Caroline Rose

Caroline Rose


A gospel-meets-country-meets-blues-meets-alternative collection of toe-tapping, roadworthy stories and poetry set to music, Caroline Rose's "America Religious" delves neck-deep in topics most people wouldn't dare discuss at the dinner table.


Written after Rose accidentally purchased a 1975 MGB convertible on eBay, fixed it up along with a friend, named it Tom Collins, and set out alone to explore the country, America Religious delves neck-deep in topics most people wouldn’t dare to discuss at the dinner table. From politics to religion, heartbreaking sadness to seemingly endless joy, Caroline Rose traverses a path paved by the likes of Townes Van Zandt, John Lee Hooker, and Joni Mitchell, to name a few.

As an artist whose music is as multifaceted as her personality, Rose has a hard time describing herself in a handful of words. "Well, part of me is a kind of wandering loner," she relays half jokingly. "I like living that way, I can be real awkward at times and enjoy being alone, but there's another side of me that has got a lot of say and wants to say it bold and loud." But if there’s one thing that best describes her, it’s that she doesn’t like staying in one place too long. Call it an adventurous spirit or endless curiosity, whatever it is that drives Caroline Rose, it is a force to be reckoned with and certainly does not go unnoticed on America Religious, set for release June of this year.

The long-awaited official debut album America Religious, co-produced with her partner of four years Jer Coons, is a gospel-meets-country-meets-blues-meets-alternative collection of toe-tapping, roadworthy stories and poetry set to music. Created at Coons’ Parkhill Studio in Burlington, Vermont, the duo are quite proud to say they’ve had complete control over the entire creative process. "I wrote and arranged all the songs, while Jer did all the engineering and nearly all the mixing. He's great at everything I'm not and vice-versa, so it works out incredibly well," says Rose. On top of producing, recording, and engineering the record themselves, the duo played nearly every instrument, including lap steel, cello, organ, mandolin, drums, and more. Undeniably, America Religious is a unique combination of elements that stands on its own within an increasingly generic industry.


America Religious

Written By: Caroline Rose

Sun beam patches
like lightning in my vision
stumbling trembling as a tremor
in the depths beneath the trenches
I came upon a spotted horse
the lonely dun, untethered mare
grazing yellow grass
a field of straight-back silken hair
It was then I realized with a lasso 'round the sky
I'd follow morning so the sun it would be always on the rise
Come five days sleepless
a thousand miles behind me
I heard a voice in wind-speak and it drew my soul in silhouette!
"Atlas move along I've got two arms
This world won't know which ear to stand on!"
Solo joyriding
twelve-lane highway
off-the-cuff Pagan lust

It's a wonder I've got two legs to stand on
I drink myself blind uncurtailed by moderation
"Stand on me"
I'll stand on you
For lack of something better to do

America religious
I eat slices of white privilege
processed by agri-business
(ain't this what you'd always dreamed it'd be?)
The two-spot, dream-spot
all scattered 'bout the table
as we plunged in ankle deep in table conversation
Meanwhile out in the distance
through the mist there rang a scream
as we all dropped our heads
we sheered our eyes
"Lord, thank you for this feast"

I think I'd like to take this time to toast myself
"Here's to the wine!"
Keep your two cents
spare me your change
Honey around here we work for our pay

It's a wonder I've got two legs to stand on
I drink myself blind uncurtailed by moderation
"Stand on me"
I'll stand on you
Footloose disillusioned and blue

This Is What Livin Feels Like

Written By: Caroline Rose

Strawberry lips
sippin' on a Stoli nip
stocked up on Mohawk cigarettes
A carton to New York City
the rest a dollar a piece
pay my way on down the Natchez Trace to New Orleans

I ain't getting any younger
I'm tired of feeling alone
I pay a smile to the prettiest sight
In my rearview the backlit city skyline
Baby, this is what livin feels like!

Coming up on Houston
I think I'll bypass this town
Johnny's got a spliff with my name on it
in Austin where everybody's hip
Honey, I guess so am I
All I want's a cowboy to lead me in some honky tonk dive
A juke joint jive like Po' Monkey's
through corn husks, red mud
making two lefts turns off Highway 61

Keeping this road hot until she drops
black top, in the back my finest bottle of Scotch
Top down in the valley
"Feeling Alright" on stereo
Feeling like I could dance all night
Baby, this is what livin feels like!

I fall asleep on a misty white sand beach
Wisps of cloudy hair and sun golden teeth
I feel the pulse of everything from my head down to my feet
Every heart left in the world beating within me!
Hey high I'm in love with this life!
I flirt with Time to buy more of what's mine
so rightfully mine
Just my little piece of the pie
Well if I'm going out then I'm going out in style
Say what you will, say what you'd like
Just another broke down beat in the heart of Big Sky
This is what livin feels like!

