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Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom | SELF

Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom | SELF
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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"CarrieMac supporting Lawson"

Carrie Mac kicked off the night was a 30 minute set consisting of mainly all original songs. Songs including ” Falling At My Feet” and “Till I See You Again” were a clear hit with the crowd, and a flawless cover of “Rude Boy” by Rihanna was performed towards the end of the set. Her song writing ability is simply amazing and last nights performance proved that this singer-songwriter from Edinburgh really has what it takes to make it big. With a new album promised soon, we can only expect bigger and better things from her - gig'd oot ma nutt

"CarrieMac supporting Lawson"

Carrie Mac kicked off the night was a 30 minute set consisting of mainly all original songs. Songs including ” Falling At My Feet” and “Till I See You Again” were a clear hit with the crowd, and a flawless cover of “Rude Boy” by Rihanna was performed towards the end of the set. Her song writing ability is simply amazing and last nights performance proved that this singer-songwriter from Edinburgh really has what it takes to make it big. With a new album promised soon, we can only expect bigger and better things from her - gig'd oot ma nutt

"Carrie Mac- Things I Wish I'd Said"

Not a week after she released her cover of Erasure’s A Little Respect, Edinburgh singer songwriter Carrie Mac releases her latest single, Things I Wish I’d Said.

It’s a piano driven, heartfelt ballad that has a nice addition of strings just after the first chorus. Our first thoughts on the first play was that could see in a movie in a scene similar to Evanescence’s My immortal in Daredevil. It’s good to hear some new material from Carrie and hopefully this is an insight into what she’s been up to recently and what fans can expect from future releases

- Scores Of Melodies

"Scot Singers to provide support for Tom Jones"

With just a few hours until Welsh superstar Tom Jones takes to the Hamilton stage two Scots singers are getting ready for the opportunity of a lifetime supporting the legendary crooner.
Edinburgh singer and songwriter Carrie Mac and solo artist TJ Bilham will be warming up the crowds at Hamilton Park ahead of Sir Tom's sensational show on Friday night.

Carrie Mac has previously supported The Proclaimers, Sandi Thom and Tommy Reilly while Glasgow based TJ Bilham is set to perform pop rocking ballads during his set.

The programme for the night will include some of The Voice judge's hits from more than 100 million records, including It's Not Unusual, Green, Green Grass of Home and What's New Pussycat.

Hamilton Park chief executive Vivien Kyles said: "The excitement has been building in the lead-up to Friday night and the announcement that Carrie Mac and TJ Bilham will support Tom Jones has only added to that. It’s great to see new, fresh talent being given an opportunity like this.

"Now everyone who has bought a ticket will enjoy even more value for money, and they might just see a star of the future - in addition to a true superstar of the present day. On what is a huge weekend of live music in Scotland, Hamilton Park is providing a unique package of pop."

All hospitality places are completely sold out for the gig however a limited number of tickets priced from £35 are still available at the gate on the night or through the Hamilton Park website.

"Carrie Mac"

She’s supported the likes of Alexandra Burke, The Wanted and The Saturdays, yet Carrie Mac still can’t quite believe where she’s got to, and that's why we love her! She’s bubblier than an Aero bar and is genuinely excited to be doing what she loves. MyBliss gatecrashes her birthday to find out what life is like as a rising star…

Hi Carrie! Hope you’re having a lovely day in the sunshine.
Yeah I’m having a good day so far – it’s my birthday today.

Well a big Happy Birthday from MyBliss! Got anything nice planned?
I’m quite busy today with work so I’m going to have my birthday night out on Saturday instead.

Good plan, tonight is a school night after all. Now, we're loving the new single...
Til I See You Again, I wrote it last May and it’s kind of a bittersweet song like when you’ve just ended a relationship and you want to see the person again but you know it’s not the same, or if someone’s gone away and you’ve got that longing that you want to see them, it’s kind of like that. I’m really happy with it, I’m really excited and I love the video we’ve done for it, it’s out now!

You’ve supported Alexandra Burke, what was that like?
Oh it was incredible! I supported her for like seven weeks, it was a full UK tour so from the 13th January to 24th February, and it was just a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’d never really played out of Edinburgh or Glasgow, so for example my first ever gig in London was the Hammersmith Apollo.

