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"Marcelo Berestovoy"

Carreyó has the unusual ability to tell stories through his songs; something hard to find in music these days. He is a true singer songwriter and a great guitar player who brings innovative and interesting musical ideas.the unusual ability to tell stories through his songs; something hard to find in music these days. He is a true singer songwriter who brings innovative and interesting musical ideas, and a great guitar player. - - Guitarrist (Ricky Martin, Cristian Castro, Jessica Simpson, Paulina Rubio)

"Luigie Gonzalez"

Carreyó‘s lyrics takes me back to that place where passion is still alive. He has a simple and beautiful way of putting words to a melody that just invites you "in" his imagination. From the moment he starts singing his melodies, there's not one second I get distracted. He is a fast music learner. Every new track he writes shows a fast evolution. - Producer/composer (Madonna, Barbara Streisand, Juan Gabriel, Janet Jackson)

"Ruth Sánchez de Obaldía"

Carreyo's music proposal is young, dynamic and refreshing. His compositions honor women (who are main protagonist of his music) which helps portray Carreyo as an eternal romantic, a bonus for the ladies, who are without a doubt, his main audience.

Las composiciones de Carreyó enaltecen a la mujer, protagonista del material, presentando una imagen de un Carreyó romántico y enamorado, un bonus para las féminas, que sin duda son su público principal.

- Sony Music Publicist


Tanque de Oxígeno (Release date: January 2010)
1.Llegaron Las Mujeres (January 2009) - Main theme song for “Llegaron las mujeres“ Univision radio show.
2.Como Una Pulga
4.Soñar No Cuesta nada

Un Nuevo Idioma (2006)
1.Un Nuevo Idioma
2.Devuélveme (Video in MTV Latinamerica)
3.Que pasa con el mundo
4.A Sangre Fría
5.Vivamos el Presente
7.¿Por qué te conocí?
8.Invierno Soleado
9.Te Ofrezco
10.Quizás Mañana
11.Brilla Para Mi
12.Quien Soy
13.Mis Amigos



Contrary to the classic story of many singers/musicians, who began singing or playing their first notes at a very early age, Ernesto Javier Carreyó Stanziola did not have any interest in music until he was 12 years old. It was then, that influenced by MTV (a 24-hour-a-day music video channel then) and a friend who played the drums, that he acquired his first guitar, with which he started composing his first songs.

During his teenage years, he was part of several Punk/Rock bands in his home country, Panama, playing in bars, charity events and festivals. This stage experience provided him with the first taste of the immense power of music and it‘s empirical study. It was during this period of time that the singer-songwriter met Ricky Ramirez, a well-known Panamanian musical producer and keyboardist, with whom he established a close and lasting friendship. Years later, without a band by his side, Carreyó entered Ramirez‘s studio with 50 songs, 17 years of age and a solo project of great ambition:

“Un Nuevo Idioma” (A New Language) was created; an album with positive messages, dreams, loves and friendships. It‘s first single with a homonym title talks about inventing a new language through kisses. It started airing on local Panamanian radio stations in May 2006. After recording the corresponding music video, going on promotional tours and giving numerous interviews, Carreyó presented its second single, “Quien Soy” (Who I am); a song that describes him as an artist and as an individual. In this song, the singer defends his love and vocation for music within a prejudicial society. The single entered the Top 10 List of Panamanian music channel “+23” and granted him a nomination for Best Pop Video in the “+23 Awards”. In December of the same year, Carreyó shared the stage with other great Panamanian artists in a concert called “Evento 40“, organized by the biggest syndicated radio station in Latin America, “Los 40 principales“.

In January 2007, in order to expand his knowledge and musical experience at a professional level, the singer moves to Los Angeles, California to study the careers of sound engineering and music. With his guitar on his shoulder and an implausible desire, Carreyó begins to pursue a career in the competitive artistic scene of Los Angeles and Miami, appearing in night clubs and charity events. Meanwhile, in his native Panama, his music acquires impulse: his songs and videos circulate without stopping in the circuit, while his talent as a composer begins to be solicited by local artists. At the moment, the video of his song “Devuélveme” (the last promotional single of his album) is airing several times a day during prime time in the main Panamanian TV stations, as well as on MTV Latin America.

In January 2010 Carreyó will release his second studio production, ¨Tanque de Oxígeno”, a 5 song EP with which he intends to open doors for his career at an international level. It‘s first single, ¨Llegaron las Mujeres¨ (The Women Have Arrived), is now being played on top 40’s radio stations in Panama. The single is also being played locally in Los Angeles as the theme song of a talk show on Univision Radio. Carreyó projects now a much more solid and mature style that clearly shows his evolution as a musician and as a person. His music is easy to listen to, but catchy at the same time; his lyrics are smart and witty, but simple.

Carreyó knows he is destined to make music his way of living and he continues to fight to make this ideal a reality. The best is yet to come…


Carreyó Contrario a la clásica historia de muchos cantantes y músicos que empezaron a tocar y cantar sus primeras notas a muy temprana edad, Ernesto Javier Carreyó Stanziola no tuvo interés alguno por la música hasta los 12 años, cuando influenciado por un amigo que tocaba la batería y MTV. Adquiere su primera guitarra, a la que llamó “Federica”, con la que compuso sus primeras canciones.

Durante sus primeros años adolescentes integró varios grupos de Punk/Rock en su natal Panamá, con los que tocó en bares, fiestas y festivales. Ésta experiencia escénica le proveyó con la primera degustación del inmenso poder de la música y del estudio musical empírico. En este transcurso el cantautor conoció a Ricky Ramírez, reconocido productor musical y tecladista panameño, con quien estableció una entrañable y duradera amistad. Años mas tarde, sin grupo punk acompañante, Carreyó entró al estudio de Ramírez con 50 canciones, 17 años de edad y un proyecto de solista con ambición de sobra.

De aquí nace “Un Nuevo Idioma”, disco cargado de mensajes positivos, sueños, amores y amistades. El primer sencillo homónimo hablaba de inventar un idioma a través de besos. Luego de grabar el video, de giras promociónales y numerosas entrevistas, Carreyó presentó “Quien soy”; canción con la que se identifica como artista y persona, en la que defiende cabalmente su amor y vocac