Cartrell Woods & The DLF Singers

Cartrell Woods & The DLF Singers


Bishop Cartrell Woods & The DLF Singers is a traditional gospel group with a jazz,contemporary sound. The singers are ladies and men.The DLF Singers songs are written by the music director,Cartrell Woods. The songs are termed "Snazzyb ecause of his style of writing.


I play keys for the band, but I grew up playing the Hammond organ in church. In my early years, I served as minister of music for several churches,learning the art of vocal training. Now I have created the DLF Singers and the unique sound of the vocals are worth the price of the ticket. The DLF Singers has been together since November 2009. We have perform at several major events in the Central Texas area.

Set List

We normally run 30 min to 60 min sets. Belowis a list of songs we perform:
Set 1
All About The Love (Lamar Campbell)
Restore the Joy (original)
The Lord is My Shepherd (original)
No Weapon (original)

Set 2
Wait (Venassa Bell Armstrong)
When I've Done (Witness)
Take It To The Lord (original)
Wait On The Lord (Original)
I Love The Lord (original)