Carolyna Loveless

Carolyna Loveless


Swamp Folk = Swamp Rock and Modern Folk met in a dark alley and a fight broke out. Country/Blues/Americana ""Great Songs, Carolyna! Once every five years does someone walk into my studio that has it ALL. The last to walk through was Ani DiFranco." Bob Doidge (Lightfoot, Dylan, Cockburn, Emmylou)


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Carolyna Loveless is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (guitars, piano, mandolin, percussion) based in Vancouver, B.C. Her live performance is an infusion of modern folk and swamp rock - SWAMP FOLK - though her writings consist of hundreds of original songs in numerous genres (hard rock to children's songs).

Carolyna has extensive international performance experience. She has fronted or played in a diverse range of bands spanning multiple genres and has performed her original music across four continents.


Autumn 07 finds Carolyna in pre-production with Dave Hillis (Pearl Jam, Blind Melon, Alice In Chains) and Brian Boland (Elwood, Dave Matthews), as well as producer Steve Brown (Elton John, Dire Straits, The Cult, Manic St. Preachers), for an upcoming album and publishing projects.

Feb.'07 - "A Life Like This" is downloaded in podcasts, web radio, Myspace, and Facebook fans more than 150,000 times in 3 months. The U.K. comes calling (see Steve Brown)

OCT. '06 - August '07 - Carolyna has been joining Canadian artists as a side-person and opening shows for some fabulous acts across Canada: FFM, Leslie Alexander, Gordon Tentrees, T. Nile, Michael Weston King (The Good Sons, UK), Don Alder, Shawn Brush, Joanna Chapman Smith, Tony Chamberlist, John Pippus, Royal Thomas, Spirathon, GCDC...

Mar. 03,07 - Carolyna puts together the band, "She Sells Sanctuary" , with friends Leslie Alexander and Joanna Chapman Smith - Centennial Theatre

July 23 - Sept. 01/06 - Pollyanna Publishing Showcase - in promotion of her first DVD, "Live At The Railway Club" - BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Ontario, Quebec, NB, Nova Scotia, MI, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, S. Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington.... then HOME!

August 2005 - Carolyna flew to Miami, taken to Diddy's House, and the MTV VMA's. Shopping songs to "Mrs. Diddy", soul singer Kim Porter, and talking deals with indie labels and production companies.

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A Life Like This

Written By: Carolyna Loveless

I ran wild and crazy as a young girl in Hay Bay
With a boy as wild as I - we would while away the day
Making love out on the boat and behind his daddy's farm
And the ferry ride to Picton was a love-fest all its own
I buried him in Adolphustown Park
With him thought I'd buried my heart.
Ya ya ya
Well I had my share of hard luck
and i did my share of hard drugs
and I partied with the fast crowd and i lived my life way too loud
Ran wild in the street 'till they threw me in an alley
and i begged for death to save me 'till a young man scarred them off
He held me until morning and we cried myself to sleep
And at a roadside stand in Amsterdam he took my secret to the grave
ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya
Well I'm too young to be bitter
And i'm too young for regret
I'm too young to have dead lovers
And i'm way too young to feel this old
And I'm too old to give a damn
What Sally's sister's boyfriend Frankie said to Annie's uncle Sam
They don't know what you're doing who you are or what you know
I thought I'd wander west to find myself and spend my life alone
Then came you
Oh now i'm dreaming about forever and i'm living in today
And i'm wondering what i'd feel like to have your baby in my belly
ya ya ya
'cause I'm a kinder gentler girl
When i'm thinking about somebody else more often than myself
I don't know what i did to deserve a life like this
I took a wayward ride through hell to find this heavenly place
yayaya yayaya yayaya

All Mine

Written By: Carolyna Loveless

Come on now baby
I'm gonna make you mine
All mine
For all time
Come on now baby
I'm gonna love you fine
So fine
For all time

I'm gonna love you even when i hate you
I gonna miss you when i'm gone
And when all the stars align and your body's lyin' next to mine
I'm gonna make you all mine
For all time

I'm gonna send you out on your own
And watch you come on home to me
And when anywhere i am is where i know you want to be
Then you'll have all of me
For all time

Come on now baby
I'm gonna make you mine
All mine
For all time
Come on now baby
I'm gonna love you fine
So fine
For all time

Indie Girl

Written By: Carolyna Loveless

I want to rock the same stage as the Rolling Stones
I want to write with Robertson I want to sing with Cohen
I want to be on Saturday Night Live when Ackroyd hosts the show
And I want to be on Letterman 'cause he's the talk show God, ya know
I want to meet Paul Shaffer and the band
Dream Indie girl dream
I want to play guitar with Pert and Page and Flea
Want to rock with The Junkies, Pure, The Hip and Tea Party
I want to sing with Neil Young cause he's the king to me
And seeing Dylan live before he's dead would be a real cool thing
Dream Indie Girl Dream
I want to work with Eno the Edge and Geddy Lee
Want to rock with Ozzy Osbourne Aerosmith and P.J.Harvey
I want to write a death song with Nick Cave and Velvet Lou Reed
And play a gig in the park with Prine and Waits and Willie P.
What a rock show it'd be
Dream Indie girl dream

Something Else Going On

Written By: Carolyna Loveless

You've fallen asleep - the scent of our lust lingers
And I know I've gotten in way too deep - but I don't care
I really love this - oh ya I love it
You're naked body beside me - I go weak
You kiss my mouth I can barely breathe much less speak your name
It's just you body I want - I don't care what your last name is boy
You're an inspiration - not my destination... no

