. Her song "Trailer Park Hall of Fame" will appear on the 2008 Athfest Compilation CD.


See Rock City

Written By: Doug Monroe, Caroline Monroe, Tracey Hagood

See Rock City

He kept on cheatin’ and kept runnin’ around
While I stayed in our trailer on the poor side of town
I finally had it when he slept with my friend
And our trashy relationship came to an end

As fortune would have it I met a rich man
Who fell in love and asked for my hand
He showered me with jewelry and treated me right
Then I ran into my ex on the street one night

I called him over to my new Mercedes benz
I asked him to take a good long look at my hands
There were rings on my fingers some silver some gold
Diamonds and emeralds; his blood ran cold

I said see rock city won’t you see what I got
See rock city every fingers got a rock
See rock city won’t you see what I’ve done
See rock city; I’m havin’ fun

I held my hand closer and he got a better view
He saw a ruby and a star sapphire
He saw a jade or two
I might have felt badly as I rubbed it all in
If I hadn’t remembered his night with my friend

Last time I saw him he was stuck on the road
And his junk-haulin truck had just lost its load
I slowed down my car and waved with my hand
To make sure that he saw my shiny gold band


Sunday Sinner

Written By: Tracey Hagood/Donald Spurlin

Sunday Sinner

Verse 1:

Well the sun it hurts my eyes on sunday mornin'
As I wake up in a bed that ain't familiar
Just one more round and in the mornin' I'll be found
With the good lord lookin' down on his sunday sinner

Verse 2:

This cup of coffee helps to clear my head
But the thought of singin' hymns just makes me shiver
Get what I deserve I know all of ya'll have heard
The famous last words of a sunday sinner


Well smeared mascara and the days first cigarette
Don't know that face in the mirror
It’s just too much to bear
I'll change my ways I swear
So goes the prayer of a sunday sinner

Verse 3:

I've traded those neon lights for stained glass
And those so called heathens for believers
Sister Betty looks down her nose at my torn panty hose
I wish there was a row for sunday sinners


Right Here in my Heart

Written By: Tracey Hagood

Right Here in My Heart

Verse 1

Today I saw someone who looked like you
And my mind just floated away
You don't know what I'm going through
Not seeing you everyday
And though you're a hundred miles away from me
You're right here in my heart


And when I close my eyes I run to you
Even though we're so far apart
And when the lightning strikes
In the middle of the night
You'll always be right here in my heart

Verse 2

How I miss making love to you
And the fire in your eyes
Late at night I reach for you
And I wake up and realize
Thats just you dancin' through my memory
You know it happens all the time



"Ghost Town" December 2006

She Regrets Her Tattoos (D. Monroe, C. Monroe, T. Hagood)Vocals-Caroline Monroe; Electric-Charlie Garrett; Acoustic-Tracey Hagood; Bass-Mike Steele; Drums- Mark Cooper Smith; Backup vocals-Mike Hines

Brand New Chapter of Life (T. Hagood)
Vocals-Caroline Monroe; electric-Charlie Garrett; acoustic-Tracey Hagood; bass-Mike Steele; organ-Randall Bramblett; Drums-Mark Cooper Smith; Backup Vocals-Susan Staley and Mike Hines

Friend of Cody’s (Shayne Fair)
Vocals-Caroline Monroe; Electric-Rick Fowler; Bass-Greg Veale; Acoustic-Tracey Hagood, Steel-John Neff; Drums-Mark Cooper Smith; Backup vocals-Mike Hines

See Rock City (D. Monroe, C. Monroe, T. Hagood)
Vocals-Caroline Monroe; Electric-Donald Spurlin; Acoustic-Tracey Hagood; Bass-Mike Steele; Steel-
John Neff; Drums-Mark Cooper Smith; Backup vocals-Fester Hagood and Jay Rodgers

Ghost Town (Tracey Hagood)
Vocals-Caroline Monroe; Acoustic-Tracey Hagood; Organ/piano-Randall Bramblett; Bass-?; Drums-Mark Cooper Smith; Backup Vocals-Mike Hines

Tracks of Love (Shayne Fair)
Vocals-Caroline Monroe; acoustic/electric-Donald Spurlin; Bass-Mike Steele; Sax/Organ-Randall Bramblett; Drums-Mark Smith; Back up vocals-Mike Hines

Right Here in My Heart (Tracey Hagood)
Vocals-Caroline Monroe; 12-string acoustic-Tracey Hagood; violin-Andy Carleson; Cello-Daniel Powers

This Old Town (T Hagood, C Monroe)
Vocals-Caroline Monroe; Lead-Donald Spurlin; Acoustic-Tracey Hagood; bass-Jay Rodgers; Dobro-William Tonks; Drums-Mark Cooper Smith; Backup vocals-Susan Staley and Mike Hines

I Gotta Go (Tracey Hagood)
Vocals-Caroline Monroe; Electric-Donald Spurlin; 12-string acoustic-Tracey Hagood; organ-Randall Bramblett; Drums-Mark Cooper Smith; Backup vocals-Susan Staley and Mike Hines

Mystery Mourner (D Monroe, T Hagood, C Monroe)
Vocals-Caroline Monroe; Acoustic-Tracey Hagood; Dobro-William Tonks; Bass-Jay Rodgers; Backup Vocals- Mike Hines

Sunday Sinner (T. Hagood, D. Spurlin)
Vocals-Caroline Monroe; acoustic lead-Donald Spurlin; Acoustic/harmonica-Tracey Hagood; Bass-Mike Steele; Drums-Mark COOPER Smith; Mandolin-Michael Paynter; Dobro-William Tonks; Back up vocals-Susan Staley and Mike Hines

Set List

Origals and covers

originals: "ghost town" songs + new/unreleased originals.

Covers have included but are not limited to songs by rosanne cash (seven year ache), johnny cash (ring of fire), chris isaac (wicked game), Sheryl Crow (If it makes you Happy), Dolly Parton (Jolene), Alanis Morisette (You outta know), Alannah Miles (Black Velvet), Concrete Blonde (Joey), 10,000 Maniacs (These are the Days), Dixie Chicks (Cold Day in July), The Cure (Just Like Heaven), Loretta Lynn (Coal Miner's Daughter), Rolling Stones (Paint it Black)