Carol Martini

Carol Martini


Carol Martini is a singer-songwriter who performs her folk-rock songs with an edge and sometimes attitude. Her extensive repertoire (ranging from the humorous to the not-so- humorous) and wide variety of subject matter ensure that no two performances are ever alike.


She has been a songwriter from the age of 11, having given up the violin for the more songwriter friendly acoustic guitar. Her career has included a 1980s stint in England "putting a band together" a la Chrissie Hynde. Upon her return to the US, she recorded her first self-produced album, "The Story So Far". Encouraged by the sucess of her first lp, she couldn't help herself and recorded two more indie albums. Since the, she hasn't been able to stop and so is currently working on her 4th project. Most nights she can be found performing-acoustically- at local coffeehouses, small clubs, bookstores and the occasional gas station.



Written By: Carol Martini

Chorus: Peace, let there be peace tonight, let our
babies sleep 'til the morning night
peace, let it shine like the sun so bright
let it's warmth wrap our babies and hold them tight
Verse #1: I stand at the window and watch my children play
the war to them is a million miles away
but my heart skips a beat at the sound of a plane, I know
bombs can fall as easily as rain
then their laughter catches my attention for the
moment I forget the world is filled with
stress and tension
Verse #2: The couple down the street lost their only son now they'll
never be the same permanent damage has been done
their eyes are glazed with pain as they look through you, their
vacant hearts no longer believe that god is true, their
sorrow is like a cloud of thick black smoke that
clings to your skin and causes you to choke
Repeat Chorus
Verse #3: I go to the market take a child by each hand, the
shelves are half empty and they don't understand when the
grocer cries for his country that's been torn apart, he says
every day the news puts a dagger in his heart
I'd like to buy the kids a sweet but they'll have to go another week without a special treat
verse #4: The outside of the school looks practically the same but
inside the teachers now call fewer names
familiar faces no longer fill the halls, their smiles have been reduced to pictures on the walls and the
lessons we all still need to learn have been taught through the ages every teacher has taken a turn
Repeat Chorus
Bridge: You can shoot another gun, you can kill another man, you can watch him fall face down in the sand or you can take his hand, walk in his shoes and with every step feel the life he doesn't want to lose
Verse #5: People on the street wait and walk with fear, they
come to a bridge that crosses over a river of tears
that carries the dreams of this weary town, people stand on the trestle and
watch their hope sink and drown
helplessness can crush a soul like a tidal wave, you see the danger coming
but can't move a muscle to be saved
Verse #6: I stop at the window and watch my children play, their
friend from next door won't be coming out today, she lost her leg in a field
seeded with mines, no one should
ever know this tradgey, she lives it at age nine
I catch my breath every time I think of her, my line between compassion and rage is guickly starting to blur
Repeat Chorus


The Story So Far (Lp)
Piece by Piece (Lp/Cd)
Modern Loneliness (Cd)
Currently recording 4th indie project- an all acoustic Cd

Set List

Carol generally plays 3 hour sets of her own material with songs ranging in topics from love to love of ice cream to golf to songs about being stuck on the freeway. She has songs about surfer chicks and biker chicks, songs about the post office, getting her purse ripped off in Ireland. Songs about summer and gardening. Songs about acceptance and songs about rejection and a very timely song called, 'Peace'. The subject matter goes on and so does the beat.