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For Atlanta-based rock band Cartel, this has been a very good year. Since forming last summer, the group has toured non-stop, turned heads with a self-released EP and inked a record deal. With a new EP coming out this fall on The Militia Group and a national tour ahead of them, the band is gaining momentum and not looking back. Frontman William Pugh says it best by announcing: “We want to take over the world.” Cartel’s songs blend thoughtful lyrics with infectious hooks to achieve quality rock for stage or stereo. On standout tracks like “Luckie St.” and “Last Chance” Cartel’s talent for songwriting proves undeniable. Compelling guitar arrangements and melodic prowess complement Cartel’s youthful energy to rival more seasoned artists and demand widespread attention. The group will deliver their songs on tour with My American Heart through year’s end and release The Ransom EP on The Militia Group November 16th. Cartel is William Pugh on vocals, Nic on guitar/vocals, Joseph Pepper on guitar, Ryan Roberts on bass, and Kevin Sanders on drums.


The Ransom EP- Released November 16th, 2004

Chroma- Debut full-length to be released September 20th, 2005