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"4CD Music"

Date: Saturday, July 15
Topic: Indie

One listen of "A Life Like This" by Carolyna Loveless and you know you have stumbled upon one of the undiscovered talents of note, an alternative singer/songwriter whose individual talent is on par with Alanis, Bjork and Fiona. With crystal clear vision into the heart of what tugs at the inner workings of human interplay, Carolyna defines and improves upon the genre to the extent of those who have paved the way.

Recently featured on, Carolyna's fans set the mark for her win in the monthly indie artist poll. Down to earth and to the heart, like her music, Carolyna has a unique vision. Her uniqueness and personal touch in all that she does sets her apart from the thousands of wannabe performers who pose and do not expose. Carolyna exposes the very essence of our feelings, thoughts and whispers and captures them magically in song for all of us to share, delight, and experience. Definitely worth the price of admission, visit Carolyna at -

"Peer and Industry Reviews"

"This week we open with the utterly phenomenal, Carolyna Loveless..."
TransAtlantic Acoustic Show (Podcast)

"EVE (Carolyna's Australian band) are one of the most impressive, determined, hard working bands to emerge on the Sydney scene in years." Stuart Coupe - Drum, Q, Rolling Stone Australia.

Live Performances Oz's EVE - "These guys know their chops!"

"The Canadian bred singer has one of those commercially viable voices, complete with accent twang, she can sure pump it out. Very much a Sheryl Crow meets Janis Joplin ring to the voice. The final tune, WHY, showed Oz's EVE's full potential, although it was an instrumental, the vocalist already proved herself, this song did it for the band. Beat Magazine Live Review - Oz's EVE @ The Palladium, Kings Cross by Monique Lisa

"Canadian singer/songwriter Carolyna Loveless [has] a voice of rather splendid range. Subtle as a flying brick in places, but with enough genuine feeling so not to doubt the intent." Drum Media CD Single Review by Ross Clelland

"Continue to do what you do, as your music is wonderful, and right up there with anyone else I've heard from this country (Canada)" Eric Alper, KOCH Music

"... Now put your coat on . . go march into your nearest record company or rich persons house and say gimme some freekin' money now . . Steve Brown wants to come over and produce my 15 million seller" Steve Brown - The Cult, ABC, George Michael (Wham!), Alison Moyet, Freddie Mercury (Queen), The Manic Street Preachers

"Great songs. Nice footage. We'd be happy to represent you at Popkomm if you are interested". Suzanne G. -

"The DVD is very cool, the tunes sound great! ... let me know if I can help you in any way" Steve Dawson - Juno-winning Musician/Producer

"I love the music. We're going to make a fabulous recording".
Dave Hillis, Producer/Musician (Pearl Jam, Blind Melon, Alice in Chains, James Blunt)

"Great Songs! Only once every five years does someone walk into my studio that has it ALL. The last to walk through was Ani DiFranco. I am pleased to be working with Carolyna and believe we have put together a group of musicians that will only compliment the great songs she has written. I look forward to watching the WORLD discover her". Bob Doidge - Producer, Grant Avenue Studio (Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, Bruce Cockburn, Gordon Lightfoot)

"Having worked with Carolyna in Hamilton, Ontario, I can attest that her intriguing charisma apparent in live performances translates well in her recorded works". Kim DesChamps - pedal steel - Austin, Texas (Blue Rodeo, Cowboy Junkies, Barenaked Ladies)

"Dolly meets Cohen, Rock On ... Loved your songwriting and voice.. 'that elvis song' is a definite big stage song for a large crowd"
Don Alder - 2007 International Finger-style Champion, Recording Artist

"Just checked out your site. LOVE YOUR MUSIC!! Sounds really great girl! Your voice is so strong! I look forward to seeing you again and hopefully catching one of your shows." - Rachelle van Zanten - Recording Artist

"Oh... my... god!!! you are damn amazing!!!" T. Nile - Recording Artist

"Angel is still one of the best songs I have ever heard in my life. I love singing and playing that song. I would love to record it." Dave Thompson - Digital Underdog Productions, Musician/Producer, (High Holy Days).

