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Carrie Wade

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Band Americana Adult Contemporary


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"The Rock at KIAC - Review of "It's Just Blood""

"Very unique blend of nice, poppy mood and melancholic lyrics. Love the female vocalist - she's got a very appealing softness to her voice while emoting alot of different feelings. - Sean McCready at The Rock (KIAC Radio -

"Life After Life at KIAC - Review of "It's Just Blood""

"Wonderful song with such airy keyboards and hopping bass, spunky guitar and cool Carrie Wade singin' about the danger of a deep love gone sour..." - Larry W. Johnson at Life After Life (KIAC Radio -

"Carrie Wade"

"Carrie is a unique and gifted artist who writes commercial songs with great hooks while retaining a depth and raw edge... great words and inventive chord changes, powerful, sexy and sensitive, Carrie has it all and more... she's a star!" - Ray Porter at Ray's Favorite Artists - KIAC (

"Back to the Shack at KIAC - Review of "The Old Ways""

"Carrie weaves a tapestry of words and music that captures the heart... great insight!" - Back to the Shack Station at KIAC (

"Sandman's Songbirds at KIAC - Review of "Love, Me""

"I really love how the guitar riffs in this tune intertwine so nicely with Carrie's vox. It's almost like it's in a genre of its own that should be called "Dark Country" because it's so unique but definitely catchy. Rock on, Carrie!" - Sandman at Sandman's Songbirds (KIAC -

"Serendipity XVI at KIAC - Review of "Love, Me""

"Great acoustic shuffle, it's bounciness making a stark contrast to the hard lyric. I really like the four-note riff, too - it stays with you long after the music finishes. Carrie's voice has a tinge of country in it, which again, adds to the general unexpectness of the disparate elements in the song that all together come to make a great whole." - Brian Booth at Serendipity XVI (KIAC -

"15 Minutes with Carrie Wade"

At the Highland Grounds Nightclub and Restaurant in Hollywood, the unassuming barefooted singer, nattily dressed in a beige jacket and pants with a matching hat, takes the stage. She opens her mouth to sing, strums her guitar and the audience is immediately captivated by her angelic, but raspy voice. They are under her spell. They are experiencing the magic of singer/songwriter Carrie Wade.

With a tonality that brings to mind classic singers like Bonnie Raitt and Joni Mitchell, Carrie Wade has a pleasing voice that commands attention. She has listened to a variety of groups and artists as Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Sly and the Family Stone and The Ohio Players. "I was raised on soul and funk," said Wade, whose Dad also weaned her on early Prince and Billy Preston. However, Wade has a voice distinctly her own that's radically different than those artists. When told that her voice is reminiscent of Bobbie Gentry, she broke out in song, singing "Ode to Billie Jo" to perfection. But comparing her to Gentry hardly does this artist any justice. Her short performance at Highland Grounds laid any comparisons to rest. She did three impressive songs, the first "For You", a song of support for a loved one. On this composition, Jeremiah Sammartano accompanied her on harmonica, which provided a backdrop for her peaceful, soulful and spiritual lyric. Her second song, "The Old Ways", was a mellow song that featured her vocal and arpeggio style playing on the guitar. Her final song, "Love, Me", was a musical version of a Dear John letter, signifying a love that went wrong. Jay Allan Friedmann also accompanied her on electric guitar.

Wade's music is borne of life experience. "I've been around sort of like long enough to experience some heavy stuff," she reflected. "I feel things very deeply, almost to a point of it being painful sometimes. There's a lot of life experience and things that happen to you or things that you observe and they go right into the songs."

Currently, Wade is working on her CD, tentatively titled "The Old Ways".

We spent 15 minutes with Carrie Wade, listening to her 15-minute set and sitting down with her to talk to her for 15 minutes. But clearly, this talented artist will have more than 15 minutes of fame and stardom. With her considerable talent, stage presence and beauty, Carrie Wade is on track for a bright future in the industry. If you hear the name Carrie Wade, be sure to check her out. Visit her site at and prepare to be enchanted by her music. - The Scoop, June 2005


Carrie's full-length CD debut entitled "The Old Ways" is slated for a November 14th. 2009 release.

* "It's Just Blood" is featured on Invisible Productions’ Los Angeles Independent Artists of November 2005 compilation CD, available at

* "Cuddling With Doom" is featured on The Open Mic Cafe Compilation available at


Carrie's songs are receiving airplay on CBS/Infinity-owned San Francisco Radio Station KYOU ( - KYCY AM 1550 on the dial) via IndieHeart's shows "The Heart of the Night" and "The TransAtlantic Acoustic Show" (


* "Broken Soldier" currently tops's ( Hitline

*"Needles in the Waves" hit #1 on's ( Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana Chart

* "It's Just Blood" hit #1 on IAC's Hitline, #1 on KIAC's Pop Chart, and #15 on the Big 50.

* "Cuddling With Doom" hit #4 on IAC's Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana Chart.

* "The Old Ways" hit #10 on IAC's Alternative Pop/Rock chart.

Under the KIAC umbrella, Carrie's songs are receiving play from approximately 50 stations. Nette Radio (, The Feminine Groove program on ENGAGE Internet Radio Worldwide (, TunesBaby (, JeRQ-This! ( are all happy homes to her compelling music.



With a picturesque sound that is distinctly American yet colored by the exotic, Carrie Wade is a recording artist who delivers her personal evocations with powerful subtlety and a sublime sense of emotion. Filmic textures harken back to the classic soundtracks of the 1960s, from which melancholy and simplicity of the time merge into the modern world of today where Wade’s songs move the audience in the sometimes violent, sometimes peaceful ebb and flow of living. Joy, sorrow, regret, love, hope, betrayal, and soft-driven heartache are immersed in lyrics where struggle and triumph break through to resilience, settling into a profound, sensual intensity only Wade can evoke.