carpool conversation

carpool conversation

 Cork, Munster, IRL
BandAlternativeAdult Contemporary

Each song has it's own peculiar flavour,some organic ,some artifical ,some experimental.CC blend harmonies with beats,synths and guitar tones are intertwined melodically and leave you guessing whats around the corner.


Carpool Conversation formed after the demise of Cork outfit ’24 hourdoggs’ in 2006. CC is a more alternative melodic set up with the two core members Brian Og O’Reilly and Vinny Whelan sharing song writing duties.

Brian comes from a musical family where his father (who shares the same name) has composed four musicals ,and his band ‘The Loudest Whisper’ with their album ‘The Children Of Lir’ has received critical acclaim and is highly sought after by record collectors.

Vinny a multi instrumentalist is the boy with the golden ear, he is a music teacher and studied music in the Waterford Institute of Technology .He is easily abused by playing a wrong note during practice.

Carpool Conversation have been based in Montreal since late 2007 where they have been gigging and recording relentlessly. CC return to Cork in August ’08 for their first Irish gig in Cyprus Avenue on the 7th Aug. CC will finish their recordings’ for their debut album which will be ready this side of Halloween. The Irish tour will commence thereafter.


Montreal Gazette- 25th March 08
‘‘Carpool Conversation’.Each song has it's own peculiar flavour, some organic ,some artificial ,some experimental.CC blend harmonies with beats, synth’s and guitar tones are intertwined melodically and leave you guessing what’s around the corner.’

The Montreal Mirror 19th May 08
‘Fresh sound from this Irish group. Interesting spectrum of melodic songs. We welcome Carpool Conversation to our music scene.’


Recording,recording recording

Set List

We have 1.5 hours of original material