Carolyn Mark

Carolyn Mark

 Victoria, British Columbia, CAN

You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll laugh some more. And more. Exclaim covergirl and Juno Award nominee Carolyn Mark is a natural storyteller and wisecracker, and a stunning country songstress with six albums under her belt. Western North America loves her, and now it's the rest of the world's turn.


Some things are just meant to be. Birds are born to fly, politicians were born to lie, big fat guys with giant beards were born to ride their machines without getting hassled by the man, and Carolyn Mark was born to make music.

Ever since first taking to the stage as Templeton the rat in her elementary school's musical version of Charlotte'sWeb, show business has been the main driving force in Carolyn's life. After coming to the obvious conclusion that musicians were much more fun to hang around with than actors, in the early 90's Carolyn formed her first band... all-girl surfy twang popsters, The Vinaigrettes. This was the beginning of a love affair with music, musicians and the road that, even after 15+ years of crazy hard work, still puts the nitro in her funny car.

After the Vinaigrettes, Carolyn did brief stints in such bands as The Metronome Cowboys and The Fixin's before, in 2000, making her Mint Record debut with her first solo album, Party Girl. Since then, and with the help of a revolving cast of Can-Country super stars including, but not limited to, Tolan McNeil, Garth Johnson,Ford Pier, Nathan Tinkham, Corb Lund, NQ Arbuckle, Luke Doucet, Amy Honey, Greg MacDonald, Neko Case and Carey Mercer, she has released four more highly acclaimed albums. As well, she has also travelled thousands of miles entertaining crowds of 4 to 4000... touring Canada,the United States, the UK, Norway and Italy.

She has shared the stage with such talented musicians as Jenny Whitely, Hank & Lily, Luther Wright, Sarah Harmer, Kelly Hogan, Lederhosen Lucil, Geoff Berner, Joel Plaskett, The Handsome Family, Neil Hamburger, JT and The Clouds, The Shiftless Rounders, NQ Arbuckle, Wanda Jackson,The Waco Brothers, The Sadies and Blue Rodeo.

On October 13th 2009, Carolyn released a Juno-nominated album (Roots & Traditional Album of the Year: Group) with N.Q. Arbuckle titled "Let's Just Stay Here" on Mint Records. Lets Just Stay Here was not the first time that Carolyn and NQ Arbuckle have recorded together. Back in 2005 they recorded the track, Fireworks, for another of Carolyn's collective recording projects, Just Married: An Album of Duets.

Carolyn Mark and NQ Arbuckle are cooperators, consensus builders, confederates and... collaborators. They both know that, if you choose to walk the path of the itinerant musician there's a helluva lotta road and precious few kindred souls. Which makes finding someone you can make music with that much more exciting... even if you have to trek all the way from Victoria, B.C. (home base of Carolyn) to Toronto (home base of NQ Arbuckle) to do it.

Joining the team for this outing were some of NQ Arbuckle's favourite co-conspirators (aka his band) including The Kesper Twins, Peter (guitars) and Mark (drums) as well as John Dinsmore (bass, wine glasses, charm)... plus, they got some special guest action from Corb Lund (mandolin), Lily Fawn (musical saw), Jenny Whitely (harmonies) and Miranda Mullholand (violin). All Together... about as good a team as you could hope to find.

Of the 12 songs on the album, 6 are originals by Carolyn Mark, 3 are originals by NQ Arbuckle and remaining 3 are hand picked cover songs chosen for the important places they occupy in each musician's personal cosmology... or maybe just because they like them.

Fortunately for the listener, Carolyn possesses a willingness to throw caution under the truck, and have all the fun humanly possible. While some people are content to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic, Carolyn Mark would be pleasantly surprised to find an open bar, and would treat us all to one last rollicking sing-a-long before the icy waters closed over our heads.


Officer Down

Written By: Carolyn Mark & NQ Arbuckle

Officer down
Juliet Echo November
And the room falls apart but we'll pick it up
And put it back together
Wake me up early and get dressed
And take me to breakfast
And I don't even notice you coughing
Into my coffee

It's a shot in the dark but I don't think that
I've fallen further
Beautiful storms dancing like
Vodka December
Like Vodka December

Drunk while you're asleep
I sneak around the bed like a burglar
And you don't even notice when
I knock over your glass of water
It's hard to be a good man listening
To the Drive-By Truckers
But you're so good to me it's weird
I think I'm happy
It's a shot in the dark but I don't think that
I've fallen further
Beautiful storms dancing like
Vodka December
Like Vodka December

Pick me up from work
Juliet Echo November
How was your day, I'm ok
What do you want for dinner
Tired and kinda of crazy
What would you name the baby
But for everything we've got
And you mean everything to me
It's a shot in the dark but I don't think that
I've fallen further
Beautiful storms dancing like
Vodka December
Like vodka December
Like vodka December
Like vodka December

Dirty Little Secret

Written By: Carolyn Mark

Faded and jaded like roses, red roses, shrivelled petals
My scars are medals
Poisoned insides rotten like milk
I was best before, best before, best before now

Hope's expired
Eager got fired
And ready got tired of waiting
And half aspirations and a deep love of wine
Keep me down in the dark where the footlights don't shine
I'll be lounging and scrounging
Till the day that i die

Far from stardom and down on the ground
Easily swayed from salvation delayed
Lingering shadows obscured by the sounds
Of the ones before, ones before, ones before me


Title tba (2012)
The Sound of the Tone (2009)
Let's Just Stay Here (2009 - nominated for a Juno award)
Nothing Is Free (2007)
Just Married: An Album of Duets (2005)
The Pros and Cons of Collaboration (2004)
Terrible Hostess (2002)
Party Girl (2000)

Carolyn curated "A Tribute to the Soundtrack to Robert Altman's Nashville" compilation (Kelly Hogan, Dallas Good, Carl Newman, Dave Gowans, Neko Case, Dave Lang and others)

Carolyn performed with Neko Case as the Corn Sisters and released "The Other Women" (2000)

Carolyn has also sung backup on several albums including ones by Jon Rauhouse, Show Business Giants, the Buttless Chaps, John Guliak, and Neko Case.

Set List

10-14 Songs
60-80 Minutes