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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Hip Hop R&B





Carter Ace is a 5-person Hip Hop band from California, US. Fronted by O’Neil Carter. The band consists of a guitarist, Fahem Erfan, Bassist, Daniel Durant, Keyboardist, Arshak Amirbekyan, and Drummer, Gio Alford. This is our interview with the front-man O’Neil Carter.
Hello! How are you at this moment of time?

I’m chilling right now. Got nice clean socks on, the new project we’re working on is almost finished, short film coming out this year, I cool right now. Accomplished quite a bit for 2016 so far.

What made you start making music?

I grew up with a musician mother and stepfather and they’re music was very African but like salsa oriented too. It was really weird, I didn’t really get introduced to rap until middle school when Kanye made MBDTF then found out he also made Stronger and Gold Digger. Then I wanted to try it out but add my own sound that I grew up on.

Do you have a favourite meme?

Oh man! My favorite meme as of right now is the “why are you like this?” meme. Also, it’s not really a meme but I love the video of Kanye and Ellen where it’s super edited and he keeps repeating “I’m dead.” I’ve got a weird humor.

Describe your sound in 3 words.

I’d explain our sound as eccentric, universal, and subjective.

Would you rather make it big through years of work or through winning a single competition?

Basically the question is, would I rather be a evolving artist or a one-hit wonder. I’d much rather have a sleeper hit. Kinda like how Macklemore released Thrift Shop in 2011, didn’t pop until 2012, then won a Grammy in 2013.

If you could pick any song from any artist or band that you could claim as your own which track and why?

Oh man I love this question. Honestly I wish I made “Hey Ya” by Andre. He’s one of the greatest rappers of all time and could make a #1 hit with a song on a weird time signature wearing the strangest green outfits known to man. I love that man. I’d love to be that man. - Our Culture Mag

"Carter Ace - Ma-Dah [New Song]"

Listen to Carter Ace's "Ma-Dah".
Carter Ace is a band of 6-person group fronted by O’Niel Carter. The band has made a point of pulling from a variety of influences including rap, R&B, G-Funk, Soul and Jazz. The synth sounds on their latest record, "Ma-Dah" definitely give us a bit of that Dr. DreThe Chronic feel, while there's some talkbox-y guitar riffs, muted trumpets, and a bunch of different rhythms and backing vocals throughout. Carter is behind the writing, but all the performers bring something to the table here, and it's all put together quite tastefully and professionally.

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Quotable Lyrics:
Gave you the reason
Why you really shouldn't stay with them
And really should complain
When you ain't gettin' what you waitin' for - Trevor Smith

"Carter Ace, Project Gemini"

Carter Ace is a band of 6 young men that was formed by O’Niel Carter in 2014 before being founded by producer and now manager Trumal Darden (Homie Tay). The band is a unique band that really takes hip hop to another level. Their sound is very unique and confident. It’s taken two years to construct a sound that’s sure to catch the attention of new fans. The sound ranges from many different genres such as r&b, hip hop/rap, g funk, rock, pop, soul, jazz, and psychedelia. All songs are originals and written by Carter himself. - Rude Boy Magazine

"Carter Ace - Carpe Diem [New Song]"

Listen to Carter Ace's emotionally-charged "Carpe Diem".
Carter Ace is a 6-member band from Los Angeles, California, and their latest record is something of a eulogy of frontman Oneil Carter's late cousin. The song was already partially written before he received the bad news, at which point he reworked the song, originally titled "September," into what it is now known as "Carpe Diem". Like the previous music we've heard from the group, the band uses dynamics to their advantage to conjure emotions and shift the feel of their songs, as the record eventually explodes into an instrumental climax in its final moments.

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Quotable Lyrics:
I'm all focused on these people
I'm telling you that I was caught in evil
How many real friends call you
When you're dying
I'm trynna bring you up but
You're still lying - Trevor Smith

"Junior pursues career in rap..."

Oneil Noah is continuing his endeavour of becoming a well known rapper and has made quite a few achievements since being interviewed in May 2014. Noah, better known by his rapper name, “Carter Ace,” has been working in music since the beginning of high school. He has released numerous music videos on YouTube, all of which them self-directed and filmed. One of the videos, “Open Up Your Eyes,” was shot here on campus and features all of Noah’s closest friends. Noah’s first album, Euphoria was released last June with more than 10 original songs all about “extreme happiness, blissfulness, and tranquility,” says Noah. However, Noah did not stop there. He continued making new music and shooting music videos and even signed with Red Light Management Company. The company has helped start other artists’ careers in music and entertainment. Noah has also been signed with Music Television since summer of 2013 and is featured as one of MTV’s “Artists to Watch.” He recently completed a new project to be released this spring. He hopes to continue his music career and possibly own his own entertainment business, but plans to attend college after graduating from high school to major in the medical field with dreams of becoming an anesthesiologist, as a backup plan. Being a high school student and one of the very few teens who have gone places in show business, Noah appreciates that everyone still treats him as an equal. “People don’t treat me differently because I don’t treat myself differently,” he says. Noah loves his family, friends, and anyone who supports his love for music. “I love all of those people [his supporters] and even the people who don’t like me because there’s no reason to hate a single person, there’s no reason to have hate in your heart, and you should always be positive,” says Noah. For daily updates and more information you can visit, or follow him on twitter @CarterAceMusic. Also be sure to check out out his “Artist to Watch” page on and his YouTube channel. - See more at: - Ashley Paige


The Manhattan Project - May 22, 2015




Carter Ace is a 5-person Hip Hop band from Los Angeles, California, Fronted by O’Neil Carter. The band consists of a guitarist, Fahem Erfan, Bassist, Daniel Durant, Keyboardist, Arshak Amirbekyan, and Drummer, Gio Alford. The band has made a point to pull from a variety of influences including Rap/Hip-Hop, R&B, G-Funk, Soul, and Jazz. Carter, himself, is the mind of most compositions, but the rest of the band plays an integral part of providing a special sound.

Carter Ace released their first EP “The Manhattan Project” on May 22nd, 2015. The album was targeted to have a Jazz & Soul feeling infused with the Hip Hop. From the album, their song “Wake Up” never fails to connect with the fans at live performances. As the EP grew, exposure to “Optimism” picked up. Afterwards, racking up high ratings from different blogs across the internet. With the uproar in ratings, another track called “Don’t Waste My Time” lead as their number one hit off of the project. Since the release of Manhattan Project, the guys have had fan favor, all the way up to release of the next record “Project Gemini: Castor & Pollux” on January 1st, 2015. The EP brought a whole new style to the music business, with versatile instrumentals comprised of styles drawn from the golden years of Hip Hop.

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