Carver Nemechek

Carver Nemechek

 Penticton, British Columbia, CAN

I would say that my music is just "me". I play what I feel, and I feel what I play. I try not to pin myself to any genre; I write in whatever style I feel at the time. One day all I'll play is the blues, the next day I could be playing pop. The day after that I could be playing folk. It varies!


I started out in a bedroom with a guitar in 2003. I have since been through various genres of music, searching one that I feel within and without. I believe that I will never have a "genre" in which I'm tethered to, though, when it's me and an electric guitar, I let loose bluesy licks. When it's me and an acoustic guitar, however, out comes whatever I want to. I think that I am set apart from other artists because of the simple fact that I don't strive for just one sound; I am open to many different styles. By being so open, I find that I have the ability to incorporate multiples styles into my singing and playing.


Some of the songs that I've released on the internet (via Myspace) are:

Four More Days
Pacific Post Card
What Should We Do This Year?
Don't Come Cryin'