Carpet Ride

Carpet Ride


Were 3 guys who became addicted to the local and state-wide success that we were privileged enough to experience. We believe in our product and are 100% confident that we can make a career delivering our original rage to the children of America. With more support, were ready to take this up a notch!


Two years past and were having more fun than we ever thought possible. We just independently released or first EP titled "Love Songs Gone Wrong" and received an unreal local response. Our schedule is constantly packed, averaging 3-4 shows a month- constantly (in and out of state). We are currently endorsed artists and supported by Martyr Clothing, Vegas Fuel Energy Drink, Freestyle (Shark) Watches, Give Head Wear and Musicman Sterling. It's really our fans who made the dream of playing intense live shows and selling records a possibility. We feel confident enough to spread out of New Jersey and further gain our following. With support of a strong label or investor, we can begin to take it up a notch on a way larger scale. Were already writing our 2nd EP and its looking/sounding sexier than Robert Pattinson and the wolf boy COMBINED! Either way, were not going anywhere. We plan on keeping the hype going and continue this awesome ride.


Love Songs Gone Wrong- November 2011

Three tracks off Love songs Gone Wrong have gotten airplay from 88.9fm as well as internet radio shows. You can listen to our tracks on or our myspace (that is currently under construction).