Whoa that’s huge! What were the crowds like?
Fantastic because obviously as the support act you don’t really know what to expect or if they’re going to care. But they were so great and really supportive. I couldn’t have asked for anything better!

And we read you supported Adam Lambert…
Yeah I’ve done lots of one-off gigs, so I supported Adam Lambert last year in Glasgow, I’ve supported Diana Vickers, The Wanted, The Saturdays, JLS…

Hang on, that's quite an impressive list!
I know! Sometimes when I read it I’m like oh yeah, so I have!

Do you have to pinch yourself sometimes?
Definitely. For example the tour with Alexandra is just kind of hitting me now. Like when you’re in the middle of something you just kind of get on with it and you’re there and you do the best you can, you do your job. You don’t really think about it. And then it hits you, like two months later or when someone talks about it and everything you’ve achieved. I’m still thinking about what I’ve not done and what I want to do, and sometimes you need to take a minute to just be like ‘wait a minute, you’ve done pretty damn good!’

You deserve a pat on the back. AND you won a talent contest.
Yeah my local radio station, Forth One, did it and you had to apply and get your music in. If you got picked you had to go in and do a live gig, and I got picked. It was like five bands and then I won that, and through that I got my song on the radio, got to support Sandie Thom, The Proclaimers, and that's where it all kind of kicked off for me.

Reckon you could win BGT?
Probably not. I love the show but I don’t know if I could win it. I’m not necessarily the best singer in the world and I think you need to be an amazing, amazing singer.

We have high hopes for you! What other talent could you showcase?
I can play the violin, although that wouldn’t be really exciting!

The fact you can play the ocarina is quite exciting.
Yeah I played that since I was small. It’s unusual! It’s quite weird that it was like a main instrument at my primary school actually. Quite a lot of us played it. It was really good fun. It came up in a crossword puzzle about a week ago and I was like ‘yeaaah!’

If you could work with absolutely anyone, who would it be?
I’d love to work with Katy Perry, she has some cool quirky ideas. It would be so good to work with some one like that.

Carrie Mac's single Til I See You Again is out now!
- My Bliss

"Rising Scot star"

HOT new singer Carrie Mac is going back to the daily grind... with a gig at the coffee shop where she used to work.

The 23-year-old will entertain customers at Beanscene in Edinburgh's Haymarket where she was a waitress and barista for three years.

She follows Amy Macdonald and KT Tunstall who have played at branches of the Scottish coffee shop chain.

Carrie, who has been signed by songwriter to the stars John McLaughlin and his new label Proto, admits it's going to be weird going back as the star of the show.

Carrie, 23, said: "I'm a trained barista so maybe I can make a cuppa in between songs when I return as the face of Beanscene on tour from August 26.

"It'll be quite funny to see the customers' reactions when I show up to sing. I don't think they knew I did that."

Having been on the music scene for five years, life has been a whirlwind since Carrie won Radio Forth's One To Watch in 2008.

Since signing for John's label, she's appeared at In:Demand Live with acts such as Diana Vickers, JLS, Basshunter and The Saturdays.

She's even headlined her own jam-packed gig at Edinburgh's Edge Festival last week.

Carrie said: "The crowd were fantastic although I felt sick before I went on."

But despite being about to do a schools tour and appearing with Alesha Dixon and The Wanted at The Tartan Gig Girl Guiding pop event in Glasgow's Royal Concert Hall this weekend, Carrie is not living the pop star glam life quite yet.

She said: "It's more Travelodges and Pizza Expresses at the moment but I'm a classy gal.

"I did an Edinburgh gig for the opening of the Liquid Room with Fyfe Dangerfield. I hadn't eaten because things were so hectic.

"I watched Fyfe eating cheese sandwiches from his rider but I was too embarrassed to ask him for some.

"So I tried to break into his dressing-room to get some crisps. Unfortunately, he came down the stairs just as I was trying to get in. So I had to go hungry for a bit that night."

Carrie, who releases new single Hello on August 29, has made some famous friends.

She said: "I met Basshunter the other day at In:Demand Live without his top on and he gave me a kiss. Marvin from JLS also wished me luck with everything.

