Carol Tatum & Charles Edward

Carol Tatum & Charles Edward

 Glendale, California, USA

Ancient Delirium is the exotic new CD by shock-rock vocalist Charles Edward (Seraphim Shock) and rock guitarist turned harpist Carol Tatum (Angels Of Venice) in collaboration with award-winning engineer/mixer Florian Ammon (Rammstein, Van Halen). CONTACT 818-543-4884;


“Ancient Delirium” is the exotic new rock/alternative pop CD by former Windham Hill artist Carol Tatum (Angels Of Venice) and vocalist Charles Edward (Seraphim Shock) and produced by engineer/mixer Florian Ammon, (U2’s “No Line On The Horizon”, Van Halen, Quincy Jones, Mariah Carey and industrial metal band Rammstein, for which Flo received several platinum records). The power ballad “I Fall” features Carol Tatum’s cousin, guitarist Gary Myrick (Gary Myrick And The Figures). “Ancient Delirium” showcases Edward’s smoky, darkly romantic, silky smooth vocals as well as his edgy personal style.

Charles Edward was recently featured on two top-rated VH1 shows and has launched numerous tours through out America with his band Seraphim Shock.

Tatum’s textural arrangements and emotionally provocative compositions compel the listener to repeated listenings.

"Ancient Delirium" was created with attention to detail and adherence to the highest production value standards.

"Together, (Charles Edward and Carol Tatum) reach a spectacular level of artistic and technical brilliance...a masterpiece of emotion, of an incredible musical depth…Charles Edwards, whose intimate, comforting vocals embrace you and will send pleasant shivers down the spine…represents (Charles Edward's and Carol Tatum's) finest hour"
- Daniela Vorndran, Reflections of Darkness (September 9, 2009)

"The more spins I gave it the more I fell in love with this very special liaison of electronics and hand-made, rich acoustic orchestration from all parts of the world, combined with an amazing voice. I can only recommend this album to anyone." – Sebastian Huhn, Reflections Of Darkness (September 15, 2009)

“...Carol has returned to her rocker roots and combined Classical Goth Rock with an exciting instrumental sound, beautifully rich atmosphere and deep emotions…” - Silvia Wolf, Orkus Magazine

“…an aural landscape that is at once compelling and provocative.” ~ Aggelos A. aka Darkhypnoses, Electrowelt

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Nag (The Serpent King)

Written By: Carol Tatum

Weaving through portals of time
Trying to consume the soul of humanity

Move through the left
Move through the right hand path

Eating the bitter fruit
Of consequence

Nag, The Serpent, King Of Everything
Nag, Destroyer King In The Garden Of Eden

Twisting and turning and
Falling to earth
Rebel angels consigned to oblivion


Ancient Delirium

Written By: Carol Tatum

Dark night
Tears fall
Eyes lie
Fatal flaw

You never thought
Love would so betray
You’ve sealed your fate

Wasted My Time On
Ancient Delirium
Wasted My Mind On
Ancient Delirium

Your ritual
Ripping wings
Off an angel

Jester of chaos
If truth be said
I’m biding my time
You’ll get caught in your web

Dreams And Nightmares

Written By: Carol Tatum

Running through the mazes in my mind
Nightmares return again
Haunting every corner of my mind
Smell the fear again

When Dreams And Nightmares
Come Alive
Those Things I Fear
Come Alive

Awoken by Gregorian chant
Woken by the flame of a candle of red
Quickly turn to look at the door
A demon of fire has come for my soul


Written By: Robert Plant/Jimmy Page

Bright light almost blinding
Black night still there shining
I can't stop, keep on climbing
Looking for what I knew

Had a friend, she once told me
"You got love, you ain't lonely"
Now she's gone and left me only
Looking for what I knew

Oooo, I'm Telling You Now
The Greatest Thing You Ever Can Do Now
Is Trade A Smile With Someone Who's Blue Now
It's Very Easy Just...

Met a man on the roadside crying
Without a friend, there's no denying
You're incomplete, they'll be no finding
Looking for what you knew

So anytime somebody needs you
Don't let them down, although it grieves you
Someday you'll need someone like they do
Looking for what you knew

Am I Dreaming?

Written By: Carol Tatum

Your eyes are jewels of the midnight
Like a velvet mirage

A halo of fire
Surrounds your beauteous glory
Melting into
The blackened sun

Am I Dreaming?
You Move With The Grace Of A Ghost
In love With Midnight

Am I Dreaming?
You Move Like The Waves Of An Ocean
Bathed In Moonlight

Behind the smile of an angel
Thoughts linger on
Like the fragrance of you

Your skin a luminous shadow
Are you

Primitive Kiss

Written By: Carol Tatum

Before “In The Beginning”
Before the dawn of time
Before the light, before the darkness
You were by my side

We crossed all dimensions moving
Back and forth through time
Until we chose mortal existence
Exquisite pain of life

Holy Is My Ancient Queen, Her
Primitive Kiss
Join me In My Ecstasy, My
Primitive Kiss
Holding Out My Hand, Love
I’m Primitive

When the solemn death bell tolls
For our own departing souls
We’ll fall like lightening from heaven

We’ve crossed all dimensions moving
Back and forth through time
Returning to immortal existence
Eternal blood of life

Holy Is My Ancient Queen, Her
Primitive Kiss
Join Me In My Ecstasy, My
Primitive Kiss
Salvation In Her Dark Eyes, Her
Primitive Kiss
Beauty In Our Pain, Love
You’re Primitive

Forgive me, Father,
For I like sin

Ab aeterno (From the beginning of time)
Omnia vincit amor (Love conquers all)

Holy Is My Ancient Queen, Her
Primitive Kiss
Join Me In My Ecstasy, My
Primitive Kiss
Holding Out My Hand, Love
Our Primitive Kiss
Salvation In My Dark Eyes
We’re Primitive

How Can I?

Written By: Carol Tatum

Drifting to a place among the stars
Shadows veil the night
One candle burning

How Can I
Walk Away From What’s Become
The Very Heart Of Me?

How Can I
Leave A World Of Exaltation When It’s
Everything To Me?

Moonlight sees the magic in my eyes
In the silent twilight
Drowning in the love
Of an artful life
Dreams must never be forsaken

How Can I
Live Forever In A Future That
I Cannot See?

So Proclaim My Final Requiem?
“To Be Or Not To Be”?

I Fall

Written By: Carol Tatum

Quiet memories of you
Private dreams to flow into
Holding hands together
Silver moonlight in our eyes

Destiny has come to pass
Rebel angels find their peace at last
Wings of true salvation
Fly us to a world beyond

Oh, I fall into your perfect light

I Fall

Long ago, I left your side
To fight the dark lord full of hate and pride
Still, I held you dearly
Held you deep inside my heart
Swords of liberation
Cut the chains of Babylon

Oh, I Fall Into Your Eyes
Oh, I Fall Into Your Eyes
I Fall


DEBUT CD: "Ancient Delirium" by Carol Tatum Featuring Charles Edward (released September 23, 2009)

Set List

Available Upon Request

1) Led Zeppelin's "Friends"
2) Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters"