Cary Shields

Cary Shields


a voice that will really blow you away, guitar playing that shows super musicality, songs of love and life that will entertain and get right to your heart.
look at youtube to see him performing at the Cutting Room (NYC).


Cary Shields is a world-renowned musician and songwriter having performed for well over a million people worldwide; seriously, he counted. In his career, he has performed alongside members of AC/DC, the Foo Fighters, Jill Scott and Boy George to name a few. He also starred on Broadway in the hit musicals RENT and Taboo.

He recently was a semi-finalist in the 2013 Eurovison contest with his band 9 Gardens.

A CD of his music has had the unique distinction of being sent into orbit on one of the final Space Shuttle missions (STS-132) bringing his message of peace and love to any ET’s looking to rock.

When confined to the Earth, he tours Europe with a band of bona fide gypsies. Most recently, he has been entertaining crowds in Thailand. With a repertoire of over two hundred fifty songs (and growing daily) he plays worldwide and never complains, even when someone requests Hotel California.

Can you call him a hero? Because, what’s a hero? He’s just a guy and a guitar doing his best to bring light and music to everyone around him. All to say, when things get hairy, Shields is the kind of musician you want around.