Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche


Carte Blanche is a highly unique revivalist jazz group which delivers a mix of classic American 20's and 30's jazz, French, and Latin American music.


Carte Blanche provides an authentic live experience of a variety of jazz and international styles for your event. Heralded by the likes of Darcy Miller, David Stark, and Martha Stewart, amongst others, Carte Blanche takes us on a journey through warm classic sounds spanning jazz, bossa nova, and other lush world musics across the 1920s, 1930s, and beyond. Dressed in authentic 1920’s style outfits, Carte Blanche has the ability to transport the listener to a vintage American speakeasy or a Parisian café one minute, and the streets of Havana the next. Sultry female vocals in five different languages which recall the sounds of Ella
Fitzgerald, Edith Piaf and Lila Downs combine with the band’s versatile style to perform musical selections which are far from ordinary.


Debut album scheduled for release November 2012!