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The Chameleon's True Colors

Written By: Carolyn Downie

The Chameleon’s True colors (“Be who you are”)

(Children's song inspired by South African Mbaqanga)

Verse I
The little chameleon was so very shy
in changing his colors, he would try to hide and
fitting in his jungle home was always such a big task and
thinking to himself, these questions he would ask:...

Chorus I
Who should I be really, who should I be?
Which colors are truly the best for me?
It’s hard pleasing others wherever I go-
What good is it really if I don’t know
who I should be really who should I be?

Verse II
And then the chameleon talked to his great friend
the valiant leopard had advice to lend
with all of his spots, he proudly walked a regal way (yeah)
and speaking with confidence he then did say...

Chorus II
“Be who you are really
just who you are
be who you are truly
that’s who you are
when you are you fuily you then will be strong
when you are you freely you can’t go wrong!
-be who you are really, be who you are.”

Verse III
So then the chameleon learned to be himself
not changing to follow merely someone else
the leopard had helped to find his special kind of true colors...

and now they are singing this to all others...

(optional repeat or background lyrics: together they’re singing this to all others...)

Chorus III (same as II)

Refrain/coda (also use as intro):
be who you are
just who you are
just be who you are.

(repeat refrain in Afrikaans:
Vies vie, yay es; net vee yay es; (translation=be who you are, just who you are)
ending (fade out) varlikate; (translation= be yourself).

Please note: I am sending the version with the afrikaans ending and the one without; I wish to include the Afrikaans in the song, although the version with it has a slight delay in the vocals due to productions problems.


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