Carpark North

Carpark North


Creative, electic and sparkling electronic power rock from Denmark, Scandinavia


Carpark North has changed the sound of Danish rock. Humbly put, but this band is in fact one of the main reasons to the revival of sold out concerts and focus on national rock in the Danish media. With their platinum selling debutalbum 'Carpark North', that went straight no. 1, resulting in a practically sold out tour, and the single 'Transparent & Glasslike' being the most played song at all on the main Danish radiochannel in 2003, they set a whole new level of expectation to how modern rock could sound like and how far it could go worldwide.
Carpark North has a thing for catchy refrains and with their impressive combination of electronics and rock, they create lurring paths to where music has never gone before. On their second album 'All Things To All People' they experiment with such forbidden things as a choir of 40 people, epic guitarsolos and computervoices as only Daft Punk can do them. Still the core of it all is the extremely melodic poptune that you just have to listen to again.
Carpark North has never been controlled by what's hip and modern. The agenda for 'All Things To All People' was from the beginning: "Fuck what's hip. We don't care what's right or wrong. We just follow our guts and not our heads!". This is why Carpark North sounds like nothing you have ever heard before. This also reflects on their very widespread source of inspiration which counts such different artists as Coldplay, Björk, Kraftwerk, Toto, U2, Blur, Depeche Mode, Michael Bolton, Korn and Debussy. If it's a good song there's nothing more to think about.
And they have apparently struck a nerve with their spoilish thinking. The album has been mixed by Michael Patterson (J-Lo, P. Diddy, Smashing Pumpkins, B.R.M.C., Beck) and are now raising some eyebrows in the US. MTV Europe is featuring Carpark North as their 'Advanced Warning', Germany is very interested, release throughout Scandinavia and the singles are already playing all over Asia.
So go see this band, that live has an energy you can't avoid and fall in love with the songs as so many have done when they hear them for the first time.


Albums: 'Carpark North' 2003, 'All Things To All People' 2005. Singles: 'There's A Place' 2002, '40 Days' 2002, 'Transparent & Glasslike' 2003, 'Wild Wonders' 2003, 'Human' 2005, 'Best Day' 2005.

Set List

Berlin, Wild Wonders, Transparent & Glasslike, Song About Us, Run, Heart Of Me, Newborn, There's A Place, Fireworks, Human, The Beasts, Best Day, Homeland. 1 x 75 min.