Casa Verde Colectivo

Casa Verde Colectivo

 Mexico City, The Federal District, MEX

Casa Verde Colectivo arrives by mixing colors and cultures. Latin music, hip hop, cumbia, graffiti art, funk, son jarocho, jazz, rumba, rock, samba, reggae, all this accompanied by conscious lyrics that are bringing messages of equality, solidarity and respect with enthusiasm for life’s journey, discovering new places, sharing visions and for the passion of traveling, always flowing between musical instruments, images and poetry.

Their inspiration can be found in nature, in the streets, in a


Since the beginning of the collective, Casa Verde has accumulated many great achievements and already was invited to perform in different festivals like the festival ‘Sin Maíz no hay país’ (2009), the festival ‘Ollin Kan’ (2009, 2010), the ‘Cultural Festival of San Pancho’ (2009,2010), the ‘International Cervantino Festival’ in its alternative and independent version (2009,2010), the ‘Pepena Fest’ (2010), the ‘Semillafest’ (2010), the ‘Afro-Caribbean Nights Festival’ (2010), the ‘Klimaforum’ (2010), the festival ‘Cumbre Tajin’ (2010,2011), the ‘Intercultural Festival of Colors, Sounds and Tastes’ (2011) and the ‘Vision Council’ (2011). Casa Verde Colectivo has also performed in the National Center of the Arts (2011) as well as various venues and clubs throughout Mexico City and all around the country.

Throughout the years, the collective has collaborated with a large number of artists from different nationalities, which helped in adding to the richness of the band’s musical style. At the present moment, Casa Verde Colectivo is formed by musicians from Mexico, Canada and Brazil: Lucio La Rua (lead vocals,guitar, jarana), Pablo Nuñez (lead vocals, bass, guitar), Sandra Preciado (keyboard, vocals, minor percussions), Edgar Torres (percussions, vocals), Mynah “Caracol” Marie (accordion, vocals), Carlos Cabral “Cadu” (minor percussions, vocals), Israel Hernandez (requinto), Eric Llanos (guitar), Hector Estrada “Chanul” (drums), Gabriel Gaxiola (trumpet) and Humberto Ruíz (trombone). In addition, the band has collaborated with artists from France, Argentina, Spain, Israel, United States, Canada, Cuba and Germany.


Casa Verde Colectivo is now promoting its first EP, which contains three songs of their first album ‘Aquí y Ahora’, which means ‘Here and Now’. One of these songs, ‘Corazon de la calle’, comes with a video clip directed by Fungifilms (MEX) in collaboration with the French singer Issa Elle for the voice and lyrics.

The album ‘Aquí y Ahora’, an independent production of Hector Estrada and Casa Verde Colectivo recorded and mixed in Mexico City, will be launched in the market in January 2012 and contains collaborations from Ephow Ones (turntables), Francisco Rivas “Pakete” (percussions), Alejandro Diaz (saxophone, trombone, tuba) and Issa Elle (lyrics and vocals).