Cars Can Be Blue

Cars Can Be Blue

 Athens, Georgia, USA

Cars Can Be Blue is a guy/girl guitar/drum duo who play short, fast, fun, catchy songs with satirical, venom-laced lyrics, perverted pop hooks and killer vocal melodies. The songwriting is sharp and the goods are delivered with unstoppable energy. CCBB is anti-boredom. The live show proves it.


"Rock-n-roll presumes that the band - as damaged and anti-social as they might be - might possibly get-it-to-fucking-gether, man, and play this simple song. And play it right, okay? Just this once, in tune and on the beat. But we can't. The song's too simple, and we're too complicated and too excited. We try like hell, but the guitars distort, the intonation bends, and the beat just moves against our formal expectations, whether we want it to or not. Just because we're BREATHING. Thus, in the process of trying to play this very simple song together, we create this hurricane of noise, this infinitely complicated, fractal filigree of delicate distinctions...rock-n-roll works because we're all a bunch of flakes."
- Dave Hickey ("The Delicacy of Rock and Roll", 1997)

Cars Can Be Blue is a two-headed creature that clawed its way out of a small-town swamp known as Keene, NH way back in 2003, when Becky Brooks and Nate Mitchell fused into one musical essence, foisting their rudimentary songwriting skills upon the world and gradually cultivating a legion of morally questionable admirers.

The Cars Can Be Blue components seem simple enough: a girl with a guitar, a guy with a ramshackle drum kit, yet this bipolar beast houses a wide swath of darkness shrouded in shiny pop confections...or is it the other way 'round?

Regardless, the two have defied the odds, releasing two albums on the venerable Happy Happy Birthday To Me label, 2005's "All the Stuff We Do"� and more recently in 2008, "Doubly Unbeatable"�, a meaner, nastier companion to album number one.

They have toured coast-to-coast and spread their musical seed in many disparate locations, often a mere hairwidth ahead of total calamity.

The road behind Cars Can Be Blue is riddled with bad luck, broken hearts, disaster, and misfortune, but this scrappy duo soldiers onward, ready to greet oncomers with a hail of infectious tunes that overwhelm the senses with boundless energy and enthusiasm.

Cars Can Be Blue has truly followed its own path and hopes to continue conquering the cultural landscape, one listener at a time.

Thanks for stopping by. We'll try to keep you posted on what's goin' on within our little world as best we can.


I Like

Written By: Cars Can Be Blue

i like doing stuff with you
i like all the stuff we do
i like doing stuff with you
do you like doing stuff with me too?

i like all the stuff you are
i like playing the guitar
i like being superstars
do you want to be a superstar?


what should it be
what should it be
what should it be
what should it be

i like hanging at your place
i like staring at your face
i like erasing your mistakes
do you like eating at that burger place?



"All the Stuff We Do" (first full-length CD) release Oct. 2005 on Happy Happy Birthday To Me.

"Doctor" (exclusive CCBB track only available on "HHBTM Vol. 4" compilation)

* a split 7-inch with The All-Girl Summer Fun Band (as part of HHBTM Sigles Club)

* Doubly Unbeatable (2008) on Happy Happy Birthday To Me label

Set List

Typical set list as of Nov. 2008:

Sun Blows Up
I Wish I
Cat Is Out
You're So Cute
Pretty Special
She Needs It
Coat Tails
Do You Remember?
Seems We're Breaking Up
Dirty Song
D in the P
Hey Hippie
Hope you're Hurting
Cycle of Violence
You're on Drugs
Just Because
I think it's a...
Used To Think
possible cover songs:

Sets are usually around 40 minutes