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Carried Away

Toronto, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Toronto, Canada
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Alternative Punk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Carried Away "Glass" (Video) Premiere"

Toronto pop-punks Carried Away are ready to unleash a brand new video, and Exclaim! is giving you an exclusive first watch.

The band released their debut EP Intrepid earlier this year, but they're already working on the follow-up and set to show off some new material in the latest clip. "Glass" is a heavy, high-energy cut that pairs Madison Crombie's soft, melodic vocals with crunchy guitars and a harsh but upbeat rhythm section.

"'Glass' is a song about the numbness you feel after something tough happens in your life you were not ready for," the band tell Exclaim! "After initial shock and sadness of it wears off you are left not knowing how to feel, what to do with yourself, and you shut yourself down. You see things not as clearly as before (through the glass)."

The new clip showcases that sentiment, following the group from a dark, dingey basement performance space into the great outdoors.

"The video portrays a person's journey through that time, which is not always easy, towards the final freedom and acceptance of change," they add. "Things are always gonna be okay at the end, even if they are not right now. Just give it time."

You can check it out for yourself in the player below. - Exclaim

"Carried Away - Intrepid (Review)"

Carried Away is a relatively straight-forward, pop-punk band from Toronto, Ontario. Their debut EP, Intrepid, is catchy, defiant, and hopeful. The short runtime and somewhat scattered influences keeps the record interesting while their dedication to a pop-punk sound holds everything together nicely. Intrepid’s opening track,“Actions,” has aggressive and catchy guitar riffs like something from an early New Found Glory record.

The dual vocals and guitar riffs on “Stories” reminds me of Take Off Your Pants and Jacket-era Blink-182. Madison Crombie handles the higher register in a voice considerably less nasally than Tom Delonge while guitarist/vocalist Jared Allison’s voice is lower and stoic, and comparable to Mark Hoppus. “Growing Up” is a slow ballad like something you would find on any one of Paramore‘s albums. The build up at the two-minute and thirty second mark is a typical Paramore move and Carried Away adopts the style with skill. The EP’s closing track “Afraid To Be” resembles A Day To Remember‘s lighter songs. It has a catchy upbeat charm despite heavy guitar riffs that are clearly influenced by the hardcore/metal side of the punk spectrum.

Musically Intrepid is right up my alley but by no means is it groundbreaking. If you’re already a fan of pop-punk bands with a light hardcore twist (think early Fall Out Boy or any of the bands I’ve already mentioned), Carried Away will tickle your fancy. Normally, when I come across smaller bands with this sound their lyrics are mediocre at best. Thankfully, lead vocalist Madison Crombie is a skilled lyricist capable of breathing new life into the familiar pop-punk lyrical themes.

“Actions” is a defiant anthem about personal freedom and written as if directed at a specific individual actively holding back Madison Crombie from her hopes and dreams. “Stories” laments life’s unpredictable nature but finds strength in relationships that help overcome change. Like “Actions,” “Growing Up” reads like a message directed at someone in particular but its positive message sounds more like a pep-talk than a scolding. “Afraid To Be” tackles low self-esteem and self-doubt. These low moments are ultimately overcome if only in moments recognized by the narrator and no one else. This is an important message for anyone overcome by worry or anxiety as external factors become irrelevant when you learn how to find inner peace. At the song’s end Madison excitedly squeaks, “I can’t be afraid to be!” The line matches the energy of the song’s sudden end and its abrupt ending almost encourages anyone who’s experienced the song’s negative emotions to embrace whatever helps to end those feelings immediately and move on without a second thought.

Follow Carried Away’s lead and don’t let second thoughts ruin your enjoyment of this record. Sure, there’s nothing on Intrepid you haven’t heard before, but familiarity and consistency are important parts of pop-punk’s charm. Carried Away plays the part of nostalgic positivity like old masters. - Bucketlist Music Reviews


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