Don't wait up for me tonight baby
No I won't be home - I won't be home before the dawn
Don't wait up for me tonight baby
Oh you know I'd really love to love you
But I've got something else going on, ya

But I'll meet you for breakfast if you like
A table at Andrea's - right in the middle will be just fine
What do you mean you want to talk about it? I didn't put it on the table boy
You lay your body down for me because I ask you nicely
That's all

Leave you're jeans by the door - you'll be gone by eight
Go ahead, give me grief - I won't hesitate to ask you to leave
It's just your body I want keep your lines for the woman who cares
You're an inspiration - not my destination

repeat chorus

Born a free child - I want to run wild
I ain't your puppy dog don't hang your leash on me
Just want to love you - don't want to own you
I ain't your puppy - oooh - don't hang your leash on me baby no
Don't hang your shit on me baby
I ain't your - I ain't your puppy no
Don't hang your leash on me baby

You Changed Me

Written By: Carolyna Loveless

You changed me, you changed me
Boy how you changed me
Slipped between my skin and bone, rearranged me
My bones are the same bones
My skin is the same skin
But I ain't been the same since the day that you slipped in
I never knew love could be this
Baby you changed me

You changed me, you changed me
Boy how you changed me
Opened my heart to a love that amazed me
Held tight to my hands
Looked deep in my eyes
And the first time your lips touched my lips
I thought i died
I never knew love could be this
Baby you changed me

I don't even care that my friends think that i have been beaten
"The Girl Who'd Never Marry"
Who would that have cheated
Baby you changed me

You changed me, you changed me
Boy how you changed me
Slipped between my skin and bone, rearranged me
My bones are the same bones
My skin is the same skin
But I ain't been the same since the day that you slipped in
I never knew love could be this
Baby you changed me


Album Credits:

"LIVE" at the Railway Club - DVD - April 2005
All songs C/A C. Loveless
*Track 9 co-arrangement by G Wong
The Band:
Carolyna Loveless - Guitar and Vox
Gary Wong - Guitar tracks 7, 8, & 9
Joanna Chapman Smith - Clarinet track 6
Produced by Carolyna Loveless
Released by Swamp Folk Records:

"A Life Like This" - solo
Mike Southworth - Engineer, Creative Recording Studio
Richard Dolmat - Mastering Engineer, Digital Sound Magic Studios
*** "I walked into the studio, off the street, guitar in hand, and asked Mike to press play.. one take... then off to Richard to master... the whole thing took less than two hours work for the boys... and cost me less than $100.
It's been played on international radio, downloaded more than a hundred thousand times in podcasts, web radio, and Myspace and Facebook fans from around the globe, and used in the Canadian movie, In Case... This little number also brought "the boys" to town (Dave Hillis, Steve Brown, Mark Weiner, Brian Boland).

Blue Baby Blue - July 2003
All songs C/A C. Loveless
The Band:
Carolyna Loveless - Guitar & Vox
Hugh Marsh - Electric Fiddle tracks 2 & 3
Bill Dillon - Guitars tracks 3 & 4
John Lewis - Guitars tacks 1 & 2
Michael Ward - Drums
Bob Doidge - Bass, Panflute, Piano, B3
Producer/Engineer - Bob Doidge
Asst. Engineers - Adrian Nasager and Keely Mimnagh
Mastering Engineer - Paul Riemens
Cover image and design - Michael Loveless
Released on Indie High Records (Can), Wee Wifie Records (Aus).

"Indie Girl" video
Producer: Loveless Entertainment Group
Director: Rohan Thomas, Altervision (Aus)
** Aired on nationally syndicated video channel RAGE (10 network)

Anathema - Oz's Eve - September 1997
All Songs C/A Carolyna Loveless
* Track 3:
C - M. Azzopardi/M.Ward/D.Ward/C.Loveless
** Track 5 -C - M. Azzopardi/C.Loveless
Original artwork for cover by Michael John Azzopardi
Bootleg Cover design - Michael and Carolyna Loveless
The Band:
Carolyna - Guitar and Vox
Michael Ward - Drums and Percussion
Michael Azzopardi - Guitars, BG vox (tr. 5 )
Darren Ward - Bass
Recorded Live off the Floor at Zen Studio in Sydney Australia by Jeff
Produced by Carolyna Loveless
Released by: Wee Wifie Records (Aus)

Tell - Oz's Eve - 1995
all song C/A C. Loveless
the fabulous album cover was a work for hire - created by Michael John Azzopardi
The Band:
Carolyna Loveless - Vox and Guitar
Michael Azzopardi - Guitars, Mandolin ( track 6 )
Michael Ward - Drums and Percussion
Terry Funnel - Bass
Dave Thompson - Bass (Track 2)
Todd Hardy - Trumpet (track 4)
Tamara Lyle - Violin (Track 6)
Lucy McFarlane - Operatic BG Vox (track 10)
Produced by Carolyna Loveless
Engineered and mixed by Glen Ferguson at Eclipse Studio, Sydney
Recorded Beds in Bilpin ( thanks Mr. Phillips)
* Track 2 recorded at Indie High Records, Bondi Beach, Australia

Schizophrenia - Oz's Eve - 1995 - Pre-release Single from Tell
all Songs C/A C. Loveless
(See credits in Tell menu)

Set List

One or two covers if I'm in an area where the audience is unfamiliar with my material. Throw in a few original blues-heavy songs with a familiar twelve bar, seems to satiate the cover thing. I have hundreds of original songs to choose from so pick my show to suit my audience.

** At SXSW I would perform as many 3.5 - 4.5 minute, audience-moving songs as i would be allotted.
Country-blues heavy, with Swamp Rock moments.
And one solo, acoustic hit, "A Life Like This".