Carving Jennifer

Carving Jennifer


We are a 4 piece grind band. intense.


Carving Jennifer is a 4-piece grind band from hell. Bringing together the sounds of a trainwreck and forcing the sound into beautiful melody, into hard hitting metal. CJ brings the flow.
You couldn't find more dedicated people involved with carving jennifer. These 4 guys have worked hard to bring music exclusively to people just for a set. Josh, vocalist of CJ, rode his bike 50 miles jsut to make band tryout and shortly after joining moved into the guitarists grandmas yard in a tent. The guitarist stewart sold most of his belongings for band merch and pretty much anyhting else needed. Thats only a taste of the dedication brought.

Putting it shortly CJ is hear to kick your ass.


We dont have anything as of now, just some demos.

Set List

Our set as of now is about 35 mins.
we have 12 songs.

our set list varies depending on the times played in the area.