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CarolSon is a lyrical artists and producer, a true Hip-Hop lover. He'll entice you with word play, that rides on beatz. He is also an independent writer/producer. CarolSon is a one man show that's always ready shine!


I am a lyricists that paints pictures to music. My music is thought provoking wordplay laced with beatz.I am a tru hip-hop/music lover. I listen to many different genres of music. I grew up in Brooklyn,NY (BedStuy)listening to and being influenced by so many different artists like Eric B. & Rakim,Special Ed,Billy Joel,Prince,Biggie!,Hall & Oates etc. So, what you can expect from me is some of dis & dat. The thing that makes me different from other Rap/Hip-Hop artists is that I'm me all the time and everytime. I grew up in Brooklyn,NY then my family moved down south to Atlanta,GA where I now reside. I've been writing and loving music for as long as I can remember,so I decided to take it seriously in 1995. I am at work and on my grind!


I Want it All!
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