Here Come the Rain

Written By: Caroline Rose

Ain't a song in the sky
the trees they calm to a still
A whisper glides
makes its way on down the street
A fetid stench steams in curls and it sits on the curb

I heard seven trumpets calling from seven lonely hills
as I walked on toward the station to get my ticket outta here
By noontime with cars heeled and all backed up to a hilt
the midday sun began to walk the line
black clouds began to pill
Here comes the rain

All was calm when it broke
From the doorway I could hear it coming down as he spoke
Crippled man out on a crate pouring truth out of his throat
screaming, "Can't you see it's your own air on which you choke?"
"Yes sir but people are just passersby by trade
on our way to slave away all day the highways to our graves"
"You know the language may have differed
but the Romans said the same
Don't you know things of this earth will become earth once again?"
Here comes the rain!

I gave you love and I gave you this world
to those I gave most what do you give me in return?
Oedipus kisses mother thrice on the cheek
an eye for an eye leaves but just one eye to see
Don't rattle its cage! Don't toss up its sands!
Cause for things like Fate honey Time's only dice in its hand
"How long will you simple ones love your simple ways?"
Christchurch woman screams from the turret,
"Till it's taken away!"
Here comes the rain!

Petrified Elizabeth

Written By: Caroline Rose

Petrified Elizabeth

It's not hard to be me
Young white and born into privilege it's easy to pace a floor back and forth
I justify wine by Jesus
A loner like me
The poet-rebel-leader and the only preacher I'll pay heed
I pay my time to the park bench
Stubs of cigarettes and hymns of wander cabs and homeless men
Don't brush the hand that shakes me!
Petrified Elizabeth
queen of smokestack rings
Wining and dining everything but not everyone are lovers
They all crawl your gilt-edge streets
so honored to pave your misery
All the while laughing at the thought you pity me!

Water hold my breath and pray for ground
Smelling the sweetness of steam off the hot summer pavement
Leaving city things for things like imaginings
dub step beats acid dreams
Is there still anything sacred?
He speaks like a man once thin and beautiful
now but the coffee cup ring atop my bedside table
It's the falseness of eyes
window display of the liar
Well, the fall from heaven's a slow one or so it seems

Petrified Elizabeth in the land of the free
sing song bric-a-brac scene
lawns of tawdry kitsch and bunting
My country 'tis of thee
my home land of plenty
From strips to streams I wander endlessly

So go there and you'll see
It's everywhere
It's unescaping
mountain guillotine
envy and greed
decorate the trees in time for the show

Roll On

Written By: Caroline Rose

Blue stocking from West Arizona
sends all of her money back home
Working two jobs
just trying to pay rent
Four years of schooling and in debt up to her neck
She is America's dreamer
Copyright, Issue nine million and nine

Further on down this hole
I guess it's time for me to roll on

Johnny got his gun
now he's on the third floor in the trauma ward
Well it sure looked good
(now they're passing the pill box)
G.I. Bill
(now the I.V. drips)
"Doc, just cross out my eyes cause I can't take this life anymore"

This world will spin on without me so
I think it's time for me to roll on

Twenty-six years at the corner store and market
Usually takes the weekday night shift
Picking up from school
don't come to a full stop
Passing on his left
he gets flagged by a beat cop
"Let me see your papers
Son, I think you'd better come along with me"

If last resort if self-deport
I think it's time for me to roll on

Six Foot Woman

Written By: Caroline Rose

Six foot woman
a green-eyed kiss
a cock-eyed greaser
licking his lips
Just a-pumpin' that gas
Keep on loosening that bit
but watch out!
She gone

Now she glossing up her feathers and she's struttin' her stuff
Yes she on the prowl looking round for someone to love
She a bonafide hustler
She the queen of the streets
She be onto the next while he's changing the sheets
Move along crackerjack there ain't nothing to see
She a six foot woman and her name is ME

I'm a six foot woman
with five inch high heels on
I got my mama's grit
and my daddy's brawn
Why don't ya pink Cadillac me?
Write out a proof and subtract me?
Set your sails and then tack me?
Come here
Darlin step aside my shadow weighs a ton
Honey you just a girl but I'm a six foot woman

Why's it gotta be so easy?
Cathy I think I've got a little bit of you in me
I just want his body
is that so wrong?
I just want her breath to keep me warm
Just got to find me a reason to keep moving along then I'm gone


America Religious (single release: April 23, 2013)
America Relgious (release: June 11, 2013)

Set List

America Religious
Hey, Miss America!
Roll On
This Is What Livin' Feels Like!
Thomas Flyer, 1907
Let Me In
Petrified Elizabeth
October Road
Here Come the Rain
Mister Blue Jean Man
Notes Walking Home From Work
Honey, I'll Be Fine
Back East
Notes From A Bedroom Upstairs
Lay With You
I Will Not Be Afraid
And/or more...