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Casanova, gives you what you want. Hip-Hop with soul and a great deliverance and performance.


Casanova is a mix of hip-hop soul and dance. he can give you the streets or give you the suburbs. he is very creative and will do what it takes to be successful. As a part-time actore he has many diffrent options and doors he is waiting to open. he know with consistence and ambition eventually his dream will come true.


Casanova the mixtape;Produced by killatainment studios. 15 tracks (2005)
State Of Emergency Presents; Casanovas World
15 tracks Produced by State Of Emergency Records

Set List

Our Set Consist of intro song, Followed by 2 hits!!
We are open to do whole night sets. We've done sets ranging from 10 mins to 4 or 5 hrs, we have that much material.