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"10 Bands You Should Know"

This Burlington, VT based power duo, Carrigan, have conceived a cacophony of electronically acoustic sounds and instruments that rest atop a beautiful maze of experimentation. Their latest album, Young Men Never Die, seems very folk based with acoustic guitars that can be heard weeping throughout, but they build on an already sonically drenched palette of guitar, drums, keyboards, and electronics. In today's stagnant scene of repetition, Carrigian have stumbled upon terrain decidedly abstract from the pack of clones.

RIYL: Wintersleep, The Long Winters, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Tortoise, Mouse On Mars, Muse

"9/10 stars"

-- Translation Results by SDL International --

On the name Carrigan, one will knock in the future often, am me there I certain. For where volume as well as Godspeed You Emperor or Mogwai looked become everywhere abgefeiert, would have to give it to also more than enough persons, who notice that Carrigan play qualitatively in the same Liga. Musically Carrigan are to be compared however not directly to the chapels named above because the boys insert substantially more Vocals and electronics and generally fewer on the Verzerrer pedal latschen. That singe were received at entirely different places, among other things in a church and an old auditorium and just as they sound then also. A quantity of atmosphere and emotional density will singe transported in that whereby naturally also that of the often inserted Streicherparts contribute its part in addition. Very brilliant disk, that I can recommend unrestricted and I hope, to experience the boys soon live, in order to see, how it these stratified, fragile singe on the stage transfer.

"1st poem for Carrigan"

“For the sound we revere
we dub you art as continuum
as spirit as sound of depth
here to stay.” - Keorapetse Kgositsile

Under You

1st poem for Carrigan

Come railin in on the 219
something’s gonna bleed
or cry
end up roadside
and gorgeous
A deaf driver with a blind passenger
stems north
rolls over subtext
unaware of the dog doin a belly-crawl
to the pull over lane.

Hold the beast
til it knows where it is
til the eyes go bright again
til it’s whites are slicked with moisture.

You’ve leveled the room.
Paint blisters
bubbles up
dislodging from where it’s dried.
Faded ghost of its past
peels away

Tables are incinerated to piles of carbon
or burn.

Blood is heated til it steams
and I am back to floor
an open mouth of white above me.

We can respond
to what remains:

• a row of pines highlighted by snowflakes courting their needles
• the urgent spill of a ½ frozen stream
• a thieving moon lording over a punctured sky that
[for 25 minutes]
I swear you could extinguish… desperate to kill the world and refill it.

Just so you know –I’m okay with this.

I would let you
and cradle a bright eyed hound.
Tend to wounds in the cold of what I’d forgotten.

I’d take you in
let you set up camp in my bones.
- J*me


"Can You Surf in America" - 2000
"Carrigan" - 2001
"Christmas" e.p. - 2003
"Valladolid" single - 2005
"Young Men Never Die" - 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


Formed in the idyllic hills of Vermont, Carrigan have delivered terse, intelligent and sonically expansive rock music since 2000.

Originally a duo, Carrigan�s earliest work showcased a Chicago post-rock aesthetic, with founder Zack Martin incorporating electronics, samples and vibraphones into the predominantly guitar and bass driven song-cycles. The addition of drummer Ken Johnson later that year helped to delineate their amorphous soundscapes, resulting in the 2001 self-titled EP which was a sensation in and beyond Vermont.

Joined in 2003 by David Barnett and Daryl Rabidoux -- formerly of Drowningman and The Cancer Conspiracy -- Carrigan briefly flirted with a more straight-ahead rock style. Vocals were introduced for the first time, with Martin�s impressive range and melodicism adding another dimension to the group�s dynamic. A live favorite, this version of the band was short lived and offered no official releases.

Fast forward to 2005. Martin and Johnson are a duo once more, only with a stronger percussive emphasis and a mission to deliver complex layers of sound to a live audience � a feat that demands eight independent limbs and all the technology at their disposal. Martin creates waves of ambience, playing guitar, percussion, and synth bass while triggering samples and pounding out hi-hat rhythms with his feet, harnessed together by Johnson�s powerful Bonham-by-way-of-Can percussion which serves as both anchor and engine. Hardly a preening front man, Martin eschews hipster histrionics in favor of sparing, resonant vocal passages that serve to accentuate each song�s mood.

Carrigan rejects redundant musical forms. Filling each venue they play with absorbing and intricate sound, the band is winning over audiences who have grown tired of "rock-as-marketing." By committing so fully to tone, texture and rhythm, they create music that is vital, real and above all, compelling.