Carolyn Walker

Carolyn Walker


A singer/songwriter from Amherst, MA, Carolyn performs on guitar, piano, ruan (chinese guitar) and strings. A violinist with a Masters in Music Theory, Carolyn has been crafting songs for over 13 years, culminating in her debut album, Resolution, out Winter 2013.


Violin teacher by day, singer-songwriter by night, Carolyn merges her classical music training with her love of popular music to create songs that are thoughtful and heartfelt.
Born and raised in Western MA, Carolyn draws upon the imagery of the New England landscape to inspire her lyrics, using the turning of the seasons as metaphor for personal change and discovery.



Written By: Carolyn Walker

These hot hopeful words
They burn like a fire
Not cool as the sea
But fuel desire

And I feel you
I feel you near
Flowing through me like a galaxy
Swirling around my throat

Swallow me down
Pulling me down
With a thousand stars
Brightly shinning

Take these broken words
From my mouth so I can breath
The pieces drift away
Lost to your gravity

Goodbye Lullaby

Written By: Carolyn Walker

Close your eyes
I'm here beside you
I won't leave your side
I won't let you go

Take your time
As long as you're mind
This moment will last all night
Until morning

I'll hold you near and comfort your fears of
Watching the moment pass you by
Remember my sweetest dear
I won't always be here
So kiss me goodnight

Hear my voice
Look into these eyes
Breath in and breath out again
Don't say your goodbyes

Hands reach out for hands to hold
Hold me much closer now
Don't let me go

I will

Just One More

Written By: Carolyn Walker

If I could rid myself of these feelings
I would
They spend too much time consuming me
And I can't take the heat
I've tried to get over you

The way you say my name
I can't turn away
The way you see right through me
What do you see?
Do you like what you see?

Oh what hurts most is that
No matter what I can't have you
The way I want to have you
And when you pass me by
I know you've passed by many more before and
I'm just one more

I feel guilty of a terrible crime
Plaguing you
Stalking your shadow
What's the pain I can't control
I'm on my own
Need to stay on my own

I'm holding on after you let me go
Now all I see is that you're not in love with me

You would not drink from the glass you poured
You would not lie in the bed you made
One moment a sonnet
Another the door
What part of forever did you choose to ignore
You would not give you would not speak
You would not acknowledge you would not weep
You would not return the things you stole
A shred of my heart
A wisp of my soul
You will not hear from me again
You will not touch this skin again
You will not use this body again


Written By: Carolyn Walker

Break me
Satin skin white against the sheets
Forsake me
Stretched thinly
306 slowly defeats

Take my hands
Let them go
You can't wash me clean this time

After all I fall in sweet, sweet ruin
Tuesdays rain stains Monday's memories

Belted waist and ruffled sleeves
Oh, that was me
So break me please
The final twist
Oh, obliged last kiss

I wanted to believe
I wanted for you not to leave
But I was wrong

Oh, you stole the life from my bones

After all I still fall for you,
Sweet, sweet Ruin

Take Me

Written By: Carolyn Walker

You complete me
I am lost when you are gone
Don't forsake me
Life's not worth living without you for long
Oh it's clear enough for me to see
You were meant to be a part of me

Take me back into your arms again
Let me feel you surrounding me
Let me take you
You drive me on
When I'm empty
Still you are strong

But I can't tell you
No longer ask you why
It's too late for words
I can't fix this broken thing no matter how hard I try
You know I've tried so hard to show you how sorry I am
I can't take this
If I told you I loved you then would this still have to end
And would be still just be friends?

Oh you take me higher
Drawing the life from my bones
When I'm bleeding
You take my broken body home

Take me


Full length album, Resolution, released 2.2.13