Carolyn Rose Miller

Carolyn Rose Miller


Dedicated to melody and singing with passion.


After years of hearing "No" from God in regards to music, I heard "Yes" about a 18 months ago. I quit my teaching job, packed up a Uhaul, said good-bye to all my family and friends, and moved to Nashville, TN from sunny Southern CA. With no job and higher rent than before, I was feeling nervous. Two weeks later God gave me a a wonderful opportunity to teach 5th grade (love these kiddos!) and get myself settled. Since then I have met amazing people and am always shocked how they all just seem to be "around." I am co-writing, recording, doing demos for others, and having an adventure of a lifetime!


Can't Make You Move

Written By: Miller/Shea

Can’t Make You Move

There’s a star on my calendar for Sunday
August the 15th
Years ago I had planned that by this birthday
I’d be living in my dream
But it’s still just a dream

Faith is being sure of what you hope for
I know what I want
Is it something that you want for me, Lord
I’ve been waiting for so long
Is it right or wrong

Lord I know that I can’t make You move
Do I need to change my point of view
I just want to run ahead
With the patience of a child
But I believe there’s a reason why I can’t make You move

Looking back I can see how you have lead me
Down a different road
I can count all the lessons and the blessings
I may not have known
If things had gone my way

You are sovereign Lord, yes You are faithful
You have plans for me
You have promised that what you started in me will
one day be complete
So I’m praying for peace

I must confess it’s been hard to trust
But you know best, let that be enough
Let that be enough

 2007 Miller/Shea


Written By: Miller/Jacks

Who would I be if you had your way with me
Where would I go if I had the faith to follow
Let you lead

What would I do if I lived my life for you
How would I love if I could just let go of
All that isn't true
If I was holding onto to only you

I would be alive, finally free
My heart overflowing with your love for me
All of my weakness lost in your strength
Surrendered and fearless, rescued and changed
I would be Alive

What would I see if I took my eyes off me
What would I lose if I gave it all to you
Gave you everything
And lived like you were all I need

Where would I be if I stayed down on my knees
and never quit the fight, never quit fight


Written By: Miller/Blomquist


Can’t always tell from the outside, but there’s a mess inside of me
Rising from the worth I’ve placed on all these fading things

I’ve been looking for comfort instead of searching for truth
Walking in my own desires instead of chasing after

You -- Chasing after You

I call out for grace one moment and question you the next
I say I need you and let me be all with the same breath
Tried to turn myself around a hundred times on my own
But I’m broken, bleeding, crying, dying, helpless and alone without

You – alone without You

You say to lose my life is better
And I’m free when I surrender to

You -- I surrender to - You

Come and Get Me

Written By: Miller/Briggs

Come and Get Me

Ever since the fifth grade in Mr. Jackson’s class
I caught you looking my way, you caught me looking back
We’ve danced around it always just out of reach
Someone else was loving you, or somebody was loving me

Do you ever wonder what would happen

If you come and get me, bet we’d have a good time
Don’t wait too long come on, the water’s just right
There’s no telling if we’ll sink or swim
So jump on in and let’s see, come and get me

Open up your eyes boy to what you wanna do
I’ve been wearing this here smile and tonight it’s just for you
Don’t get me wrong now, we both like the chase
But I’m over here and you’re over there, nothing ever gets caught that way

Don’t you wanna see what would happen

Taking the chance is a whole lot better than
Sitting there wishing you had

© 2009 Dee Briggs/Carolyn Miller



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"I'll Stand By You"
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