Carter Mckay

Carter Mckay

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MY music is serious at times, good to listen to and I can be the person people listen too to get away from their lives.I believe my music can be great IF im givin a chance.MY music has comedy in it aswell as the stright to the point factor.MY music can and will change the industry if given a chance.


My story - A white kid, athletic, strong(ish), creative who was good at a lot of stuff but wouldnt stick to ANYTHING. Than he started to write lyrics to instrumentals of other songs. He enjoyed it so he spent all his money and bought a mic, computer and recording software. Than the magic happened and this is the thing he will never quit doing. Making songs. I am Carter Mckay, a 15 year old from little ol' London Ontario. Not known for my music too much, but with your help I could be. What sets me apart from other artists is that I am VERY passionate of my music (it means everything to me) and I have a different lifestyle compared to a lot of artists that rap about having a tough childhood, being poor or selling drugs. That aint me, i live in an urban area, good - Great family, pretty good friends and alright in school. Now you may ask how can you create music based on that life? and i'll anwser dont judge a book on its cover - i have feelings and thoughts on people, friends, family, other artists etc. I WILL put it on paper and i will expose what is needed to be exposed. Im different and I think you need that in an artist. Oh and my BIG influences are BIG SEANN!!, Drake, Wayne, Frank Ocean, Jay Z and Kanye.


Right now i am only doing covers to songs or just using their instrumentals (no copyright) untill I buy a beat maker. I have done a remake to Drake's - Dreams money can buy, Drake's - Headlines, Kid Inks - Lowkey Poppin, and Drake's - Show me a good time. If givin the proper beat I will kill it with my lyricsm. My videos are streamin on Youtube - MckayMuzic and on my Facebook fan page - MckayMuzic