"Ralph, my partner who handles the MP3 files, was really impressed with your lyrics for 'A Life Like This.' He shot them over to me and we agreed that we'd like to also enter them in the Lyrics Only category at no charge. We don't normally do this, but they're really good lyrics". Rebecca - UNISONG INTERNATIONAL SONG CONTEST

"I know you gave me the CD to play at work, but I took it home. Such great stuff! " Jim Rogers - Long And McQuade

"It (Carolyna's LIVE show) was one of those magical moments that comes out of nowhere, captures the room, then disappears into the night leaving you breathless and wondering: What the hell was that! "Well, a heap of pleasure is what it was" Brooks Kenna - Finger Picking Guitarist - Vancouver Canada

"I really love your work. Thanks again for having me on the four tracks. I especially like 'something else going on'. Michael Ward - Drummer - Sydney Australia

"I'd be grateful to sit and listen to you and your guitar any day".
Jacqueline Feldman - Electronic Media Arts - Vancouver
- Multiple, International

"The Interview Show with Scott Wood"

Live @ The Railway Club
The BOOTLEG DVD June 2006

Carolyn Loveless once told me that “if the room is 60% girls, she can shut the room up for an hour” and this live performance is ample proof of that. Her hard rock past gives her a swaggering stage presence yet in between songs she speaks to the audience like the humble farmer’s wife who makes the church bake sale’s favourite rhubarb pie.

Her set at the Railway opens with the blistering “You Didn’t Need Me”—in between verses you can make out the disappointment in the lines on her face that the song still evokes. And the first half of her set takes full advantage of this increased intimacy offered by the ‘bootleg’ format.

The second half of the DVD becomes ‘Carolyna and Company,’ first as Joanne Chapman-Smith comes on stage to play clarinet on the rollicking “Straight Shootin’ Lady” and then for the final three songs Gary Wong joins Carolyna to showcase some blusey numbers, including the powerful “Hungry.”

The DVD also includes a bonus rawk-ified version of “Brother” performed at the Media Club in 2004 and the “Indie Girl” video from Carolyna’s alt-rock previous life with the Australian act Eve.

scott wood
the interview show
cjsf 90.1fm

Carolyna Loveless ‘LIVE’ @ the Railway Club (2005 SFR)

Can be purchased at - cjsf 90.1fm


Album Credits:

"LIVE" at the Railway Club - DVD - April 2005
All songs C/A C. Loveless
*Track 9 co-arrangement by G Wong
The Band:
Carolyna Loveless - Guitar and Vox
Gary Wong - Guitar tracks 7, 8, & 9
Joanna Chapman Smith - Clarinet track 6
Produced by Carolyna Loveless
Released by Swamp Folk Records:

"A Life Like This" - solo
Mike Southworth - Engineer, Creative Recording Studio
Richard Dolmat - Mastering Engineer, Digital Sound Magic Studios
*** "I walked into the studio, off the street, guitar in hand, and asked Mike to press play.. one take... then off to Richard to master... the whole thing took less than two hours work for the boys... and cost me less than $100.
It's been played on international radio, downloaded more than a hundred thousand times in podcasts, web radio, and Myspace and Facebook fans from around the globe, and used in the Canadian movie, In Case... This little number also brought "the boys" to town (Dave Hillis, Steve Brown, Mark Weiner, Brian Boland).

Blue Baby Blue - July 2003
All songs C/A C. Loveless
The Band:
Carolyna Loveless - Guitar & Vox
Hugh Marsh - Electric Fiddle tracks 2 & 3
Bill Dillon - Guitars tracks 3 & 4
John Lewis - Guitars tacks 1 & 2
Michael Ward - Drums
Bob Doidge - Bass, Panflute, Piano, B3
Producer/Engineer - Bob Doidge
Asst. Engineers - Adrian Nasager and Keely Mimnagh
Mastering Engineer - Paul Riemens
Cover image and design - Michael Loveless
Released on Indie High Records (Can), Wee Wifie Records (Aus).

