Carol Lockridge and Friends

Carol Lockridge and Friends


My band has a great old fashioned sound, and they are in tune with one another and me. My harp player is very in tune with us and knows just when to put just the right touch in. It all seems to fall just right!


Carol Lockridge is a vocalist who has opened up for people like Bobby Rush, Latimore, and Denise Lasalle. Her full but powerful voice makes up that soulful blues sound you hear emitting from her mouth. She has always loved differents acts such as Aretha Franklin, Denise Lasalle, Minnie Ripperton, Tina Turner, Chaka Khan, and more! Always ready for a challenge, Carol has mastered singing the blues. Carol was born in Ypsilanti, Michigan as Carol Smith, and was raised in Detroit, Michigan. Starting at the age of 3, Carol traveled from church to church singing gospel with her mother and brother as the "Smiths Trio". She loves to sing, and didn't really come out strong until she came to live in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1999. There she felt free, and the rest is history. The band "Carol Lockridge and Friends" consists of 5 very experienced musicians. First on the Harp, or Harmonica, is Doctor Richard Malone (Doc Malone) (Yes he really is a Doctor), "Doc" plays with much feeling, pats his foot, and on his chromatic harp lets you know he is right on it! Next on the Guitar is Tadas Paegle. Tadas can bring you into a fury of guitar licks, or he can soothe you into a feeling of "laid back". Then there is Bruce Lockwood on the Bass. Bruce likes to rock right with his blues and gives that full bottom sound that keeps you rocking right with him. On the Drums is Pete Premo. Pete is laid back with lots of rhythm that will make you tap your feet, and move with the beat! Carol Lockridge is the lead vocal. It has been said that this lady can leave you with "Goosebumps". She can make you feel down in your soul what she feels as she sings. This band is a hell of a band, and they do deliver!


We have not yet release any Cd's, but we do have songs to release, and they will be coming up soon.