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Athens, Attica, Greece | SELF

Athens, Attica, Greece | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Carousel , the singers of the North Mediterranean"

Carousel: ?? t?a???d?st?? t?? B??e?a? ?es??e???
????S???S?: 22/01/2012, 05:45

?p? a??ste?? p??? ta de???: G. Ge???a?t????, ?. ?a??a???, G. ??????????, ?. ?apa?aß????. St? µ?s?? ? Fa??? ???s?a (a??ste??) ?a? ? ?a??a???a Sp?????a
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?ste?a ap? ??te?a ?????a pa???s?a? st?? e??????? µ??s??? ????, ?? Carousel ap?f?s?sa? ?t? ???e ? st??µ? ?a pa???s??s??? t? p??t? t??? CD. ??t??? «Ciuri Ciuri». ?? ?epe?t???? t??? ???e?ta? ap? ta p??t??a???? f?d??, t?? ?spa???? pa??d?s? ?a? ta sefa?ad?t??a t?a???d?a ?? t?? ?ta????? t?p???? µe??d?e?, t?? ?a?ts???te? ?a? t?? ta?a?t??e? t?? ??t??, a??? ?a? t?a???d?a ap? t?? ?ta???? ????µat????f? ?a? t? ??at?? t?? ???? ??ta ?a? t?? ?????a ???ß???. ?e????ta? µ?sa ap? µe??d?e? t?? ???s????, t?? Sa?d???a? ?a? t?? ???ß????a?, f???e? ?? ta e?????f??a ????? t?? Sa???t? t?? ??t? ?ta??a?, ????? ta?t?????a ?a ?e??? t?? pa?ad?s?a?? µ??s??? t?? ????da?, d?µ???????ta? ?ts? µe??d???? ??f??e? a??µesa st??? ?a??? t?? ???e?a? ?es??e???. ??a a?t? µe t?sse??? f????, ?????e?, ????st?, a????te??, µa?t?????, ???t?aµp?s?, ??t?... Ta t??? s??a?t?sete st?? «µ?????» µ??s???? s?????.


??a s??µa µe ??? µ???: ? Fa??? ???s?a ?a? ? ?a??a???a Sp?????a t?a???d??? ?a? pa????? ????st?, ? ????? ?apa?aß???? t?a???d?e? ?a? pa??e? ?????a, ????st? ?a? µa?t?????, ? G?????? Ge???a?t???? pa??e? a????te?? ?a? ?????a, ? G?????? ?????????? pa??e? ?????a ?a? µa?t????? ?a? ? ????? ?a??a??? pa??e? ???t?aµp?s? ?a? t?a???d?e?. ?p?s?? ? ?p?st???? ?a?ts?? ??e? s?µµet?s?e? st? s??µa pa????ta? a???st??? ?a? ??e?t???? µp?s?. ??a???d?µe ?????? t? µ??s??? t?? ???e?a? ?es??e???, ????? a?t? ?a µa? pe??????e? ?a pa????µe ?a? t?a???d?a ap? ???e? pe?????? epe?d? ta a???saµe, µa? ??esa? ?a? de? µp???saµe ?a t??? a?t?sta???µe.


???? ap? ??te?a ?????a. ??? ???? t?? ?d?a st??µ?. ?? s??µa ?e????se µe t?sse?a µ???, st?? p??e?a ???a?e, µe????se ?a? ß???e t?? ?a?a?t??a t??. ?????? pa????µast?? e??a? ?a ta???????µe ??? µ??? st? s???? a??? ?a? ?? ?????p??.


Se d?af??et??? µ???? ? ?a???a?, ?????? st?? epa???a. ????? st?? ??????a, ????? st? ??t?????, ????? st?? ????, st?? ??d??, st?? ????a. ?e?a??saµe ep?s?? µe d?af??et??? a???sµata ta ?p??a ? ?a???a? ???ßa??e? µ?sa t??. ?????, t??a te?e?ta?a d?ap?st????µe ?t? d?st???? µe?a??saµe ?a? se ?????a. (?e t? µ??s??? ?ataf?????µe e?t???? ?a t? ??at?µe ?p? ??e???.


??? ???ta, t?? ?e??t??, t? ?a??, t? µe?a?????a, t??? t?p??? ?a? t? ???assa, t? ft??e?a ?a? t?? p??eµ?, t? µa?e?a ?a? t?? e?e??e??a p?? d??e? ? µ??s???. ??a???d?µe se ??e? t?? ???sse? p?? a??????ta? st? ß??e?? t??? t?? ?es??e???, ap? e??????? ?a? ?????? t?? K?t? ?ta??a? ?? ?ap???t????a, ap? ?spa???? ?a? p??t??a???? ?? ta t?p??? ?d??µata t?? ??t?a? Ga???a?, t?? ???s???? ?a? t?? Sa?d???a?. ?????, epe?d? ????µe t?? t??? ?a ????µe t?sse??? t?a???d?st?? st? s??µa, µa? a??se? ?a ?t????µe t?? ??? µa? p??? st?? p???f???a.


?e t?? ?a?? ??????s?, t?? ?a??? µ????f??????, µe a?t??? p?? de? e??a? µ??s???? a??? as??????ta? µe t?? ??????s? µ??s???? ?a? p???t?st???? p?a?µ?t?? ?a? µe ?s??? a?t?µet?p????? t??? µ??s????? ?? e?as?t???e? p?? ap?? ?????? t? ??f? t??? ????? ?a a?a????????? t? d???e??.


???? µet? t?? p??ße? ?a? µet? t?? s??a???e?. ???ta a??????e? fa??p?t?. ??µaste ?e???te??? ap? t? ?a?at??? ????? se a?t?!


??? ?a? p??. G?a t?? ad???a, ??’ a?t??? p?? e?µeta??e???ta? ta pa?d??, ??’ a?t??? p?? e??ata?e?p??? ta ??a. G?a t?? as?ße?a p??? t?? t?p?, p??? t?? ?????p?, p??? t? f?s?.


?a µp???s??µe ?a p?µe p?? µa???? ?a? ?a ?????s??µe t? µ??s??? µa? se pe??ss?te?? ??sµ?. ?a a???ste? t? CD µa?. ?a? ??p??a st??µ? ?a ????µe ??p???? ?a µa? ß????e? st? ???ß???µa t?? ???????... ??p????µe a??µ? ?a a?t????? ?? µ????? s????? p?? d????? ß?µa se ????? µ??s????? ?a? p?? µ?sa ap? a?t?? ?ep?d?sa? sp??da?a s??µata ?a? s?µa?t???? ?a???t???e?.

??e??e??µaste.. - to Vima (newspaper) 22-1-2012


1. CIURI - CIURI (2011) lamb ltd



The group appeared for the first time in 2000 and from then it has a constant presence in the Greek music scene.

Its repertoire travels through the North Mediterranean, from fados and folk songs of Portugal, through the Spanish tradition and its Sephardic songs, to Italian local melodies like canzonettes, tarantellas and songs of the Greek dialect speaking villages of Salento on South Italy. Passing through the melodies of Corsica, Sardignia and Provence, the listener arrives to the traditional music of Greece, creating bridges with the sounds of the music of other peoples.

Discography : “Ciuri–Ciuri” (2011)