Caroline Ware

Caroline Ware


My music is born out a passion for singing, guitar, and songwriting. My unique voice, acoustic sound, and relatable lyrics all create an engaging style.


I am a singer/songwriter from Marietta, Georgia. I have been singing for as long as I can remember and taught myself to play guitar at age 14. My entire life I have had the ultimate dream of singing every single day as my career, and inspiring people through music. I've pursued my musical passion through leading worship, songwriting, playing at shows, and recording my debut CD, "Waiting." My influences include artists such as Michelle Branch, Bethany Dillon, Sean McConnell, Mariah Carey, Nichole Nordeman, and Watermark. What sets me and the music I play apart from others is people's ability to truly relate to the lyrics and the music. I've found that most lyrics either randomly mesh words together that sound okay or they string together a variety of cliche phrases relating to the song's topic. I once heard John Mayer say that he never wastes a word. Since then, I've purposefully chosen every single word and melody so that it exactly (not just sufficiently) describes what I'm trying to communicate. And, I believe, that the people who listen to my music hear that and like the honesty and relevance to their lives.


More of You

Written By: Caroline Ware

Sometimes I need that humbling heave, reminding me that I’m not revolved around.
Keep me low to lavish You.
You’re so worthy of my everything.
When I fall it keeps me down, to the place where I need to bow

Life screams for You, not for me.
I aim to please You, not You please me.
Help me remember to be who You made me to be.
To worship and lift You high.
Suppress me.

Why do I so often forget?
Who You are and who I am.
I live for You, You live in me.
I died to the world, You died for it.

Let me bless You for all You’ve done.
Let me bless You for all You’ve done.

Make me small, make me small.
Make me nothing at all.
Make me small, make me small.
Make me nothing at all.

Suppress me.


Written By: Caroline Ware

I know you’re going to leave, to go on your own journey.
I hate to see you go but I know,
You’ll return to me again someday.
And I stand looking out at the hills of green, hoping to one day see your face.

Waiting, waiting for you to be near.
Waiting, waiting for you to come home.

Come to Me your Abba Father.
Come to Me, I want to take you in.
What you’ve done, what you’ll do is forgivable.
Come to Me because I love you

I left without looking back, not a glance back.
I left to pursue what I wanted to.
But it all ended so soon.

Waiting, waiting to know what I want.
Waiting, waiting to know what I need.

Nearing the house, I hoped to see his face.
Instead, I was blessed with open arms of grace.

Father can You still want me?
Father can You still love me?
Am I the forsaken one?
“No, you’re the prodigal son!"

This is a Simple Song

Written By: Caroline Ware

This is a simple song, from simple old me.
To a glorious King, this is all I can say.
So I raise my hands to praise You.
And join all of creation in crying out:

You are Lord of me.
And I am yours for the taking.
Cause You are You.
And I am not.
So do Your will in my life!

No more elaborate words or fancy rhymes.
Just honesty and me.
You are who You are.
And I’m thankful for You, King!

I could say a lot but I am not because Your cross has said it all!

This is a simple song


"Waiting"- 4 song EP, 2005

Set List

My typical set list consists original songs (some on my CD), as well as cover songs. My sets range from thirty minutes to an hour. I will combine some of my original songs, such as "Waiting," "More of You," "Plea of David," "This is a Simple Song," "You're Not Here," "With You," "Take Me," "Only Heart," "How Could I Ever Love You Enough?," "Why Do I Do This to Myself?,"The Narrow Road," "Searching," "Missing You," "Back to You," "Come Back to Me," with some cover songs such as, "The First Cut is the Deepest," by Sheryl Crow, "Goodbye to You," by Michelle Branch, and "Beautiful," by Bethany Dillon.