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Carter Fox: World Premier Album, 2007. Seven Dollar Yacht: Unprotected Sac, soming soon. Jazzthoven: 5th Symphony Single, 2007.



At the age of nine, Carter Fox began playing classical upright bass at his elementary and played in the orchestra there. One year later, Carter found himself picking yet another instrument, the trombone, which he continues to play today. The trombone threw him head on into the world of jazz, playing at his school’s jazz band for the possible two years. At age twelve, Carter broke his wrist during gym class, and was in a cast for six weeks. After those six weeks, Carter went into George’s Music with his parents to get his brother, a saxophone player, a neck strap and came out with a red Ibanez SR-300bdx bass guitar. Carter then got into heavy theory study and began having jam sessions with various musically inclined friends and family. During the March of 2002, Carter attended his very first “Gerald Veasley’s Bass Bootcamp” and met his now mentor, teacher, friend; Gerald Veasley. Gerald Veasley instructed him on the finer points of bass; both theory and presence. Carter Fox than played in front of 60 people for the first time, and blew people away with his great rhythm and feel for the instrument. After attending two more “Bootcamps,” Carter began to study under the great bassist Kjell Benner, who has instructed him on theory, creation, writing, and the love of music at the age of 15. At the age of 16, one of Carter Fox’s friends, Glenn Marrazzo, opened up “Bass Specialties,” a fine bass store in Bensalem, PA, not far from Lansdale, Carter’s home. Carter and his manager/lawyer/father Glenn Fox purchased a Benavente Standard Series 5-string bass, and two months later, Carter Fox had become an official artist/endorser of Benavente Guitars and Basses, all at the age pf 16. On January 8, 2007, at age of 16, Carter Fox released his first album under his record label, BullPUG Records, which has sold better than expected. Carter Fox has played with artists such as Gerald Veasley, Will Brock, Chris Farr, Anthony Wellington, Victor Wooten, Gary Willis, Doug Wimbush, and others through his young but exciting career. Carter Fox writes most of his own music (excludes cover songs) and continues to write and is in pursuit of getting signed by a jazz label. For contacting Carter Fox, you can send an e-mail to Feel free to comment and message anything about Carter’s music, he is very interested in hearing from the people. Carter Fox is/has been part of the following groups: The Blueprint Quartet (jazz), A.N.T. (techno rock), Jazzthoven (classical, jazz), The Cannonball Quartet (Jazz), Seven Dollar Yacht (jazz fusion, rock).