Carrie Ashton

Carrie Ashton

 Wallingford, Connecticut, USA

Carrie Ashton has been captivating audiences with her wide-ranging vocals and the raw emotions of her lyrics for over twelve years. Her music is a blend of acoustic rock and country, but with the "gut-level" excitement of modern rock.



Carrie Ashton’s passion for music has been long standing. She began performing at local and regional talent competitions at the age of thirteen and has never looked back. She has been performing professionally for over twelve years, perfecting a stage show that is unpretentious and captivating. She is currently performing in top showcase rooms in New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, has appeared as a featured guest on several college campuses throughout New England, and has shared the stage with Natalie Merchant, the Go-Go’s, REO Speedwagon, Antigone Rising, and Van Zant.

Carrie is well versed to perform solo with just her acoustic guitar or lead a full accompaniment of musicians. She has an innate ability to read the crowd and move them with her unique style and charisma, her energy on stage is hard to ignore.

In 2003, Carrie teamed up with Grammy winning producer/engineer Peter Moshay, and producer/engineer Matthew Russo to record “Modern Day Gypsy”. With her wide-ranging vocals and the raw emotions of her lyrics, her dedication to self-improvement was more than apparent on this CD.

In 2007, Carrie collaborated with award winning musician/producer Kevin Hupp, President of Kevco Music Group, LLC and the owner of the Groove Room Recording Studio in Brewster, NY to write and produce by far her best work to date. From the opening title track Truth Is to the soaring ballad I Wish It Would Rain, Carrie's music takes the listener on an incredible musical journey. The power rock influences in the infectious, hard rocking Can’t Stop leaves them breathless and wanting more. This record has something for everyone, proving Carrie to be a formidable competitor in the national music arena.

She sites her musical influences as Joan Jett, Suzi Quattro, and Melissa Etheridge among others. "Music for me is like breathing, and I feel that with this record I'm able to convey the emotion I feel when I sing. Working with such amazing artists has really broadened my musical horizons, and I feel like "truth is" definitely shows that."



Written By: Carrie Ashton

Yeah, here's another song
Please listen closely,
Don't make me repeat this.

It's not gonna take that long
It's my dedication,
If you think it's about you, it is

I don't know what I was thinking
Hanging around with you

You make me miserable!
Everything about you,
I could sure do without you
We're always off and on again,
Up and down 'round again
And I really ,really hope that
I make you miserable too!

It's not really all that hard,
Just pay attention
I'm sure you'll get it

And if you think I'm sorry
HA! Don't make me laugh,
Baby forget it

(pre chorus)

(breakdown/B section)
Everything about you
I could sure do without you
We're always off and on again, up and down and round again
Please leave me alone again
Don't call me on my phone again

And I really really hope that
I make you miserable
I'm really gonna try to
Make you miserable
Somebody's got to
Make you miserable too.

I'm gonna make you miserable, too



truth is
Modern Day Gypsy
Joey (Single)
I Believe (single)

Set List

Her set list is a compilation of mostly original songs, but also cover songs (depending on the venue). Typical cover songs include music by the following artists:
Melissa Etheridge, Van Morrison, Janice Joplin, Bonnie Raitt, Sugarland and many others