Caroline's Spine

Caroline's Spine


CAROLINE'S SPINE achieved RIAA Gold Certification and four "TOP40" mainstream/active rock radio hits with "SULLIVAN", "NOTHING TO PROVE", " ATTENTION PLEASE", and "WALLFLOWER".


The OSU grad was managing a classical music store, painting, and soul searching when he received a call from guitarist Mark Haugh, a classmate from high school. Haugh needed a bass player for his band, Caroline’s Spine. The band was touring NorthAmerica, living on pennies and very desperate. “You’ve got 24 hours to decide…we’ll teach you the songs in the van.”

Naturally impulsive, Jones left his hometown and his girlfriend to join Haugh, drummer Jason Gilardi, and singer/songwriter Jimmy Newquist. Two hours later, the van broke down, providing Jones with his last chance to reconsider. He stayed on and became the permanent bass player following a performance at a packed Whiskey in Hollywood.

Mark Haugh is the “heart” of the band. His stunning guitar work prompted Guitar For The Practicing Musician to label his sound “a heady mix of almost surreal rock.” Haugh and Jones provided enough memorable hooks to capture the TOP10 with the band’s highest charting U.S. single: “Nothing to Prove.” Drummer Jason Gilardi, son of Mouseketeer Annette Funnicello, pounded Caroline’s Spine to national acclaim when their song, “Sullivan,” broke the TOP20 and became a minor rock classic. He is a highly acclaimed session drummer and instructor.

"I focus on what the Caroline’s Spine project is really about. Four friends getting together to celebrate be a killer live band.” quips Jimmy Newquist, the charismatic songwriter with a demanding temper. The band is wary of any media trappings, choosing to concentrate on a more “worldly” approach to success. Newquist’s melodic skill compensates for his inability to properly read or write music. The band's disdain for current media has not thwarted the growing hype over Caroline’s Spine or their ability to license songs to labels, films, and television.

To date, Caroline’s Spine has recorded over forty Newquist compositions. Most people know the band from their tours with KISS & Aerosmith. Other highlights include MTV’s Varsity Blues, ESPN, Germany's ROCK IM RING/PARK headline stage, tours with New Model Army and Catherine Wheel, and performing "at sea" on the USS Enterprise.

The members of Caroline’s Spine are elusive, preferring the quiet life. Growing families and celebrated side-projects have sustained an ever changing dimension to the band’s legacy. Mostly panned by critics, unknown to the mainstream, and sustained by a most loyal fan base - Caroline’s Spine proceeds on its own terms, performing to sold out venues across the United States.


1993-"Caroline's Spine"-Indie
1997-"Monsoon"-Hollywood Records
1999-"Attention Please"-Hollywood Records