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Our Mission - To effectively present Christ to those influenced by the Hip-Hop Culture and to encourage, motivate and uplift those whom have received Him as personal Savior.


About Carriers of the Cross

EMIgospel Recording Artists Carriers of the Cross are a dynamic, passionate and culturally relevant Hip-Hop duo made up of Eddie Cortes and Jeremiah Smaha. They hold fast to their convictions and are outspoken about them in their art form. “The only thing that far exceeds their musical talent is their commitment to Jesus Christ” said Youth Pastor Darren Ojeda. Signing nationally just adds to the credibility of their artistry but their hearts define their ministry.

Carriers of the Cross are quickly becoming one of the most sought after Hip-Hop groups today with a captivating stage presence that just draws you into their performance and they’re approachable and personable; often seen holding lengthyconversations with people that they just met, smiling, giving high-fives to almost everyone and anyone they come in contact with.

There is a definite passion that radiates from them, a passion to positively impact the lives of youth with the love of Christ, by any means necessary. Their message is clear, artistic, heartfelt, passionate, it’s cutting-edge, relevant, innovative and most importantly it is ministry. Rap Festival Director Bert said that “through their music you can hear their passion for saving souls and their genuine love for living life according to God's commands.”

Eddie and Jeremiah take their ministry very seriously and have incorporated as a not-for-profit organization. They see themselves as missionaries to the Hip-Hop and youth culture. Their mission is clear, “to present the redeeming Gospel of Christ to those influenced by the Hip-Hop culture and to encourage, inspire and challenge believers.”

Carriers of the Cross bring a bold and non-compromised message of Christ Jesus through concerts and speaking engagements. “The spiritual impact they will impart to your church will be memorable” said Pastor Yeathus Johnson.


Substance also known as Eddie Cortes is the founder of Carriers of the Cross Ministries, Inc. is responsible for the overall direction of the ministry and most of the back end administrative management. In addition Substance shares his time as husband to his wife Darlene and as father to his daughter Lyilah. Mr. Cortes also works full time for Campus Crusade for Christ and attends Florida Christian College in pursuit of his degree in Christian Leadership, then possibly seminary. Eddie has over thirdteen (13) years of youth ministry experience and looks forward to public speaking at national and local youth events in the near future. Substance also one of two emcees for Carriers of the Cross.

The Prophecyer also known as Jeremiah Smaha is son of Rev. Joseph Smaha, Pastor of Paramus Community Alliance Church. Jeremiah remains a youth leader at his church giving him several years of youth ministry experience that extends back 10 years. In addition he works full time as an Art Consultant for multiple Thomas Kinkade Signature Galleries in the NY/NJ area. As an original member of the Carriers dating back to 1998, Mr. Smaha has and continues to assist in most of the backend administrative duties such as general booking of ministry engagements. The Prophecyer, aside from all other duties and responsibilities, makes ½ of this dynamic emcee duo.

Remix also known as Remy Basuri is son of Rev. Basuri, Pastor of Church of the Community in Clifton, NJ. Remy plays the drums as part of the praise and worship group of his local church. He also attends William Paterson University as a full time student majoring in TV Broadcasting and music engineering. Remy works at Verizon Wireless part time as a customer care rep. Mr. Basuri produces most of the musical tracks for the Carriers of the Cross as well as engineers concert and studio recording sessions.


The Rebirth

Written By: Carriers of the Cross

Yeah Y'all(Yeah Y'all)We're back again
Twice as nice spiced with Christ in the Blend
Yeah Y'all(Yeah Y'all)We're back again
Twice as nice spiced with Christ in the Blend
Yeah Y'all(Yeah Y'all)We're back again
It's the Rebirth aimed at Souls of Men
Yeah Y'all, Yeah Y'all,
Yeah Y'all we're back again

Proph Verse:
Reborn, reinvented, reformed and replenished /
Be reborn our message and seek God in Repentance //
It might seem redundant or even repetative /
but if you're not reborn in abundance then you've never lived //
will you react to this statement and let it settle in /
or refuse and deface it a cycle that never ends //
remix, recycle, recieve and let Him in /
then redemption is yours you'll be forever cleansed //
(and) You'll never need to reach for the reefer /
It's the Rebirth we get high off Easter //
Free as a bird we are speaking the words /
that need to be heard and learned //
'cause either you serve the disease of the world or Jesus the Cure /
To be clean and be pure you need to be sure //
like the deoderant is not calling it quits /
'cause either it's the Rebirth or you're life is the pits //

Who You Rep?

Written By: Carriers of the Cross (Proph & Riz)

We Rep Jehovah Nissi, Adonai, Elohim /
Yeshuah Hamischiah, Most High, Supreme Being //
While others rep things in life with no meaning /
We Rep The Omnipresent, The Eye that's all Seeing //

We Represent The Most High God (Who You Rep?) /
The One Sent to save us all (Who You Rep?) //
Defeated both Death and Sin (Who You Rep?) /
That's why we'll only Rep for Him (Who You Rep?) //

Proph Verse:
I'm Here to ask the question who do you represent? /
The cars, the clothes, the girls, the Benjamin's? //
your friends and kin or the hood that you're sexin in? /
is it the clubs or the drugs you got arrested with? //
don't you know today's youth are watching you? /
Immitating everything you don't want them to? //
Being a pimp may be funny on Comic View /
But do you want your daughter treated like a prostitute? //
being consumed by desires for lots of loot? /
Instead of growing up to be someone responsible? //
That's why I don't put my focus on the Bling and things /
Instead I put my faith and trust uppon the King of Kings //
because material treasures never last forever /
this spiritual endeavor is better than physical pleasure //
Beyound the Death of Us, it's our spirit's Exodous /
So Come On, Join along and Rep With Us //


The Breakthrough (coming soon)
United Vision Mixtape (2007)
DJ Lace Mixtape (2007)
Against the Grain (2006)
Recreation: Anatomy of the Remix (2005)
The Rebirth (Single) (2005)
Carriers (Full Length National Release) (2002)
Carriers (Independent Release) (2001)
Chess Masters (EP) (1998)
Sphere of Hip-Hop Compilation #1 (1997)

Music Video
Judge Me Not (2003)
Against the Grain Album Promo (2007)
The Rebirth Remix (coming... 2007)

Set List

The Set List is modified for every event to fit the specific need according to the sponsor. Each set is on a case per case basis. Carriers of the Cross are prepared to minister through music, preach the word or speak at a conference / workshop.

Give us a call to discuss the Set List for your next event.