Carrie Biell

Carrie Biell


Many would classify the music as alt country, but the music plays on a somewhat psychedelic side of the spectrum. It's dark, lush and beautiful. The Sultry and sometimes raspy vocals draw listeners into concrete and heartfelt lyrics.


Carrie Biell has been moving audiences in her hometown of Seattle, WA and beyond for over 6 years with her gentle, graceful voice and concrete, heartfelt lyrics. Though she considers the Northwest her home, Carrie was actually born an identical twin in Montclair, California. A child of deaf parents and a mother who slowly went blind, Carrie is one of three daughters. She grew up fast as her mother depended on her more and more for help communicating with the hearing and seeing world - it's no wonder Carrie became a musician. Her parents' divorce and mother's remarriage brought her from Orange County to Seattle at age 9.

Growing up in a musically vibrant town exposed Carrie to the bands that made Seattle famous. As a teenager her first band was formed in the 8th grade comprised of her twin sister on guitar and Carrie on bass. The duo performed at school functions and small local coffee shops before branching off in their own directions. Exhibiting surprising lyrical depth for a singer-songwriter of her age, Carrie got an early start performing solo at the age of 17 and released her first album, Symphony of Sirens, in 2001. It landed her on some of Seattle's top stages opening for artists like Kristin Hirsh, Eleni Mandel, and Jenny Toomey, and received regular airplay on local station KEXP as well as various college radio stations throughout the U.S.

Since then, Carrie has become a regular performer at well-know Seattle venues such as The Crocodile Cafe, The Tractor Tavern and Neumos, and has also performed at esteemed venues throughout the U.S., including Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles and The Subterranean in Chicago. She has 4 full-length recordings under her belt with the latest just released in July 2007. Undeniably the best in this young artists' canon, When Your Feet Hit the Stars' soulful lyrics and nuanced instrumentation offer a glimpse of Carrie's musical growth and artistic direction.

Carrie's songwriting is layered and subtle, and over the last two years her sound has further developed with the addition of multi-instrumentalist Steve Norman's touching, classic country textures on pedal steel, Dobro, banjo and electric guitar. When Your Feet Hit the Stars also showcases drumming by Carissa's Weird/Band of Horses contributor Sera Cahoone (Sub Pop). In a live configuration Carrie's band features Steve Norman, Baine Craft (drums), Jason Ward (bass) and Katie Mosehauer (violin). With her guitar in arm and the band backing her, Carrie's music unveils an unparalleled intimacy that never fails to make even the noisiest rooms fall silent.


Symphony of Sirens (2001 LP)
Dusty Rooms (2002 LP)
Autumn On You (2004 LP)
When Your Feet Hit The Stars (2007 LP)

Tracks from all the above records have been rotated on KEXP, and KGRG in Seattle including one track from the upcoming release.

Set List

The sets are usually 45 minutes to an hour and they consist of all originals.
Depending on the venue Carrie plays with a full band, Solo, or often times it will be Carrie accompanied by Steve Norman her Dobro/Guitar player.

The set list always changes but they usually consist of her new songs from the recent release and some old songs from past releases.