"Indie Girl" video
Producer: Loveless Entertainment Group
Director: Rohan Thomas, Altervision (Aus)
** Aired on nationally syndicated video channel RAGE (10 network)

Anathema - Oz's Eve - September 1997
All Songs C/A Carolyna Loveless
* Track 3:
C - M. Azzopardi/M.Ward/D.Ward/C.Loveless
** Track 5 -C - M. Azzopardi/C.Loveless
Original artwork for cover by Michael John Azzopardi
Bootleg Cover design - Michael and Carolyna Loveless
The Band:
Carolyna - Guitar and Vox
Michael Ward - Drums and Percussion
Michael Azzopardi - Guitars, BG vox (tr. 5 )
Darren Ward - Bass
Recorded Live off the Floor at Zen Studio in Sydney Australia by Jeff
Produced by Carolyna Loveless
Released by: Wee Wifie Records (Aus)

Tell - Oz's Eve - 1995
all song C/A C. Loveless
the fabulous album cover was a work for hire - created by Michael John Azzopardi
The Band:
Carolyna Loveless - Vox and Guitar
Michael Azzopardi - Guitars, Mandolin ( track 6 )
Michael Ward - Drums and Percussion
Terry Funnel - Bass
Dave Thompson - Bass (Track 2)
Todd Hardy - Trumpet (track 4)
Tamara Lyle - Violin (Track 6)
Lucy McFarlane - Operatic BG Vox (track 10)
Produced by Carolyna Loveless
Engineered and mixed by Glen Ferguson at Eclipse Studio, Sydney
Recorded Beds in Bilpin ( thanks Mr. Phillips)
* Track 2 recorded at Indie High Records, Bondi Beach, Australia

Schizophrenia - Oz's Eve - 1995 - Pre-release Single from Tell
all Songs C/A C. Loveless
(See credits in Tell menu)



** Full service website with Live video, MP3's, Photos...
Carolyna Loveless is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (guitars, piano, mandolin, percussion) based in Vancouver, B.C. Her live performance is an infusion of modern folk and swamp rock - SWAMP FOLK - though her writings consist of hundreds of original songs in numerous genres (hard rock to children's songs).

Carolyna has extensive international performance experience. She has fronted or played in a diverse range of bands spanning multiple genres and has performed her original music across four continents.


Autumn 07 finds Carolyna in pre-production with Dave Hillis (Pearl Jam, Blind Melon, Alice In Chains) and Brian Boland (Elwood, Dave Matthews), as well as producer Steve Brown (Elton John, Dire Straits, The Cult, Manic St. Preachers), for an upcoming album and publishing projects.

Feb.'07 - "A Life Like This" is downloaded in podcasts, web radio, Myspace, and Facebook fans more than 150,000 times in 3 months. The U.K. comes calling (see Steve Brown)

OCT. '06 - August '07 - Carolyna has been joining Canadian artists as a side-person and opening shows for some fabulous acts across Canada: FFM, Leslie Alexander, Gordon Tentrees, T. Nile, Michael Weston King (The Good Sons, UK), Don Alder, Shawn Brush, Joanna Chapman Smith, Tony Chamberlist, John Pippus, Royal Thomas, Spirathon, GCDC...

Mar. 03,07 - Carolyna puts together the band, "She Sells Sanctuary" , with friends Leslie Alexander and Joanna Chapman Smith - Centennial Theatre

July 23 - Sept. 01/06 - Pollyanna Publishing Showcase - in promotion of her first DVD, "Live At The Railway Club" - BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Ontario, Quebec, NB, Nova Scotia, MI, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, S. Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington.... then HOME!

August 2005 - Carolyna flew to Miami, taken to Diddy's House, and the MTV VMA's. Shopping songs to "Mrs. Diddy", soul singer Kim Porter, and talking deals with indie labels and production companies.

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