Cary Ann  Hearst

Cary Ann Hearst


Cary Ann Hearst and the Gun Street Girls are a "Southern-gothic" inspired country-rock band, marinated in heat and bourbon, baptised and blessed by sea island root doctors, and living harmoniously in the ghettos of Charleston, SC.


The Gun Street Girls formed in Summer 2005, as a backup band to tour with songwriter Cary Ann Hearst. Stradling the line between country and rock-n-roll, their sound is reminiscent of Harvest-era Neil Young, Jack White-era Loretta Lynn, with deference to the punks and the southern preachers. The songs on Hearst's latest work, Dust and Bones, are a collection of warm, earnest vignettes about sordid family history, back country mythology and romances tattered and redeemed. Cary Ann Hearst first found the Gun Street Girls living in various conditions of squalor in the dilapidated neighborhoods of Charleston, SC in the early months of Summer. Once the temperature reached 120 degrees, and it was too hot to run away from their taunting threats, Hearst surrendered her wallet and the last half of her bologna sandwich to the Girls, and waited to succumb to their suspected cannibalism. Alas, it was too hot to eat. As they sat baking in the shade that day, they found in common a lust for heartbreak and a lack of transportation. Following the theft of their last handle of Evan Williams, they learned to play instruments salvaged from the post-industrial wasteland beside the Cooper River. By the time September rolled around, the Gun Street Girls were finally well fed, well rehearsed and ready to pursue a career beyond mere street thuggery and low brow seduction. This is their offer....come to their show, listen to the song they sing, don't steal anything from them, nor lay a threatening hand on any one of them, and they promise to let you pass by in peace.


Happy Woman Blues

Written By: CA Hearst

Thought I was a happy woman
til i fell in love with you
My heart does bear the wear and tear
Beat till it was black and blue
And when you come down from down
from old new youk town
i wear a hole in my cowgirl boots
Since you gone, imma cry alone
these happy woman blues
I take my pleasure in whiskey
and be as bad as I wanna be
But i'm lookin over my shoulder hopin
that you'll be comin back for me
And when you come round
just to lay me down
you better gimme everything i need
soon as your gone i weep and moan
daddy why you wanna be so mean

Dresden Snow

Written By: CA Hearst, D Welch

Sitting in the terminals everyday
watching planes land and fly away
i bring home magazines you never read
these answers are recycled
from the day before
cause i wrote you letters
till my hands were sore
I wrote one to you
the day you let me leave
And the fire came down
on the Dresden Snow
And it disappeared in the oily smoke
At a loss for words, at a loss for hope
My tatooed hands read yes and no
Frantically writing what i want to say
As I ran outta room on
my last blank page
An explaination for
all the time it took
For a boy who came around
your family's place
to lose every word that
he knew to say
I was kissin your sister
behind your fathers books
when the fire came down on the dresden snow....


Written By: Cary Ann Hearst

Pocahontas, down a dirt road
it was nineteen eight five and
our mother was livin
she was watchin her great grand children
the last one born now runnin in the tall tall corn

and now you're standin in my kitchen
tryin to explain why the cop brought you home
you were walkin the streets all alone
now, what would he say if your
daddy hadn't gone away!?

eyes are black and swollen
you smell just like Schaffers
I can still here you say
"I'm gonna take you back to Holly Bluff if you don't straighten up right now!"

I reflect on my whole life time
From a big old wooden house on the yazoo county line
and the black and white pictures
of my raven haired sisters
in a simpler day on the back of on old chevrolet

when the water breaks the levy
you can feel your legs shakin
i can still hear you say
"I'm gonna take you back to Holly Bluff if you dont straighten up right now!"


Cary Ann Hearst and the Borrowed Angels: Lazy Excuse
Cary Ann Hearst: Dust and Bones

Set List

We have a total of 1.5 hours of material to draw from and we usually perform a 45 min - 90 min set, depending on the arrangement. The set includes the 10 songs from the new album Dust and Bones, plus 4-8 unrecorded songs. We also include up to 3 covers, which are usually traditionals or items of public domain.