Carolyn Striho

Carolyn Striho


Adventurous, freewheeling melodic modern music from a Detroit musician and songwriter who’s worked with Patti Smith. Striho blends contemporary ideas with the spiritual influence of rock's alternative music; a rhythmic, energetic and yet bewitching mélange of dynamic electro-acoustic rock.


From the dawn of her first band, songwriter Carolyn Striho proved a wondrous creature who placed herself at the service of the music. From shouting out angrily and rolling and tumbling all over the stage in anarchic splendor as a way of making something actually happen inside herself and audience, to collapsing in a heap at the end of the rock and roll set that used chaos and melody as an unholy union, Striho was absolutely possessed by the music. Carolyn weaves high energy, top-notch playing that doesn’t get in the way of a song, commitment to getting something across by whatever means necessary - together with her own passionate voice, lyrically expansive and hook-laden songwriting style, energy-first guitar playing -spitting out an unfettered monster all her own... bad-ass, sidewinding, erotic music that isn’t afraid to use a soft hand before it cracks the whip and demands attention.
Carolyn has been nominated for 3 Detroit Music Awards in 2006, as Best Acoustic Songwriter, Rock/Pop Act and Best Miscellaneous Instrumentalist (guitar). And Carolyn was invited to London, England in June, 2005, where she performed on Patti Smith's London Meltdown Festival, doing an opening set for Steve Earle's performance, and then joined the Patti Smith Group on guitar and vocals, returning to the stage that evening with Steve Earle on guitar and vocals and with the Patti Smith Group.
Carolyn also sang in London on the previous evening on Meltdown with Patti Smith and Yoko Ono, Marianne Faithfull, Beth Orton, Sinead O'Connor, Tori Amos and Kristen Hersh.
Carolyn is highly-regarded in Detroit's creative music community, a musician and songwriter with a reputation for wildly energetic, yet dreamy, experimental music; best-known for fronting the trail-blazing Detroit Energy Asylum and work with Patti Smith. An engaging and dynamic live performer, she has amassed an expansive collection of original recordings. She operates quite independent of any one scene; preferring to "let a hundred flowers bloom, a hundred schools of thought contend" as she works with a cross-section of original musicians. Her studio recordings feature Detroit's keyboard savant Luis Resto, who's been a key songwriter on Eminem's last albums, guitarists Jackson Smith, bassist Darrell Smith and drummers Ken Scott and Vinnie Dombrowski of Sponge and Orbitsuns.
Carolyn is not inclined to present a scripted and mechanical 'show'. She traverses a musical tightrope without a net, in active pursuit of sonic adventures, explosive, spirited and spontaneous. Orbit magazine once noted "Carolyn has been a Motor City fixture since she was a Bookie's baby", some months later they expanded, "This is what rock & roll would sound like if it didn't sound like something much lamer." Her live show is at once riveting and confrontational, strong, soulful, poetic punk. Carolyn's new album will be released in 2006 - watch for it!


Secrets & Space 'Original Soundtrack Of Transition'
featuring Carolyn Striho, Luis Resto, David McMurray
(Mack Aborn Rhythmic Arts, 2000)

Reminiscing About The Future (Mysteriho Music, 1997)

Dreams Can Be Your Friend (Mysteriho Music, 1995)