Casandra Ashe

Casandra Ashe

 Hollywood, California, USA

A fun pop feel with a little bit of edge (Rock)
and a hint of fun dance club feel!


Hey everyone, it's Casandra Ashe! Welcome to my official little site! A little bit about myself, I'm 14 yrs old. I have been singing since 3, dancing since 4 and acting since 5! I have also been songwriting for quite some time now. You might have seen me on Nickelodeon's iCARLY, Disney's Hannah Montanna "Sing Whaaat Edition", Phineas and Pherb Promo, Little Miss Sunshine and more! I have sung for Radio Disney, opened for Varsity Fan Club and much more! Dancing is a fun hobbie I like to do in spare time!! Some fun facts, I love Starbucks, <3 Making fun videos and doing what I love to do. I love all my fans and appreciate the support. <3 I have a fun personality and a big heart! Make sure you stay updated with me on all my links! Well that sums it up...keep rockin and rollin. xoxoxo Casandra Ashe


Red Carpet
Turn it Up