A full, rich sound with a lot of influences from the 90s - ranging from the Stone Roses to Orbital through to Spiritualized. It's not an easy sound to categorise but it's safe to say it both rocks and soothes the senses as and when required. You can dance to it and you can chill to it.


Initially conceived of as a studio project, the roots of CascadeSounds date back to October 2006, when vocalist Dave Greene and producer Mick Farren decided to spend a weekend recording some music together to see what might happen.

The result of that weekend were the demos "Following Tracks" and "Righteous Path", both mellow and subdued songs that combined Dave and Mick's love of psychedelic, ambient and pop music into something new and interesting. With this weighty back catalogue of two whole songs to their name, the lads decided that it might be a bit of a laugh to upload the demos on to that global stronghold of self-promotion, MySpace.

Happily, these songs attracted a bit of interest, and CascadeSounds were playlisted on a couple of radio stations and even made it into Future Music UK’s monthly showcase DVD. This came as a very pleasant surprise and egos were sufficiently inflated. As 2007 dawned, the duo then locked themselves into the Fortress of Solitude studio, layering track upon track until their sanity cracked, not emerging out of this sonic hibernation until their skin had taken on a translucent deathly pallor and their collective karma had been completely realigned.

The result was their debut EP – “Hope in Sound”, a four track collection that received some glowing reviews and positive feedback – and not just from immediate family members – American producer Kramer (Bongwater, Butthole Surfers, and ShimmyDisk) is a fan and is very keen to work with the band. The EP also attracted two new full-time members – Frank Coyle on bass vibrations and Brian O'Brien-Olinger on drums and percussion.

With the line up complete, the band threw themselves into recording the follow-up, the “Earthrise” EP. Containing a quite frankly ridiculous amount of layers, the mixing of the four songs within was an incredibly difficult process and ending up taking five months longer than planned.

Having made their live debut in October 2008, the quartet have been impressing audiences with their dynamic and cathartic performances. The band is currently working on their debut album, with a tentative release date of Summer 2009 scheduled.


Hope in Sound EP (2007)
Earthrise EP (2008)
Untitled Debut Album (Summer 2009)

Set List

45 Minute Set
My final sleep (Hope in Sound)
She burns a thirst (Earthrise)
Stimulation (Earthrise)
Far from hope (Hope In Sound)
Chroma Key (Hope in Sound)
A Better Way (A Better Way Single)
Following Tracks (A Better Way Single)
Righteous path (Earthrise)
Possess (Earthrise)