Austin, Texas, USA

Carver is an honest americana rock band. We believe that music is a conversation and that our album strives to simply yet effectively communicate perceptions of the world that are relatable and heart-felt.


Eli Nichols, lead singer/songwriter from the Ozark Mountains of Northern Arkansas, has carried Carver through the years with the help of college roommate, drummer, and Austin native Bryce Vernon. After finding two other bandmates, Daniel Smiley and Zack Parham, Carver was finally able to create the honest and simplistic music that made their new album (to be released August 1, 2011) and its story come to life. Rooted in the sincerity of folk with an unfiltered rock feel, Carver's album tells a story of restriction and release, from beginning to middle to end. The sound reflects the journey – a clear and impassioned declaration of release that contains the elements of Springsteen’s style and subtly evolves into a more experienced response to the harsh realities of life. The songs become melancholy, introspective and unsure, and the unconsidered confidence of the earlier tracks are lost in their midst. Ultimately, the songs rediscover freedom, albeit in a mature and more realistic fashion with bigger and more unified connections between rhythm and melody. The sequencing of the album’s “story” recalls William Blake’s perspective of the human journey moving from innocence, to experience, and returning to renewed innocence.

Originally stationed in central Arkansas, the band has relocated to Bryce’s hometown of Austin, Texas to increase their audience. Daniel and Zack decided to stay behind to continue their studies, leaving Eli and Bryce as the two remaining members of Carver; however, with their excitement and conviction coupled with their recently finished album, the two are well-equipped to gather steam in the Austin community. Carver has played numerous shows in Austin and is continuing to play in the area. It has been a long road, and now that Eli and Bryce have college degrees, it has become their full-time goal to engage in conversation with listeners that Carver’s debut self-titled album issues them to have.


Take Me Out

Written By: Eli Nichols

Take me out to the ballpark,
i'm gonna hound that referee.
Take me out to the party,
I want 'em all to stop and see.
Take me out to the high school dance,
There's a girl I wanna meet.
She's quiet, cute, with eyes so brown
and they're looking' right at me.

Take me to the places
I knew when I was young.
Show me all the faces
I swore I'd not become
and I'll look 'em in the eye
but I won't say goodbye.
I'll just leave 'em at the bay
as my ship sails away.

It hurts to be the man,
when no one understands.
As shepherds turn to stone
I'll make it on my own.

Take me to a new town
that's been built just for me.
They'll call me "Mr. Nichols"
and let me do most anything.
They'll take me out to supper
and I'll never have to pay
and the picture perfect garden
grows me a rose everyday

Take It Or Leave It

Written By: Eli Nichols

You are just a beautiful girl,
I don't know you at all but I'm gonna give you the world.
Just hold out your hand.

I've seen you walking in the sun,
but I am prepared to be the only one
that brightens your day.
So what do you say?

Take it or leave it.

Been living alone for most of my life
and I carry a throne-it's yours if you like.
I'm ready, I need you tonight
so come on inside.

Take it or leave it.

Been living my life on the thread of a string
so if you don't wanna go then don't say anything.
Cause I can't take that heartache again.
You don't know how hard it's been.

Take it or leave it

Tell All Your Friends

Written By: Eli Nichols

Tell all your friends
this is the end.
I am taking over, taking over.
And tell your parents
I'm moving in.
I am taking over, taking over tonight.

Say goodbye to the life you knew. I'll fly you to an island perfect for two. Don't worry, baby, cause there's nothing' you can do.
You lost your chance to choose.

I'll fence in our home
so we can be alone.
Just drop your clover, drop your clover.
And don't talk to him,
I won't say it again-
I'm your only lover, only lover now.

Do you feel like you're stuck in a knot?
Cause I've noticed you've been cryin' a lot.
What's the matter, honey, is these not what you thought?
I guess you just forgot.

Is this how you wanted it to be,
Just you and me together all the time?
Well I know you're getting sad
thinkin' about all the times you might have had

Tell all your friends, this is the end!

Movies Make Me Sad

Written By: Eli Nichols

I'm in love with every girl I see,
sweet, lonely faces do it for me.
I'm taken in by my theater seat,
the prettiest ones are spread across the screen
and I know why the movies make me sad.

I shed a tear for a victory
or romantic love contained in a scene.
It whisks away my own memory,
and as I drive home, it's where I'd rather be

and I know why the movies make me sad.
Cinematic dreams are the best things I can have.

Everything looks brighter when I'm watching from my iron tower.

Today Was The Day

Written By: Eli Nichols

I woke up this morning,
My back didn't hurt.
And I checked the schedule,
It said I didn't have to work
So I jumped out of bed
And rode my bike through the town
With a feeling so high, I might never come down.

I rode through the city,
I rode through the fields.
I rode through the valleys,
I rode through the hills.
I rode through the stars,
I rode through the sun,
And I laughed so hard at the things I'd done.

Today was the day
I threw myself away.
Today was the day.

Well I started thinking
About time and its place,
And all of the dreaming
I'd been trying to chase.
And I thought about you
And of that dreadful day.
I just shook my head, it all went away.

Today was the day
I threw myself away.
Today was the day.

Today was the day
I had nothing to say.
Today was the day.

I woke up this morning
And wrote this down
For all of my adventures
Throughout the town,
But I couldn't think
So all I had to say
Was that it felt so good to be free for the day.

It felt so right to be free for the day

Through Blood

Written By: Eli Nichols

We've seen our share of ups and downs
And painted every inch of this old town.
The dust in our hands is cursed and blessed
And the lines below our eyes are torn and stretched.

For years, I've followed the sparks
That flash through the busted glass in the trailer parks,
But I always seem to burn or cut my skin
And my mother won't stop wondering where I've been.

It's been a long, long road
And I can't walk it alone.
So stick with me, my friend,
Side by side until the end.

I need you just like you need me.
We've got the eyes to help each other see
Like brothers bonded by blood,
Like others bonded through love.

It's been a long, long road
And I can't walk it alone.
So stick with me, my friend,
Side by side until the end


Carver self-titled LP - Released August 1, 2011