We're a pop band who write intricate and unpredictable songs that balance our mutual love of classically informed harmony and arrangements with just the right amount of irreverence and chaotic texture.


Cartographers have been playing together since the summer of 2007. All we care about is playing our songs well, making good records, and never stagnating. We don't have a great story or a gimmick, but people have still taken notice of us in the San Antonio and Austin, tx indie rock communities. In Summer of 2009 Cartographers released their self-produced debut full-length CD to capacity-crowd at San Antonio's The Limelight.


Cartographers (self titled) LP. 2009, released by the local Bedlamb Records.

Songs are streaming here:

Set List

Could be any combination of these tunes:

Self-Titled album tracks:
Maps, Float in Space, The Particulars, Everyone Owes You Something, I Don't Care for Job, Nikolai, Grandfather Clock, Aldon, Take to the Seas, Redistricting, God's Messy Divorce.

Talent Going to Waste, The Kids, Pyramid Schemes, Nooses, Toy Soldiers, Leave and Don't Come Back.

Plus the occasional Beatles, Wilco or Daniel Johnston covers.