Car Stereo (Wars)

Car Stereo (Wars)

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Car Stereo (Wars) is a whirlwind of familiar and spliced together sounds spinning around the room at rapid speeds. It's 80's, 90's, indie, top 40, kitchy and obscure all wrapped into one new creation.


Car Stereo (Wars) is the DJ project of Christopher Rose. Often compared to Girl Talk or Hollertronix, Car Stereo (Wars) blends snippets of songs in and out w/ popular beats, riffs and versus in a fun, danceable and often humorous fashion.

Car Stereo (Wars) lit up the blogs in early 2006 w/ his debut mash-up Ghostface Observatory, which was praised by Gorilla vs. Bear, URB Magazine, and many more. Following the success of Ghostface Observatory, Car Stereo (Wars) has continued to put out a string of popular mash-ups and is preparing for his debut CD release, THE BANDIT, on August 18th. THE BANDIT is a departure from traditional mash-up fare, opting instead to sound more like a Car Sterel (Wars) live set: frantic, fast paced snippets of various tracks all blended together to create a new song and sound.

In addition to regular gigs, Car Stereo (Wars) also acts as a kind of "house DJ" for Austin band Ghostland Observatory, opening for them at most Texas shows.

In March of 2007, Car Stereo (Wars) rocked a sold out SXSW showcase that resulted in Car Stereo (Wars) being labeled the "Discovery of the Night" by BLENDER Magazine.


THE BANDIT - Upcoming Debut LP (released August 18th)

Ghostface Observatory - Single
Ghostface Observatory has gotten signifigant airplay on Sirius Radio, in American Apparell stores and in clubs around the country.

Ghostland Gets Bossy - Single
Hip Hop Halloween Mash Up - Single
What's Up California - Single
I Been a Criminal for About 17 Years Now - Single