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"Magic of Celtic Rings"
Group's first album; contains classical interpretations of Irish music.

"Waiting for Ireland"
Second ablum - its mood similar to the first ablum; includes more ballad-type pieces and a few Irish guitar masterpieces.

"Irish Dreams"
Compact disc containing pieces selected from the previous two albums.

"Rocky Road to Dublin"
MHere the group presents music created in co-operation with an Irish-Scottish musician Bob Dales, who succesfully enriched the group's music with a new sound of bouzuki as well as his vocal.

"Speed Celts"
As suggested by the title, the Celtic music presented here has been approached in an unusually fast and dynamic manner, but also includes a few Irish ballads.

"Merry Chrystmas"
X-mas album, published in low volume, being a Christmas gift for the group's friends. The content was additionally used on the 'DZIESIEC' album, which summarized the 10 years of Carrantuohill.

"Na Zywca"
Concert ablum, recorded during one of the goup's best concerts at Opole Filharmonia. Takes up the whole capacity of the CD as well as two cassettes. You will experience a true atmosphere of a folk concert, as the recorded material has hardly been studio-edited.

"Dziesiec 1987 - 1997"
A summary of 10 years of Carrantuohill. Apart from the sound track containing pieces selected form all the other albums, the CD also includes a multimedia part which is a photographic summary of the 10 years of the group as well as visual souvenirs from Ireland, a trip taken together with J. Owsiak's TV crew in 1997. The multimedia part also includes two video clips born out of the Irish trip.

Carrantuohill is the name of the Ireland's highest peak, literally meaning 'path to the top.' Our path to the top began 13 years ago and we are doing just fine being somewhere half way BETWEEN the foothills and the peak. We set out in the Black Country of Silesia, merely copying folk tunes of the Green Island so that they faithfullly represented the original sound. Now, being quite original ourselves as individuals, we dare to speak with our own voice, that is to present Irish folk a la Carrantuohill. In return for so many years of being enriched by this music, we now want to enrich it. If you wish to find yourself half way BETWEEN Ireland and Poland, BETWEEN tradition and the world today, BETWEEN a pub and... another pub, and last but not least BETWEEN our music and us - the six handsome uglies - reach for the BETWEEN album.

INIS is a tale of Ireland.
The subject of our musical investigation for 15 years now. All of the music is based on traditional Celtic tunes, taken into a different new dimension by our unusual approach. Sometimes Irish reels and jigs sound in the rythm of reggae, blues, swing, pop or even rock. So that this tale of ours reaches as many of you as possible. And we know it will, with all the help from many distinguished Polish artists: Anna Maria JOPEK, Anita LIPNICKA, FIOLKA, Anna CHWIEDUK, Kuba BADACH, Stanislaw SOJKA, Pawel KUKIZ, Robert KASPRZYCKI. They made the new album sound very special.
Take a listen to our tale of Ireland.
Take a listen to INIS.

"Session natural Irish & Jazz"
It is an artistic project of which the group invited the greatest jazz musicians: U. DUDZIAK (vocal), T. SZUKALSKI (sax), W. KAROLAK (Hammond), K. SCIERANSKI (bass), M. RADULI (guitars), B. MASELI (KAT) and R. CZECH (piano). As a result of combine two musical worlds: Irish folk and jazz, there came out a musical mix of a character and range nowhere encountered before. The artists participating in the project met in a famous club called "Muzyczna Owczarnia" in Szczawnica-Jaworki, which is situated in the Pieniny Mountains.

"Celtic Dream"



Since the beginning of their existence in 1987 the folk group CARRANTUOHILL has been performing traditional Celtic - Irish and Scottish - music. Their developing reportoire enriches the beauty of Celtic roots with the unique climate of Slavic spirit, using instruments like violin, accordion, bouzuki, bodhran, flutes, tin whistles, uilleann pipes, zither and accoustic guitar. In order to emphasize the group's sound they often add drums, keyboard and bass guitar.

The group has given a few hundred concerts home and abroad: Moscow Tour`94, St. Patrick Week in Germany`94, Rose of Tralee - Hannover`94, Halloween Tour`94, Picknick Country in Mršgowo`92 and `94 and all of the Polish editions of Woodstock. The group has been awarded with Zloty Bšczek for being "bringing the house down" during Polish Woodstock in 1998.

In June'97, the group played together with the Scottish group The Battlefield Band during their concert tour in Poland. Carrantuohill have also organized concerts for as well as performed with Sounds Family, Deaf Shepherd ,Midnight Court and Geraldine McGowan.

Carrantuohill also shared the stage with the master of ullian pipes - Liam O'Flynn and a top guitarist Arty McGlynn during the prestigeous Poet's Meeting in Kraków. Also, as the only group representing Poland, CARRANTUOHILL played at the Euro Woodstock in Budapest in 1995.

In the summer of 1994, the band went to Ireland to take part in the South Sligo Summer School in Tubbercury. The music workshops as well as the hot pub-sessions with Irish musicians proved to be very beneficial.

The group paid futher visits to Ireland in May 1997 and September 1999, where they took some shots of the country for TVP2 in cooperation with June Owsiak's film crew. At that time the group performed at Cork Folk Festival - one of the most renowned Irish festivals where they shared the stage with the legend of the Irish accordion Jackie Daly. That's where the first video clips for Carrantuohill were produced.

In April 1998, the group visited the US by the invitation of Claremont McKenna College in California, providing musical background for the Czeslaw Milosz International Festival.

The original sound and special atmosphere of Carrantuohill`s music draws in an audience of any age. Dance music from the "Green Island" is well received by the public of both the concert halls and the pubs. It is also warmly welcomed in the outdoor music scene.

Seamus Heaney himself (Irish poet and a Nobel Prize winner in 1995) stated that the concert the group gave during his meeting with readers in "Znak" Publishing House in Cracow, allowed him to "move to Green Island with no necessity of travelling..." So we offer you the opportunity to discover Celtic music and Irish traditions with "no necessity of travelling."