"Pearl And The Puppets have also kept in touch. I've come a long way since the days of playing to one man who rattled a tambourine throughout my set with a drunk sound guy.

"I'm skint but hopefully people will buy the single and I can go back to London to play."
- Daily Record

"Edinburgh Festival Review"

You might have heard of Carrie Mac. Having recently shared a stage with everyone from X-Factory super-projects JLS and Diana Vickers to supporting The Proclaimers on tour, the newest fruit of Edinburgh’s folk-pop loins is deservedly carving a niche for herself alongside other Scots-reared female artists (think KT, Sandi, Amy).

Yet such simplistically-drawn parallels don’t do Carrie Mac nearly enough credit. Onstage, the 23-year-old welcomes a crowd composed partly of friends and relatives but bolstered with a sizeable local fan base- 
And it’s easy to see why. Launching her first headlining set with I Want You To Stay, Mac’s soulful voice soars around an instantly catchy drum-driven melody, while on Anywhere You Go, lyrical punchiness is complemented by a frantic staccato bassline.

While confiding You’ll Never Know is only making its third public outing, Mac’s is a justifiably relaxed stage presence; her powerfully bluesy vocals snaking through the octaves of a sing-song piano-led love confession, sharpened up by some gritty cymbal-usage.

Home is unapologetically pretty folk-pop; kicking off with just Mac and her guitar, it hits a crescendo of chimey acoustic gusto reminiscent of early Michelle Branch, while radio hit, Hello, showcases a beautiful vocal toughness worthy of Kelly Clarkson. 

Edinburgh folk like their homegrown talents modest yet brilliant - and with such infectiously danceable, sincere pop-rock this on your doorstep, Carrie Mac fits the bill nicely
- Rosie Nolan

"Carrie Mac - Till I See You Again single review"

She has supported Alexandra Burke and Adam Lambert on tour, now Scottish singer/songwriter Carrie Mac presents her debut single, ‘Til I See You Again’.


A woman of many talents, Carrie who plays the Violin, Ocarina, Piano and guitar, was awarded Bauer Radio’s ‘One To Watch’ award in 2008. Sporting what some call a “lucky gap” between her two front teeth: Carrie Mac is determined to make 2011 her year. Her first assault on the charts is ‘Til I See You Again’, an irrestistable slice of contemporary pop.

Shining on this track are Carrie’s vocals which are pure, strong and true, avoiding the dreaded autotune – just what we like to hear!
- CraveOnMusic


Believe - Acoustic Album released independently.

Hello - Single (radio play all across the UK, charted in top 100 in the UK)

Till I See You Again - Single (no.5 in the dance charts, major airplay in the UK and Japan, some in Germany and Spain)

Things I Wish I'd Said - Single (number 69 in the UK singer/songwriter charts without any promotion, some regional radio play)



My name is Carrie Mac and I am from Edinburgh, Scotland. I have supported the likes of Tom Jones, Adam Lambert, The Proclaimers, KT Tunstal and The Script to name a few. I have toured all across the uk with Alexandra Burke and have been playing and writing music for 8 years now. I recently sang the National Anthem for Scotland's football team on tv and have had global radio play in Japan, Germany, Spain and a top 5 chart positon in the dance charts with a remix of one of my songs. I have a deal with Bauer media in the UK who support and play each new single I have come out.

Some of the main influences on my music have been from Tracy Chapman, Fleetwood Mac, Christina Aguilera and Lissie. I think i have quite a diverse taste in music. I started out as an acoustic artist and so even though my sound has developed and grown, I always love when I can play a gig with just me and my guitar. Music is my life and ever since i was 5 when I started to play the violin I've known I wanted to do it as my career and Im very fortunate to say that I am able to live my dream.

I put out my own acoustic album in 2009 and had a launch for it and from that got the attention of Bauer media and songwriters and labels and it has been growing ever since.

I would say that the thing that sets me apart from others would be my voice and the lyrics I use in my songs. Theres nothing unusual about the way I write songs, however, I believe that to write a great song you have to evoke and emotion out of the listener whether that emotion is happiness or sadness and thats what I try to do with my songs. I try to write as honest lyrics as I can and to portray that in the way I sing them.