car stereo wars

car stereo wars

 Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

Cruisey beats, catchy rifs and luscious female vocals. Featured on two Ministry of Sound Chill Out Compilations.


car stereo wars – Biography March 2009

car stereo wars formed in 2000 when Jason ‘Blackie’ White (bass) and Matt Gillman (guitar) met at an extremely nerdy new media course in Melbourne. In an attempt to appear cooler than they were, they decided to start a band and soon recruited singer Alyssa Doe.
The trio then imposed on the generosity of a handful of friends to join them on their first EP ‘Project A.’ The single ‘Broken’ subsequently gained the attention of national Australian radio station Triple J and Melbourne’s 3RRR and eventually found its way onto the Ministry Of Sound’s Chillout Sessions Summer Compilation.

In 2002 the band travelled to Texas to play at South by Southwest Festival, and two years later packed their bags again to play a show at the now extinct CBGB’s as guests of New York’s CMJ Music Marathon.

After all this excitement, the foursome returned to Melbourne, had a good lie down and headed back into the studio with long time producer Robbie Rowlands to record their second EP ‘They asked me to be in a movie’. The feature track ‘Come To Nothing’ was included on the MOS Chillout Sessions # 5 later that year.

In the few years that followed the band went back on the road and established a loyal fan base. Along the way the band began to piece together the songs for a debut album after amicably parting ways with their label, having decided that stylistically they were moving away from chill/electronica.

Despite births, deaths and day jobs, the long awaited debut album ‘For Your Comfort and Safety’ was completed in 2008, and showcases the band’s versatility and knack for genre mixing. From the bouncy pop of ‘radio edit’ to the sweeping outer space adventure of ‘smooth’, the music is an eclectic, layered blend of electric, acoustic, orchestral and electronic instruments that
may contain traces of nuts.

In 2009 car stereo wars received a huge promotional boost when Ferrero chose to use the song ‘Come to Nothing’ in a national TV campaign launching their new Tic Tac ‘Chill’ flavour. The song has since come to the attention of other advertisers such as Dell, who have used a large portion of the song to promote the new Adamo laptop via the internet. (To see these ads check out the band’s myspace page below).
All this publicity is creating quite a buzz around global discussion boards and on the band’s myspace site:

car stereo wars are: Alyssa Doe, Jason White, Matt Gillman, Gra Luther, Sean Ashbrooke and Dave Meagher

car stereo wars independently released 'For Your Comfort and Safety' through Greg Records on the 1st August 2008. It is available for purchase via the band’s website:


Come to Nothing

Written By: car stereo wars

Come to Nothing – car stereo wars....

Are you still here? Are you the last to leave?....
And is that my laugh cos it doesn’t sound like me?....
I don’t know you or what I’m laughing for ....
You don’t like me and I don’t like you at all....

I should have gone home so long ago…....

So early in the morning, take turns staring at the table....
Your dirty fingers smoking all the time....
You’re not a good man and you were not hard to find....
I don’t want to go anywhere with you ....
But I’ll take you home soon cos there’s nothing else to do....

And it will come to nothing, nothing, nothing....

I wont make you happy ....
And I wont make you feel good.....
This is the last place you ever want to be....

Come and sit on my knee....

What have you got for me?....

Come to nothing....
It will come to nothing....
It will come to nothing....

(Are you the last to leave?)....


Written By: car stereo wars - Alyssa Doe, Jason White, Matt Gillman

Soft fading light and on the street below the people come and go
and the traffic rushes by then the lights turn red.
Alone and my face is pressed to the glass there are tiny drops of rain and it is almost dark.
Cold now it is getting late people look at their watches as they wait for the bus.
There is a man with no gloves and he blows on his fingers.
It gets dark so fast for such a long day the room is quiet, starts to fade away just the smell of cigarettes and only one broken glass. You would never guess.

I have climbed up to the top of the tallest tree. No one knows I'm here and I could hide for hours.
I can see for miles and I have never fallen I will not come down and the sun is shining.

Downstairs some one is getting home and the door slams, running footsteps on the floor. The stereo starts up and they are laughing.
I can hear them talking but I cant quite make it out and I wonder what they are saying what they can find to talk about. I wonder why he stays and why he hasn't walked out?


Radio Edit

Written By: car stereo wars -Doe, White, Gillman

Radio Edit

Well if I didn’t know you I’d turn a blind eye
Make everybody sorry, make yourself cry
You of all people should try to behave
Or you could smash everything to pieces and run away

Have you had enough attention from everyone?
Only so many times you can cry wolf before nobody comes
Be careful what you wish for and maybe shut up
No one will remember in the morning with any luck

You’re being unimpressive and being unkind
And I know you can keep it up all night now if you try
You of all people, trying to choose
Or you could smash everything to pieces
Let’s see if you do


Project A (EP) 2000, They asked me to be in a movie (EP) 2004, For your comfort and safety(LP) 2008

Set List

We don't play live too often, but when we do our set is about 50 minutes.