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London, England, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | INDIE

London, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Alternative Rock




"Carthage: Experimental Punk Jams In Jason’s Basement"

Jason invited me to a jam at his place and small venues don’t get more intimate than this. I was promised ridiculous energy bristling with spite and anger. They sure delivered – sometimes you just want the music and its message. Tags of synths, strings, and soft lyrics are all thrown about, but ultimately Carthage are a punk band at heart. What’s more was the disconnect there was between the live performance and recorded material, something which I found very endearing. Stripped down of production, this London five-piece are liable to change a solo on the spot, or make up lyrics in protest of whatever pissed them off that day, even having a guest guitarist who filled in for one of the band. Their debut EP does not disappoint, either. On first listen it’s catchy, on second it consumed me. For all of you lyric heads, this is a tape you can get lost in. Crave opens with View me as you would a fat cunt whinging about their sweating folds, crying on every bite, begging to be big enough to be a Jeremy Kyle martyr. GOLD. It’s good to hear something come out of a UK basement that isn’t a droning heroin baseline – I’m ready to wake up from the Deep House coma. Heavy riffs are coming back. - Double Fifths

""Carthage Must Die" EP Review"

"I'm bored and dissatisfied with everything" comes a female voice as you press play on Carthage's debut EP, "Carthage Must Die". Somewhat fitting for a band whose founding members met on the infamous Manic Street Preachers' fan forum Forever Delayed five years ago. The remarkable thing about them - aside from their crashing punk guitars and intelligent lyrics - is that one half of this founding partnership lives in America. Despite this, Carthage have managed to write and record something that sounds like it took weeks in a studio to create and master. With samples of beat poetry, Situationist ideology and things that will make you want to read books - this is the band that Nicky Wire has been waiting for to come after the Manics, and you're going to love them. - The Zine


April 2014: Carthage Must Die EP



An alt.rock band from London. Channelling 90's alternative, 80's postpunk and millennial aggression.

We are not part of your zeitgeist.

We do not care about your scene.

Listen to the Arctic Monkeys and tell yourself rock is saved
These are our In Uteros now, our
Holy Bible/
Electro-Shock Blues/
This Is Hardcore/
Black Sails In The Sunset

Amanda Palmer dicking about with a ukelele,
Arcade Fire heralded as prophets and
of depth
of feeling
comes from electro –
Boards Of Canada shit all over the guitar bands.

When did we sink that low? (roundabout the time Billy Corgan and Courtney Love resurrected as twisted zombified husks of their former selves) Elliott, Kurt & Richey’s mouldering bones froth at the empty rattling mouths.

Meanwhile Future Of The Left were
fucking crowdfunding
the best album of the last twelve months.

Carthage are
÷÷÷stabbing guitar lines÷÷÷
÷÷÷rumbling bass÷÷÷
÷÷÷epileptic beats÷÷÷
÷÷÷acerbic venomous spat-out lyrics÷÷÷

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