Carter Routh

Carter Routh

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If the pain of being in the world was embodied in a man, it is good in Carter Routh. What destiny, hers! And what extraordinary lives will this man to give him the power to resist all oppressions, to achieve a stunning work, a portion of which will soon be visible in France, for a time, unfortunatel


Born in Knoxville, misplaced in Murfreesboro.


--Carter Routh, the day he was born

Born at a early age, Carter Routh displays an long life full of shit. He credits his immorality to his simplistic diet.

"I'm a extreme kind of feller," he says with an blindingly, sparkelizing, mildewy aromantic, "so I could go beyond sissy diet like a elevator: first (that is to say). I have conditioned myself to eat only fish scales and drink only sycamore tree sap through ears."

And wat wunderfilled ears them are. His music's alwaze been the edge that cuts like suicide.

"I really think that's what engineers me 2 my fans," he says holding tongues of a bullmoose in thick fog.

"I needed more allowance, trifickle (The BEETS). I was 1st 2 play arrhythmic guitar while mounting charismatic authority, again. I still need that allowances."

What you needs two dew is stop interupts this, my bio writing, with your quotes. Also, he is an loneer now. One time he was sleeping on an train tracks and an crazy china man (raw) ran over him with an train full of nuclear weapons for charity.

"He tried 2 take my body, but he couldn't take my soul. I sold that to them record-sing companicotines. Thats why."

Really? I didn't know that, but Now I DO. I remembered the 1st thyme I stayd up past late w/ a reall female girl. I's dun, tho, but 4 this haiku he wrote to those ones that new hem best, remember?:

Pop. Yeah I'm Sellout.
Pop. But I don't mind bein'
Rich & Sexy. Pop.


Pancakes and Genocide Vol. 1 (2006)

Pancakes and Genocide Vol. 2: At the Electric Church (2007)

Pocky/scratch Top/quilt (2009)

Set List


Reunion of Friendgrass
Talkin' Application Form Blues
Aisle Full of Kisses
Surprise Butshechs
Head/Sand Quick/Change
TN Tweakin' Blues
MJ man from TJ land
Rocky Top
Sacred Cow
Biblical Bitch
The Riddle Song
Hit Song (Victorious Living)
Break-up Song (Once Before)
Ocree Creek
Knittermiester Miesterknitter
Hamburger Today
Beautiful Sorta/Easy Plateau
My Wife
Hello Seniorita
Haiku Song


Well, I've been a Moonshiner
I'm Sorry
Jesus Christ
In the Pines
Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies
Beautiful Sorta/Easy Plateau
West Texas
Highway 51
Old man, Old devil & Old woman
Cantamos Al Senior
Nobody Home
If Tomorrow Wasn't Such a Long Time
You Ain't Going Nowhere
Tangled up in Blue
If it be Your Will
So Long Marianne
Chelsea Hotel #2
Celebrate the News
Be Here in the Mornin'
Busy Doin' Nothin'
Never Learn Not to Love
Meant for You
Day Tripper